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Every Thing You Need To Know About Pokemon Go Nest Migration


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“What is Pokemon Go nest migration and how will I get to know about the new coordinates for Pokemon Go nests?”

If you are an avid Pokemon Go player, then you can also have a similar question about the next nest migration. You might already know that certain Pokemons can easily be caught by visiting a nest. Though, Niantic regularly changes the location of nests in Pokemon Go so that players would keep exploring different places. In this post, I will let you know about the nest migration in Pokemon Go and every other essential detail.

pokemon go nest migration banner

Part 1: What you need to know about Pokemon Go Nests?

If you are new to Pokemon Go, then let’s first start by understanding the concept of nests in the game.

  • A nest is a particular location in Pokemon Go where the spawn rate of a certain Pokemon is high. Ideally, consider it as a hub for a single type of Pokemon where it spawns more often.
  • Therefore, it is pretty easy to catch a Pokemon by visiting its nest without using candies or incense.
  • For a fair play, Niantic keeps updating the coordinates of nests every now and then. This is known as the Pokemon Go nest migration system.
  • Since it is easier to catch Pokemons from a nest, their Individual Value is lower than standard and egg-hatched Pokemons.
pokemon go nest interface

Part 2: What is the Pokemon Go Migration Pattern?

Now when you know the basics of nest migration in Pokemon Go, let’s get to know about the pattern and other important details one by one.

When is the next nest migration in Pokemon Go?

In 2016, Niantic started updating the Pokemon Go migration on nests per month. Though, after a while, it made it a bi-monthly event. Therefore, Niantic performs a Pokemon nest migration every fortnight (in every 14 days). The nest migration in Pokemon Go takes place on every alternate Thursday 0:00 UTC time.

When was the last nest migration?

The last nest migration took place on 30th April, 2020 as of now. Therefore, the next nest migration is scheduled for 14th May, 2020 and will take place the alternate Thursday after that (and so on).

Are all Pokemons available in nests?

No, not every Pokemon would have a nest in the game. As of now, there are more than 50 Pokemons in the game having their dedicated nests. While most of the Pokemons are available in nests (including some shiny ones), you won’t find many rare or evolved Pokemons in a nest.

pokemons on nest

Part 3: Will Spawn Points Change after Nest Migration?

As you know, the Pokemon nest migration takes place every other Thursday by Niantic. Presently, there is no fixed pattern for the spawn points to appear as it happens randomly.

  • There can be any new location for a nest to occur or the specific Pokemon for a nest might change.
  • For instance, if for a particular nest, the spawn points were allocated for Pikachu, chances are that after the next nest migration, it will have spawn points for Psyduck.
  • Therefore, if you have identified a nest in Pokemon Go (even if it is dormant or for a Pokemon you don’t want), you can check it again. Chances are that it can be a spawn point for a new Pokemon after the migration.
  • Besides that, Niantic could come up with new spawn points after the Pokemon Go nest migration.

To check the nearby nest for any Pokemon, you can just visit The Silph Road website on any device. It is a freely available and crowd-sourced website that maintains an atlas of various Pokemon nests in the game. You can just visit the website and get to know about the PoGo nest migration updates with the new coordinates and other details.

the silph road map

Part 4: How to Catch Pokemons after Finding Pokemon Go Nest Locations?

After the next Pokemon Go nest migration, you can use a source like The Silph Road (or any other platform) to know their updated coordinates. Afterward, you can just visit the designated location and catch the newly spawned Pokemon.

Pro Tip: Use a Location Spoofer to Visit a Pokemon Nest

Since it is not feasible to visit all these nest locations physically, you can use a location spoofer instead. For instance, if you use an iPhone to play Pokemon Go, then you can try Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). The application does not need jailbreak access and can spoof your location to any desired location. You can enter the coordinates of the place or look for it by its name. If you want, you can also simulate your movement between different spots.

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the system

Firstly, just launch the Dr.Fone toolkit and open the “Virtual Location” module from here. Now, connect your iPhone to the system, agree to its terms, and click on the “Get Started” button.

virtual location 01

Step 2: Spoof your iPhone location

After detecting your iPhone, the application will automatically display its present location on the map. To spoof its location, click on the Teleport mode from the top-right corner (the third option).

virtual location 03

Now, you can just enter the exact coordinates of the Pokemon Go nest or look for it by its address.

virtual location 04

This will automatically change the location on the map that you can later adjust it as per your needs. In the end, you can just drop the pin and click on the “Move Here” button.

virtual location 05

Step 3: Simulate your device movement

Apart from spoofing your location to the next nest migration spot, you can also simulate your movement. To do that, just click on the one-stop or multi-stop mode from the top-right corner. This will let you drop different pins on the map to form a feasible route to cover.

virtual location 11

In the end, you can just select a preferred speed to cover this route and enter the number of times you want to repeat this. When you are ready, click on the “March” button to start the movement.

virtual location 13

If you want to move realistically, then just use the GPS joystick that would be enabled at the bottom-left corner of the screen. You can use your mouse pointer or keyboard to use it and move in the direction of your choice.

virtual location 15

Now when you know about the Pokemon Go nest migration, you can easily catch tons of Pokemons without much effort. In this way, you can catch your favorite Pokemons without spending candies or incense. Though, after getting to know about the Pokemon Go next nest migration coordinates, you can use a tool like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) to spoof your location. This will let you catch several Pokemons from their nest without stepping out.


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