Latest Guide: How To Change Your Ringtone on Your Phone [Android and iPhone]

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If you enjoy customizing your phone to make it feel like yours, then changing your ringtone is probably one of the things you've considered doing. Whether you want to set a catchy song or choose a personalized sound, changing your ringtone can be fun to make your phone sound different from everyone else's.

Therefore, we have created this guide. We'll walk you through the step-by-step process of how do you change your ringtone for both Android and iPhone devices. No matter which phone you have, we've got you covered.

Now, read on to learn how to change your ringtone and make your phone uniquely yours.

Part 1: How To Change Text Ringtone on Your Phone

First thing first, you can actually change your text notification ringtone. It’s convenient if you feel tired of hearing the same boring tone whenever you receive a message. In fact, customizing text notification tones can make your messaging experience more enjoyable and personalized.

Let’s follow these simple steps on how to change your text ringtone.

For Android users:

    • Step 1: Open your Android device "Settings" and look for "Sounds and vibration"

Select Sound & vibration on Android’s Settings

    • Step 2:  Tap on the "Notification" option.

Select the Notification option

    • Step 3: Choose a new text tone from the list, then set it to “Text messages.”

Set the tone for the Text message

    • Step 4: Save the changes by tapping the "Back" button.

For iPhone users:

    • Step 1: Open your iPhone’s Settings and proceed to "Sounds & Haptics."

Select Sounds & Haptics on iPhone’s Settings

    • Step 2: Change the "Text Tone" under "Sounds and Vibration Patterns."

Change the Text Tone

  • Step 3: From there, choose a new text tone from the list, or tap "Tone Store" to browse and purchase new text tones. You can press Back to save the changes.

Part 2: How To Change the Call Ringtone Easily

Apart from changing your phone's text ringtone, you can also change your call ringtone. It can be useful if you want to differentiate between incoming calls and text messages without having to look at your phone.

The process of changing your call ringtone is similar to changing your phone's text ringtone. It can be done easily on both Android and iPhone devices. The difference only lies in tapping the “Ringtone” option instead of “Notifications” or “Text Tone.”

See the pictures below for more details.

For Android users:

Select the Ringtone option

For iPhone users:

Change the Ringtone on iPhone

You can follow the rest of the instructions the same as setting text ringtones. Should you wonder how to change your ringtone to a song on your iPhone, you can select the ringtone from your local music.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that you can assign specific ringtones to individual contacts on Android and iPhone devices. This feature can be useful to identify who is calling you without looking at your phone.

To do this, tap “Set Ringtone” on the contact’s detail to one of the available lists (on Android).

Set a ringtone to a specific contact on Android

Or open the contact's details and tap "Edit" (or the pencil icon) > “Ringtone” on your iPhone.

Set a ringtone to a specific contact on iPhone

Part 3: How To Change the Alarm Sound on Your Phone

You've probably come to enjoy the convenience of changing the sound of your ringtone. If so, you might also appreciate the idea of changing the alarm sound to add personality to your device.

Similar to creating a personalized ringtone, changing the alarm sound can add a touch of personality to your device. You can even choose music that is effective in waking you up to start your day.

Let us show you how to change alarm sounds on your iPhone and Android devices.

For Android users:

    • Step 1: Open the “Clock” app > “Alarm” on your Android device.
    • Step 2: Tap on the alarm you want to change and open “Additional settings.”

Open Alarm’s Additional settings

    • Step 3: On the new window, change the Default ringtone. You can select from local ringtones on your phone or pre-installed ringtones available.

Change the Alarm Ringtone

    • Step 4: Then, apply the audio until you have successfully saved your changes.

Keep in mind that the steps may vary depending on the Android device you have. Nonetheless, the differences in settings should be minor.

For iPhone users:

    • Step 1: Open the Alarm on the Clock app.
    • Step 2: Tap the Edit icon at the top left corner, and select “Sound.”

Tap the Alarm’s Edit button

    • Step 3: Choose a new alarm sound from the list or tap “Pick a Song” to select a song from your music library.

      Select a new tone or song from the available list

    • Step 4: Tap the back button and save your changes.

Now, you can say goodbye to the monotonous and unpleasant alarm sound.

You should note that both Android and iPhone also allow you to set multiple alarms with different sounds. It will be efficient if you want to wake up to different tones depending on the time of day or if you have different wake-up times on different days.

Part 4: How To Customize a Ringtone

Instead of settling for the pre-made ringtones that come with your phone, why not create a customized ringtone that truly reflects your style? By creating a personalized ringtone, you can get a unique sound that only matches your personality.

If you're interested in creating your own ringtone, we recommend using Dr.Fone Ringtone Maker. This software lets you create ringtones from any song or audio file on your computer or phone. With Dr.Fone Ringtone Maker, you can trim your favorite part of the song and adjust the volume to create the perfect ringtone.

How to change ringtone on iPhone for free and customize it with Dr.Fone Ringtone Maker:

    • Step 1: Download and install Dr.Fone 13 on your computer. Then, have your iPhone and computer connected with a cable and wait for the platform to detect your device. Once detected, open "Ringtone Maker" from the options.

Connect your phone with Dr.Fone 13 on your computer

    • Step 2: Once in the Ringtone Maker, you can import music from your computer or use "Device Music" to select music directly from your iPhone.

Import music to Dr.Fone

    • Step 3: Choose the music you wish to use as your ringtone, and then click on the "Select" button to proceed.

Choose music for your ringtone

    • Step 4: Use the trim tool to cut the music to the length you want for your ringtone. You can also use the "Fade In and Fade Out" option to customize the sound further.

Trim the selected music to the desired length

    • Step 5: Once you've created your custom ringtone, save it directly to your iPhone by selecting "Save to Device" or save it to your computer by choosing “Save to PC.”

Save the changes

There you go. Finding out how do you change your ringtone doesn’t need to be a hassle if you know how to do it right. With the many tools and resources available today, there's no reason why you can't create the perfect ringtone that truly represents you.


Try it yourself now and see how easy and fun it can be to personalize your phone with your exceptional sound!


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Changing your ringtone and alarm sound can add a personal touch to your phone and make it more unique. By using the right tools, you can create a customized ringtone that reflects your personality and style.


If you want to create custom ringtones and alarm sounds, Dr.Fone Ringtone Maker is a great option, as it is user-friendly and has a wide range of features. Whether you are an Android or an iPhone user, changing your ringtone and alarm sound is a simple and easy process that can be done in just a few steps.

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