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Complete Tutorial to Use VPNa to Fake GPS Location


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

In the present day, there’s barely any webpage or app that may not require your Geological location. This has been a major strategy of the site/app owners to push only the content that is relevant to your needs or may interest you. Therefore, every other webpage or app first fetches your Geological location and then behave accordingly.

Geological location access

For instance, there are several apps that only work in the US and not outside of it. But there is workaround for it too. You can actually make the app “think” that your Geological location is somewhere in US currently, instead of where you actually are. You can achieve this with a powerful vpna fake gps location apk. You may now wonder, hot to set it up and make use of it. So, without much delay, let’s now understand step by step tutorial on vpna fake gps location.

Part 1. About VPNa

Before we move any further with the tutorial, it is vital to understand what vpna fake gps location apk is! Just a small halt, though. But it’s worth the time. Out of the several apps available for your mobile devices to spoof your GPS location, VPNa fake gps apk is certainly the safest bet.

It is a known fact that your simply cannot alter the actual GPS location of your device but yes there is little workaround (a function) in Android that is utilized to test the GPS locations settings. And it is how VPNa fake gps location apk spoofs your device location with any preferred location on the face of the Earth. It makes use of “Enable Mock Locations” feature in the “Developer Settings” of your Android device. Be it London, New York, Paris or Rome or any other location. Eventually, hiding your identity and furnishing you with absolute anonymity and online privacy.

Here are some of the main highlights of the VPNa fake gps location apk:

  • First and foremost, you do not actually need to root your device to make use of this app.
  • You can play prank with your friends by spoofing your location and making them believe that you’re travelling out of the country.
  • Extremely user friendly app. Simply, look up for the desired fake location and hit Start.
  • What’s more? Well, you can even save locations to make use of them later like a one click thing.

Part 2. Where to Download VPNa?

When it comes to downloading VPNa, the process is a breeze as far as Android users are concerned. The app is available on the Google Play Store, and all the Android users need to do is search it and download it. Moreover, it lies on the lighter end when it comes to app size, meaning users don't need to have large free space.

For iOS users, however, this app no longer exists. The app has discontinued its support for iOS devices and is no longer available on the Apps Store. However, there is no need to be disappointed as many better and well-reputed alternatives exist. Read the article till the end to discover the best location spoofer for iOS devices.

Part 3. Must-reads before using VPNa

Here in this section, we’re going to critically determine both the goods and bad of the vpna fake gps location apk. Let’s explore!

Pros of VPNa

  • The app works at a lightning fast speed and is extremely useful to fake gps location for free.
  • Functionality to save locations for further utilization in the near future makes it a one click solution.
  • The best thing about vpna fake gps location apk is don’t actually have to Root your Android device!
  • Extremely simple process. Opt for the desired location and get started.

Cons of VPNa

  • Reportedly, the newer version of the VPNa app is not able to spoof location in Pokemon Go, like the way it used to do.
  • VPNa fake gps location free apkrequires the Google Play Service version 12.6.88. But upon installing the aforementioned version, reportedly, usersstarted to experience other issues like YouTube isn’t launching.
  • Moreover, even if the newer version of the app does spoof the geological location properly. It is just not able to maintain it any longer than a few seconds. Implies, your spoofed location returns back to your actual location after a few seconds.
  • You may get banned or suspended by some games or apps for spoofing your location. Making use of this app isn’t advised at all.

Part 4. How to set up VPNa on your Android to fake GPS

Ah! There we are. After acquiring all this valuable information, we’re now finally proceeding to learning about the step by step process on setting up and activating the vpna fake gps location free apk. Here’s all that you need to do on your Android device to fake GPS.

Step 1: Download the vpna fake gps location free apk

    • Visit the Google Play Store and navigate to the “vpna fake gps location” app. The search results may get piled up with several similar options, both paid and free.

Note: If you get along with any other app, it may require your Android device to be rooted in the first place.

  • Ensure to opt for the “vpna fake gps location” listing only as this app doesn’t require a rooted Android device. But your Android device must be running on the OS version 4.0 or higher.
  • Install the app and launch it afterwards.

Step 2: Enable Mock Location on Android

    • When you’re on the mainscreen of the app, you’ll be asked to “ENABLE MOCK LOCATIONS”. Tap on the pop up and then the “Developer options” screen will come up.

Note: The “Developer options” aren’t pre-enabled, you may require enable it manually first. For this, head to the “Settings” > “About Phone” > hit on “Build Number” – x7 times.

  • Now, on “Developer Settings” opt in for “Select Mock location App” followed by selecting the “VPNa” app from the appearing options.
Select Mock location App

Step 3: Search for a fake location and get started

    • As soon as the fundamentals are set in place, you’re all ready to get started. Simply, hit the back button while on Developer Settings screen to get back into the vpna fake gps location app.
vpna fake gps location app
    • Next, “Search” for the desired location using the search icon over the top. Lastly, push “Start/Power” button to activate the fake GPS location.

Note: You can also make use of the “Star” button on the “location marker”to pin the selected location over the map as your favorite.

location marker

Part 5. Example where VPNa does work

By faking GPS location with VPNa app, you can access desired content by bypass the Geo-restrictions. There are several instances where VPNa is successful solution for your GPS spoofing requirements. For instance, by spoofing location with VPNa you certainly:

Can catch Pokemons of different variants in the Pokemon Go game. Without having to travel to several places.

Example of functioning VPNa

Part 6: VPNa iOS version discontinued? How to fake GPS on iPhone?

Knowing that VPNa fake GPS location app no longer supports iOS can be a disappointment. However, we are at your rescue if you’re an iOS user. Wondershare has come up with a great tool named as Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS&Android) that fulfills all your needs regarding faking location. In this section, we will learn about how you can fake location with this tool so that you don’t have to worry about the discontinuation of VPNa fake GPS apk’s iOS version. Here is how:

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Mode 1: Teleport to Anywhere

Step 1: Download this VPNa fake GPS apk’s alternative on PC and install. Launch and hit “Virtual Location”.

launch drfone

Step 2: Establish connection between iPhone and PC. Click on “Get Started” right after that.

get started with faking location

Step 3: You will be able to see the actual location on the map. Or you can hit “Center On” icon at the right side to get the accurate location displayed.

hit Center On

Step 4: Click on the “Teleport mode” which can be found as the first icon at the upper right corner. Put the place to teleport and hit on “Go” button.

virtual location 04

Step 5: A pop up will appear once the system gets the place you want. From that pop-up, hit "Move Here" button.

hit Move Heres

Step 6: You are good to go now. The location will be changed as desired. You will see the chosen location fixed whenever you click the "Center On" icon. Also, the same location will be shown in the location-based apps. See, there is no need for any iOS version of VPNa fake GPS apk for the purpose when you have Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS&Android).

location changed
safe Downloadsafe & secure

Mode 2: Simulate Movement Between two Places

Step 1: You can choose the “One-stop route” i.e. the third icon in the upper right after launching the program.

Step 2: Please opt for the place where you wish to move and you will get aware of that place’s distance.

Step 3: Now, you need to set the speed for how fast you wish to travel. You can choose walk, cycling speed or car speed by sliding the slider given at the bottom. Once done, hit on “Move Here” from the pop-up.

choose walk, cycling speed or car speed

Step 4: In the next pop-up, you are supposed to enter the number defining the number of times you wish to move between the two places. Once this gets done, click “March”.

move between the two places

Step 5: The simulation of the movement will now begin and you can track the position being moved with the selected mode of speed.

track the position
safe Downloadsafe & secure

Mode 3: Simulate Movement for Multiple Places

Step 1: In this case, select the fourth icon at the upper right side. This icon denotes the “Multi-stop route”. Subsequently, select the locations one by one from where you want to travel.

Step 2: Note the pop-up box that now comes. It will make you know how far you are going to travel. Choose the moving speed.

select the locations one by one

Step 3: The next pop-up will ask you to enter the number for how many times you wish to show back and forth movements. Click “Start Moving” once done.

enter the number

Step 4: The movement simulation will begin and your location will be seen moving as per your selected route.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Final Words

That was a completed tutorial about the vpna fake gps location apk, starting from gaining the insights of the app to understanding both the goods and bad of it. And finally the detailed step by step tutorial will help you get along with faking gps location smoothly.


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