What is SIM PIN and How to Change it on Android


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All of us now feel like we cannot be more attached to our phones. And without SIM cards, the phone will turn out to be a boring machine. So, perhaps the SIM card is one of the most important components in our phone usage.

Unfortunately, sometimes we lose our SIM pin and ruin our interesting phone experience. But don’t be anxious; you can still get out of this problem. From the introduction of the SIM pin to the method to change it, we’re happy to recommend that you continue reading this article.

what is pin code

What Is A SIM PIN Code?

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and represents a four-digit access code. You will also have a PIN when you purchase a SIM card. This four-digit code is required to enable the SIM card after inserting it into your phone to access your operator's mobile network. The SIM card PIN code is intended to safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

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Why Might You Want to Reset SIM Pin on Android?

The SIM PIN is the only way to protect the information on your SIM card. While you can keep your mobile operator's default SIM PIN, it is better from a security standpoint to change it to a new PIN that only you know. The steps are simple on most phones and smartphones.

If you want to reset your SIM PIN code on android, follow this guide. We will be using T-Mobile as an example for the tutorial.

How To Change Pin on Android Phone?

Before proceeding, check the default PIN and PUK code to change T-Mobile pin. You can locate it on the SIM card package box as shown below:

t mobile pin and puk

After noting down the default PIN code, follow the steps below to do T-Mobile PIN reset.

Step 1: On your android phone, open Settings and scroll down to "Security"

android security settings

Step 2: Next, click on "Advanced" to show sim lock options

graphical user interface application

Step 3: Click on "SIM card Lock"

android sim card lock settings

If you have a Dual-SIM smartphone, select the appropriate SIM card by tapping on the network tab at the top of the screen.

sim card lock user interface

Note: If you have a Samsung smartphone, go to the Settings menu and select "Biometrics and security."

samsung sim card lock

Scroll down and select "Other security settings."

samsung interface

Select "Set up SIM card lock" from the top of the screen.

set up sim card lock

According to this point forward, the steps still work when your use any Samsung devices and stock Android smartphones.

Step 4: To change the existing SIM PIN code, go to the SIM card lock settings and select "Change SIM PIN."

change sim pin

Step 5: When asked to enter your old SIM PIN, enter the default PIN. Then press OK.

old sim pin interface

Step 6: Enter the New SIM PIN you want to use next. You can select a code length of four to eight digits. When you're finished, press OK. The screen after that asks you to "Re-type new PIN" and looks very similar. Make sure the new SIM PIN code by clicking it again and pressing OK.

new sim pin

Step 7: Congratulations, your PIN code is changed, and you will also get a notification.

sim pin changed

Can We Remove Sim Lock When Using Android Phone?

Yes, you can remove Sim lock when using Android phone. If you want to avoid entering the SIM PIN code every time you start your Android smartphone or tablet, disable the switch by tapping on "Lock SIM card."

turn off sim pin lock

You must enter your current SIM card PIN code. Insert it, then press OK.

unlock sim pin

You don't have to enter the SIM lock code every time your smartphone or tablet boots up. To access your data, you must still enter your device's PIN code, pattern, or password or the fingerprint scanner or face unlock features.


1. What to do if I forget SIM pin?

If you forget your current sim PIN code, use the PUK code given on your sim card's package. If you cannot find the PUK code, contact your service provider via the SIM whose PIN code you forgot.

2. How to get PUK code?

The most direct way is to be on the 'My T-Mobile' interface. You must first create an account in this interface to obtain the PUK code.  After you've created an account, choose the appropriate cell phone or SIM card and login. Then, select the 'Unblock SIM' option and copy the PUK code.

Remember to be extra cautious when entering the code because it can only be entered into the cell ten times. If you make ten incorrect entries, you must replace the SIM card.

You can also obtain a PUK code for a T-Mobile pin reset by dialing 0845 412 5000 from any landline. This number is only used for incorrect numbers. There are also instances where another network's SIM cards are inserted into a T-Mobile; in such cases, the user must obtain a subsidy PIN. A PIN of this type can be obtained by dialing 0845 412 5000.


It's easy and quick to change your SIM Pin on your Android device if you can follow correctly what we say today in this article. From a complete introduction to the SIM Pin system to some concrete methods to finish the goal of changing the pin, you can learn deeply all about SIM Pin. No matter what other problems you still have, please contact us, and we'll give you our feedback as soon as possible.

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