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Top 12 Prominent Pixel 7 Fingerprint Not Working Solutions


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Regarding Android smartphones, users frequently encounter issues that can disrupt their daily usage. Among these challenges, a notable concern emerges with the malfunctioning of fingerprint recognition. It is notably seen in Pixel phones, specifically in Google Pixel 7. This article will explore the details behind fingerprint recognition issues on the Pixel series.

We aim to review the root causes of the Pixel 7 fingerprint not working. The guide will offer a comprehensive array of top-tier solutions. This will help users to rectify fingerprint-related issues and other common glitches.

solving pixel 7 fingerprint not working

Part 1. Optimal Solution: Unlock With Wondershare Dr.Fone Directly

Facing a malfunctioning fingerprint on your Google Pixel 7 can be frustrating. In this scenario, the most effective resolution is the removal of the registered fingerprint. Yet, traditional methods of removing the fingerprint can be difficult and pose security risks. In this case, going for tools like Wondershare Dr.Fone is the best choice. This tool ensures your Pixel device is at no risk.

Dr.Fone offers a swift solution to remove the Android lock screen in five minutes. It effectively removes 4 types of screen locks. These include patterns, PINs, passwords, and fingerprints. Dr.Fone can bypass the Android FRP lock without needing a PIN or Google account. It ensures accessibility to the Android device without such credentials.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

The Best UnlockJunky Alternative to Bypass FRP and Solve Your Screen Locks

  • Remove all Android screen locks (PIN/pattern/fingerprints/face ID) in minutes.
  • Bypass the FRP lock of Samsung without a PIN or Google account.
  • Everyone can handle the lock screen without any tech knowledge.
  • Provide specific removal solutions to promise good success rate.
Available on: Windows Mac

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Prominent Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone

  1. FRP bypass is enabled for brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo, Realme, and Vivo.
  2. With Dr.Fone, bypassing screen locks can be achieved without data loss.
  3. Fone supports 2000+ Android phones and tablets from over 18 brands for screen unlocking.

Step-by-Step Guide To Remove Fingerprint Type Lock on Google Pixel Using Dr.Fone

With Dr.Fone, you can resolve the Pixel 7 fingerprint sensor not working issue within minutes. Below is a detailed walkthrough for removing a fingerprint lock on a Google Pixel:

  • Step 1: Connecting and Accessing Screen Unlock Feature on Dr.Fone
  • Open Wondershare Dr.Fone and connect your Android device via a USB cable. Once the connection is established, navigate to the "Toolbox" tab and choose "Screen Unlock." Upon reaching the new screen, choose the “Android” option. Then, select “Unlock Android Screen” from the options on the following screen.

    opt for dr fone screen unlock

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2: Selecting Google As the Device Brand and Activating Recovery Mode
  • Afterward, you'll be guided to a subsequent screen prompting you to choose the device brand, Google. Once you select the brand, you'll be directed to enter a specific mode corresponding to it. For Google Pixel Devices, the specific mode to enter is Recovery Mode. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to activate Recovery Mode on your device.

    put your device in recovery mode

  • Step 3: Initiate the Fingerprint Removal Process
  • After entering Recovery Mode, the screen unlocking procedure will initiate automatically. Please wait for the fingerprint removal process to finish. In case of failure, select "Try Again" to attempt unlocking again. Upon successfully unlocking your Android device's screen, tap "Done."

    screen unlocked successfully

    Part 2. 11 Conventional Solutions To Resolve Pixel Fingerprint Not Working

    The solution above using Wondershare Dr.Fone is an effective and comprehensive method. It can tackle fingerprint recognition issues, but sometimes, users may look for simpler alternatives. We will explore conventional solutions that can address Pixel fingerprint problems. Each solution will also explain the underlying reasons for the Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor issue.

    1. Fingerprint Sensor Not Touched Firmly


    If the fingerprint sensor fails to recognize your fingerprint, it might be due to inadequate pressure. This could also be due to improper finger placement on the sensor.

    Solution: Firm Placement

    Ensure you firmly place your finger on the sensor, covering it entirely. Avoid too much pressure, but make sure the sensor fully contacts your fingerprint.

    gently press fingerprint sensor

    2. Device Showing Glitches


    Glitches or software bugs in your Pixel device may cause disruptions. This can include issues with the fingerprint sensor's functionality. These problems can range from minor issues to severe software glitches.

    Solution: Restart Your Pixel Device

    One of the easiest and simplest solutions is to restart your Pixel phone. You can do that by pressing the "Power" and the "Volume Up" keys. It will lead to a pop-up power menu where you must choose "Restart" to reboot your device.

    restart google pixel device

    3. Outdated Firmware


    An outdated operating system or firmware can lead to compatibility issues. This can lead to malfunctioning features like the Pixel 6A fingerprint sensor not working.

    Solution: Check for Updates

    The best way to resolve this issue is to update your Pixel device. Having an outdated version of Android OS can lead to an accumulation of bugs and glitches. Moreover, it can seriously affect the device's performance, causing many issues. Here is how to check and update your Pixel phone:

    Instructions. On your Pixel device, access the “Settings” app. Within Settings, scroll down to tap the "System" option. On the following screen, hit the "System update" option to check if any latest update is available. Here, if you see any updates, download and install them promptly. Before initiating the update, ensure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network with sufficient battery charge.

    update device to latest version

    4. Dirty Phone or Sensor


    Accumulated dirt, dust, or residue on the phone or fingerprint sensor can cause obstruction. This can lead to the failure to properly recognize your fingerprint.


    1. Cleaning the Phone

    Employ a gentle, dry microfiber cloth for wiping down the complete surface of your Pixel device. Take particular care to thoroughly clean the region surrounding the fingerprint sensor. Refrain from utilizing rough substances or strong chemicals as they could potentially cause harm to the device.

    2. Fingerprint Sensor Cleaning

    Gently wipe the fingerprint sensor area using a clean, dry cloth to ensure thorough cleaning. For better results, consider using a dampened cotton swab with water or isopropyl alcohol. Before using it again, ensure the sensor is entirely dry.

    3. Compressed Air or Soft Brush

    Use compressed air or a soft brush if there's visible debris or particles around the sensor. Be cautious not to apply excessive pressure that might damage the sensor.

    dirty sensor or phone issue

    5. Screen Protector: Dirty or Damaged


    A smudged or impaired screen protector might disrupt the working of the fingerprint sensor. This can potentially cause it to fail to recognize your fingerprint.


    1. Clean the Screen Protector

    Start by effectively cleaning the screen protector on your Pixel device. For a thorough cleaning, consider utilizing a screen cleaning solution. Ensure that the screen protector is free from any dirt or debris.

    2. Replace Damaged Protectors

    Is the screen protector visibly damaged, scratched, or peeling off? If yes, consider replacing it with a new one. Damaged protectors can hinder fingerprint recognition and compromise device protection.

    3. Check Compatibility

    Ensure the screen protector is designed to be compatible with fingerprint sensors. Some protectors may obstruct or interfere with the sensor's functionality.

    4. Remove Air Bubbles

    There can be air bubbles trapped under the screen protector. If there are, gently press them out towards the edges using a card designed for this purpose.

    protector screen dirty or damaged

    6. Clean Your Finger


    The problem may lie with your fingers rather than the device. Unclean or moist fingers can hinder accurate fingerprint recognition on the sensor, causing the Google Pixel 7 fingerprint sensor to not work.


    1. Cleanse and Dry Your Hands

    Remove any dirt, oil, or moisture that might cause issues with the fingerprint sensor. It's crucial to wash and thoroughly dry your hands. Additionally, verify that your fingers are entirely dry before engaging the sensor. The reason is any moisture or dampness may cause inaccuracies in fingerprint identification.

    2. Avoid Oily or Greasy Substances

    Refrain from touching oily or greasy surfaces before using the fingerprint sensor. These substances can transfer onto your fingers, affecting sensor accuracy. If your fingers are dirty or damp, pause to clean them using a dry, clean cloth.

    cleaning finger to use fingerprint

    7. Covering Screen if Fingerprint on Screen


    Fingerprint marks or smudges on the screen might disrupt sensor functionality. This leads to inaccurate recognition when you try to unlock your device.


    1. Avoid Covering the Sensor Area

    Be cautious while cleaning the screen to avoid covering or smudging the area around the fingerprint sensor. Precise cleaning around this area prevents interference with sensor functionality.

    2. Use Proper Holding Technique

    While holding the device, avoid placing your fingers or palms over the fingerprint sensor. Opt for holding the device to minimize accidental contact with the sensor area.

    hold phone properly

    8. Fingerprint Sensor Not Visible


    Misconfigured settings on your Pixel device can lead to situations where the fingerprint sensor is not visible. It can lead to scenarios where the device fails to recognize your screen unlocking attempt.

    Solution: Adjust the Setting To Consistently Display the Sensor

    You must adjust the display settings to ensure the fingerprint sensor is always visible. To do that, you can begin by opening the Settings app. Navigate to the "Display" tab and select "Lock Screen." On the following window, toggle on "Always show time and info."

    put sensor to always display

    9. Low Touch Sensitivity


    The fingerprint sensor may have low touch sensitivity. It can lead to difficulties in accurately recognizing fingerprints, leading to Google Pixel 7 fingerprint not working.


    1. Adjust Sensitivity Settings

    Accessories like a screen protector might impact the performance of your Pixel device's touch sensitivity. When using a screen protector, your Pixel enhances touch sensitivity. To do that, navigate to the Settings app and open it. Move to the "Display" window and scroll down to the last option. Toggle on the "Screen protector mode" to increase the screen sensitivity.

    turn on screen protector mode

    2. Finger Re-Enrollment

    Delete existing fingerprints and re-register them. This re-enrollment can sometimes improve sensitivity and help remove the issues. Here is how you can delete and re-enroll your fingerprint:

  • Step 1. In the Settings app of your Pixel, tap "Security & Privacy." Then, press "Device Unlock" and choose "Fingerprint Unlock." The device will now ask you to provide your device PIN or password.
  • navigate to security settings

  • Step 2. Tap "Fingerprint Unlock" on the following screen and delete the previously enrolled fingerprints. Then, press "Add fingerprint" and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.
  • add new fingerprint

    10. Other Hardware Issues


    Persistent fingerprint sensor problems might indicate underlying hardware issues. This could go beyond common troubleshooting and might require professional help.


    1. Inspect for Physical Damage

    Thoroughly examine your Pixel device for any physical damage. These include cracks, dents, or scratches around the fingerprint sensor area. Physical damage could affect the sensor's functionality.

    2. Safe Mode Check

    Boot the device in safe mode to determine if third-party apps are causing conflicts. To do that, press the "Power" key with any volume key to access the power menu. Afterward, long-press the "Power Off" option until the "Reboot to Safe Mode" option appears on your device's screen. Press "OK" to reboot into Safe Mode and test the fingerprint sensor's functionality.

    reboot google pixel to safe mode

    3. Professional Assessment

    If you suspect hardware issues, seek professional help from authorized service centers. A clear sign of hardware issues can be visible damage or the sensor failing to function even in safe mode.

    11. Factory Reset as Last Resort


    Did all other troubleshooting methods fail to resolve persistent fingerprint sensor issues? Then, a factory reset might be required to revert the device to its original settings.


    1. Backup Data

    Before initiating a factory reset, ensure that all crucial data is safeguarded. This encompasses contacts, photos, documents, and any other significant files. Use Google's backup services or third-party apps to securely back up your data.

    2. Initiating Factory Reset

    Proceed with the following steps to execute a factory reset on your Pixel device:

  • Step 1. On your Pixel smartphone, navigate to Settings and access the "System" tab. Here, scroll down to the bottom and tap "Reset Options."
  • head to system settings

  • Step 2. In "Reset Options," choose "Erase All Data (Factory Reset)” to continue. Afterward, select "Erase All Data" on the next screen and follow the instructions to complete the process.
  • factory reset your device

    Tips: Forget your device password and can't get access to it? No worries as Dr.Fone is here to help you. Download it and start a seamless unlock experience!


    In summary, this article detailed various methods to fix the Pixel 7 fingerprint not working. Diverse approaches were explored, from simple steps like sensor cleaning to advanced solutions like factory resets. However, Dr.Fone stands out among these solutions as a top-tier option. It offers a secure and efficient resolution to the persistent problem of fingerprint failure on the Pixel 7.

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