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Everything You Need to Know about Lock Screen Settings on your Android


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Everybody of you is well familiar with Android lock screen and it can be undoubtedly said that lock screen does a great job for an Android user. It really works as the main gate of your Android device. It also works as a safeguard of your device from unauthorized access if you enable some sort of protection. By the way, activating the lock screen is optional as you can customize or deactivate it from android lock screen settings.

Here's a charm that's you can unlock your lock screen by many ways and you've to set the ways from android lock screen settings. Now you'll come to know how to set different types of screen lock, customize Android lock screen, and even unlock your android phone without resetting it as all the ways of unlocking is related to the device when it's switched on.

Different Ways of Unlocking Your Android

First look at the procedures on how you can enable the lock screen functionality from android lock screen settings. To reach the lock screen settings android, you've to follow the path:

Options – Security – Screen Lock – Choose Screen Lock.

android lock screen settings

Now see how to unlock your lock screen in different ways.


This is the most common method of unlocking an android lock screen. On all most all the android device, you'll notice a lock mostly on the right side (sometimes on top) of a round charm. You just have to direct towards the lock and then the lock screen will be unlocked in no time. This method doesn't provide any security (it just protects your device from sudden access by tapping on screen or any of the button) to your device as no password or PIN is required to set the "Slide" unlock.

android lock screen settings

Keep your any finger on the middle of the round charm and by keeping your finger pressed, reach on the lock icon. The lock screen will be unlocked just after reaching your finger to the lock icon.

2.Face Unlock

This method of unlocking your lock screen needs your Android device to snap a photo of your with its camera. After you set the snapped photo as the unlocking recognition, you could unlock your device through showing your face on the screen.

Capture a picture of your face with your Android device's camera and then set it for logging in into your device. From the lock screen, by just by holding your face, you can log in. It's very interesting, but you should never rely on this method for strong security as this method of unlocking is prone to break easily as an intruder can unlock your device by putting a photo of you in front of your device. Moreover, this method sometimes doesn't work properly. So it's better to go for some other highly secured options for locking your screen.

android lock screen settings


This is a way of setting pattern for lock screen from a grid of nine dots. You can select the pattern like some letter like Z, L or C etc, but nothing guarantees high security as the set pattern can be easily guessed or be seen while you are unlocking your device. Another problem is that by unlocking with the same pattern, your finger leaves some marks for the pattern's path. By following the path, a stranger can unlock your device. So for little security, you can use pattern unlock method on your Android device.

android lock screen settings

Go to the lock screen setting for Pattern and then set the pattern by sliding your finger from one dot to another, then another and like that way. Remember which pattern you've set in order to unlock your device in the next time.


You might be troubled by thinking about the difference between PIN and Password. A little distinction is there for a PIN and that is it consists of numbers only whereas for password, you can associate some alphabetical letters or signs along with numbers.

android lock screen settings

Go to the lock screen setting for PIN and then set a PIN that consists of minimum 4 digits. It's your choice to use 4 or more digit PIN. After setting the PIN, you can access your Android device by putting the PIN in a box from the lock screen. PIN protected lock screen is highly protected if the PIN is set strongly.


In addition to PIN protection, you can consider it as password by adding some letters, special characters with the previously selected PIN codes. It's also very much highly protected method of locking screen though you might be bored with tapping for the password again and again. But never ignore the value of your device's files, so a password can be a well-sought lock screen protection for many users.

android lock screen settings


In some of the modern Android device, you'll find the feature of fingerprint unlocking. You can find the option through the screen or any dedicated button. By setting your fingerprint, you can unlock your device by tapping your finger on the device's screen or the dedicated button.

android lock screen settings


This is also a fun way of unlocking Android lock screen as you can unlock by saying the same voice that you've saved as the unlocking recognition.

android lock screen settings

Go to the setting from "Voice Unlock" button and record your voice such as "Open My Phone" or as per your choice with clear sound. Repeat the voice a few more times as to match well. Then set and unlock your device from the lock screen by using the same voice command.

Customize Android Lock Screen

Lock Screen Widgets

Widgets can be used from Android lock screen without unlocking the device first. Also, because of this, any one who can access your phone can see your information from widgets. But since Lollipop update, widgets has been changed to Notifications on Android. Here, let's see how to set customize widgets on Android running OS before lollipop. You can also find some useful alternatives to lock screen widgets here.

For devices running Android 4.2 or 4.3, lock screen widgets are enabled by default. So you can use them directly. For users of KitKat, you can go to Settings, select Security, and find Enable Widgets option. To add a new widget to the lock screen, swipe the screen from left to right until there is a plus on the screen. Tap the plus and select the widget you would like to add. You can also drag the widgets to repalce it.

Smart Lock on Android

Smart Lock is a new feature introduced in Lollipop. It helps you keep your device unlocked when it' safe with you, by recognizing locations, bluetooth system, or smartwatch etc. To know more about Smart lock settings, just follow the information here.

Customize Lock Screen Wallpaper

Except all the different types lock method to protect your phone, there are also many wallpapers to make your lock screen lool beautiful or cool. Click here to check out how to change lock screen wallpapers and download more beatiful wallpapers from different sites.

Bypass your Samsung Phone's Lock Screen using Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

This is an easy way to unlock your Samsung device if you forgot your Samsung's lock screen pattern, PIN or password.It's named Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android),which is the best tool to solve your problems with simple steps.

Note: If your are using Samsung or Lg, then this tool can perfectly remove the locked screen while keeping all the data. As for thoes users who are using Andriod phone, this tool still can help you unlock the screen while you will lose all your data after unlocking.

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Dr.Fone - Android Lock Screen Removal

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Follow the steps on how to bypass your Samsung Phone's lock screen by Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

Step 1. Run Dr.Fone and choose "Screen Unlock".

bypass Samsung Phone's lock screen

Step 2. Connect your Samsung with USB on computer,then you will see the windows as follow,and select phone model in the list.

bypass Samsung Phone's lock screen

Step 3. Enter the download mode on your Samsung device. Follow the guide of the windows.

  • 1.Power off the phone.
  • 2.Press and hold volume down + home button + power button at the same time.
  • 3.Press the volume up to enter download mode.

bypass Samsung Phone's lock screen

Step 4. Download the recovery package after your device model matched successfully.

bypass Samsung Phone's lock screen

Step 5. When the recovery package is downloaded completed,you can start the process of unlock,the whole process won't lose any data on your device.You can access your device without entering any password or PIN after the process is finished.

bypass Samsung Phone's lock screen

Video on How To Remove Android Lock Screen

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