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[100% Effective] Delete Gmail Account With/Without Password


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Email accounts have proven their worth in digital devices beyond sending emails. Lately, Android devices have only operated with a Gmail account. This is because most of the data, such as contact information, messages, and other details, are saved across the storage space offered with the email. Against all recognizable uses of Gmail accounts, users look for ways how to delete Gmail accounts.

To this day, it is known that Gmail accounts can be removed with or without a password. However, one should know that if they consider deleting their Gmail account, they won't be able to send or receive emails. With that, let's proceed to reveal all essential methods that can be used to delete a Gmail account permanently. This article will also focus on a perfect tool that assists in making the process easier.

deleting gmail account permanently

Part 1. Synopsis: Things To Know Before Deleting Gmail Account

Although the process of deleting a Gmail account sounds basic, there are many pointers connected to it. For that, this part is putting up a discussion on the important things that a user should know before they delete their Gmail account permanently:

  • No Going Back: If you delete a Gmail account, the process is irreversible. All details and information will be lost, and the email won't be trackable ever again.
  • Cannot Reset Passwords if Connected: If the Gmail account is connected to any other service, make sure that you remember their passwords. Since the account will be deleted, you cannot reset their passwords.
  • Access to Other Services: Although you are deleting your Gmail account, you can still access Google Photos, Google Drive, and other services.
  • Lookout For Emails: Ensure that the emails in your account are saved. You can easily download them anywhere before deleting the Gmail account.

Part 2. Delete Your Gmail Account Using Your Password: Desktop Solution

For the first method, we will discuss how to delete a Google account with your password. You will use your computer for this process and access the Google Account services. The service helps you save all your essential Gmail data before you remove it. To understand how it makes it possible, look through the steps provided below:

  • Step 1. Access the website https://myaccount.google.com/ on your desktop browser and log in with your credentials. Proceed to the “Data & privacy” section from the left panel.
  • login and access data and privacy

  • Step 2. On the following window, scroll down and look for the “Delete a Google service” option. Accessing this would allow you to delete your Gmail account permanently.
  • proceed to delete a google service

  • Step 3. You will be led to a new screen where you need to provide your password credentials again. On successfully providing your password, look for the “Gmail” option on the next screen. Click the “Trash” icon to continue deleting the Gmail account.
  • select gmail to delete

  • Step 4. A new pop-up window opens, demanding another email address that can help connect to other Google services. Provide the email address and continue to click "Send verification email ." The Gmail account won't be deleted until the user verifies the email sent to the new address.
  • provide alternative email address

  • Step 5. For those who want to save their email data, look for the "Download your data" option in the same window. This leads you to the Google Takeout window, where you need to select the data to include. After selecting the data, define the file type, frequency, and destination for exporting all important data.
  • download data from takeout

    Part 3. Delete Your Gmail Account From Your Smartphone: Android & iOS

    If you use a smartphone device and want to delete your Gmail account from that particular device, you are at the right place. The following methods will help you understand how to delete Gmail from your Android and iOS devices:

    Android Devices

  • Step 1. Look for “Settings” on your Android and continue to the “Accounts & sync” option in the list. As you proceed into the next window, look for the Google account and select it.
  • access accounts in android

  • Step 2. Select the "More" option at the bottom on the following screen. Choose the "Remove account" option in the pop-up menu and provide your credentials to execute the deletion of your Gmail account.
  • remove gmail account android

    iOS Devices

  • Step 1. Open your iPhone's "Settings" app and scroll down to the "Mail" option. You will find the "Accounts" option on the following screen, which you need to tap to proceed.
  • open signed in accounts apple

  • Step 2. Discover the option of "Gmail" in the list of signed-in accounts and continue to the next screen. Select "Delete Account" to remove the account from your iOS device.
  • delete gmail account ios

    Part 4. Don’t Know Password of Device? Reset To Delete Gmail Account!

    What if you've forgotten the password to your smartphone device, and you have to delete your Gmail account permanently? In such cases, you are left with the option of accessing the device’s Recovery Mode and factory resetting the device, where possible. To know how it is done flawlessly, look through the steps provided next:

    Android Devices

  • Step 1. Those owning an Android device need to put it in Recovery Mode first. For that, use the combination of the "Power" and "Volume" keys to put the device in Recovery Mode.
  • put android in recovery mode

  • Step 2. Once you boot into the Recovery Mode, use the Power and Volume buttons to scroll through the menu. Scroll down with the Volume buttons and select the "Wipe data/factory reset" option with the Power button.
  • select factory reset option

  • Step 3. Select "Factory data reset" on the next screen and confirm that factory reset your Android device successfully. The device automatically gets out of Recovery Mode and starts normally after resetting.
  • confirm factory reset android

    iOS Devices

  • Step 1. You need to turn on Finder if you own a macOS Catalina or later device. Conversely, use iTunes if you have a macOS Mojave or earlier version or if you are using Windows. Connect your iPhone to the computer using the lightning cable and put it in Recovery Mode.
    • For iPhone X or Later Models: Press and release the “Volume Up” button, followed by the “Volume Down" button. Hold the “Side” button until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

    recovery mode iphone x or later

    • For iPhone 7 Models: Hold the “Side” and “Volume Down” button until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

    recovery mode iphone 7 models

    • For iPhone 6 and Earlier Models: Hold the "Side" and "Home" buttons simultaneously until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

    recovery mode iphone 6 or earlier

  • Step 2. The device automatically gets detected on Finder/iTunes, and a pop-up appears on the screen. Click "Restore" to reset your iOS device to factory settings.
  • restore ios device

    Part 5. Remove Gmail Account From Device Without Password: Using Wondershare Dr.Fone

    While you seek some appropriate way to close a Gmail account from a device whose password you’ve forgotten, you might get into Wondershare Dr.Fone. This all-in-one service offers a unique Screen Unlock feature that helps you restore your device. If you have forgotten the lock screen password of your Android device, Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android) makes it exceptionally easy to recover.

    Key Features of Wondershare Dr.Fone


    Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

    The Best UnlockJunky Alternative to Bypass FRP and Solve Your Screen Locks

    • Remove all Android screen locks (PIN/pattern/fingerprints/face ID) in minutes.
    • Bypass the FRP lock of Samsung without a PIN or Google account.
    • Everyone can handle the lock screen without any tech knowledge.
    • Provide specific removal solutions to promise good success rate.
    Available on: Windows Mac

    4,624,541 people have downloaded it

    Whether it is your latest Samsung or other Android smartphone, the process is easy to work with. You might look for more details about this unique tool, for which some important features are highlighted as follows:

    1. It removes all major types of screen locks from your Android devices.
    2. Provides support to the latest Android devices, along with all mainstream brands.
    3. You can recover your device with and without data loss, according to your discretion.

    Steps To Remove Google Account While Removing Screen Lock

    The following steps highlight the way to remove screen lock from your Android device, which would also cover removing the Google Account automatically:

  • Step 1.Launch Screen Unlock Feature
  • To start with the process, launch Dr.Fone on your computer and navigate to the "Toolbox" section. Proceed to the "Screen Unlock" feature, which opens a new window. After selecting "Android" as your device type, select "Unlock Android Screen" from the available options.

    select to unlock android screen

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2.Select Device Brand and Unlock Mechanism
  • As you direct into the next window, select the brand of your Android device. Continue to select “100% Remove Screen Lock” from the following window.

    perform advanced screen lock

  • Step 3. Follow the Instructions and Successfully Remove the Screen Lock
  • According to your selected device brand, Dr.Fone provides guidelines for entering the specific mode. Follow the on-screen instructions to start unlocking the screen of your device. If the process is successful, click "Done" to conclude using Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock.

    successfully unlock device


    This article has specifically provided you with some important details on how to delete a Gmail account with ease. The article explains everything from the methods of deleting it from the computer to removing it from the device. Furthermore, it also serves as a guidance for those who have forgotten their device passwords. For that, they've provided an insight into Wondershare Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock and its unique functions.

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