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How To Turn Off Background Location on Life360


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Life360 is a leading GPS and location-sharing app. The platform’s real-time tracking features on smartphones made it popular. Yet, there are instances when you want to turn the Life360 background location off. It could be due to privacy or personal reasons.

Whether keeping secrecy or battery, you still need to control when and how you share location data. Knowing how to turn the Life360 background location off becomes crucial. The guide explores the process of managing these settings. It offers you greater autonomy over your location data. Read the article to learn more.

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Part 1. Life360: In a Nutshell

Life360 stands at the forefront of connectivity. It’s a crucial tool for families, friends, and even individuals when focusing on safety.

life360 logo

What Does Life360 Do?

Life360 is a GPS and location-sharing app that goes beyond conventional tracking. It acts as a digital hub for everyone to foster real-time connectivity and safety.

Who Is Life360 for?

Life360 is tailored for families and individuals seeking enhanced safety and communication. It’s especially valuable for parents, allowing them to keep track of their children’s whereabouts. Parents can monitor driving behaviors and even receive immediate alerts in emergencies.

How Far Does Life360 Track?

Life360 boasts a broad tracking range. The platform is suitable for users dispersed across various locations. Its global reach tracks family members or friends, whether they are in the nearby or halfway around the world.

Why Everyone Should Have Life360?

Life360 offers peace of mind through its multifaceted features. Beyond location tracking, the app addresses security, connectivity, and real-time awareness. Its versatility suits families, young adults, and seniors alike.

Key Features of Life360

Life360 is more than a mere location-sharing app with its array of features. It aligns with the diverse safety needs of modern families and individuals. Here are Life360’s key features:

  • Crash detection. Life360 detects vehicle collisions. It automatically notifies emergency contacts when necessary.
  • Place alerts. You can set up personalized place alerts. Receive notifications when family members arrive or depart from specific locations like home, school, or work.
  • SOS alerts with emergency dispatch. In critical situations, users can trigger SOS alerts. It enables instant communication with emergency dispatch services.
  • Data breach alerts. Life360 extends its safety measures by providing alerts about potential data breaches.
  • ID theft protection. The app includes features for identity theft protection. It actively safeguards you against the evolving risks of identity-related crimes.

Part 2. How To Make Life360 Background Location Off [4 Methods]

Ensuring privacy on Life360 involves learning various methods to turn off or spoof background location. Below are four effective techniques to make background location off Life360 on iPhone and other smartphones:

Method 1: Pause Location Sharing In-App

The most direct approach is to use Life360’s built-in settings to pause location sharing. Follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Life360 app and go to Settings. Choose the Circle where you want to stop sharing your location.

life360 turning off location sharing

  • Step 2: Tap Location Sharing. Toggle off the slider next to your Circle to turn off the background location. Once done, the method will display Location sharing paused in-app.

location sharing paused status

Method 2: Use a Virtual Location Tool

One powerful tool for making Life360’s background location off is Wondershare Dr.Fone. Its Virtual Location feature can perform GPS spoofing, map navigation, and geo-restriction bypassing. The platform offers a seamless way to control your Life360 location settings with a few clicks. Here are Dr.Fone’s key features:

dr.fone virtual location main window

  • Spoof your GPS coordinates. Dr.Fone can instantly change your device’s GPS coordinates. The feature is valuable for maintaining privacy on Life360.
  • Zoom in and out to move the map worldwide. Zoom in and out to choose a location anywhere in the world. It enhances the effectiveness of location spoofing.
  • Bypass geo-blocking. Dr.Fone can bypass geographical restrictions imposed by certain apps or services. It’s useful for accessing content or features that may be limited to specific regions.
  • Compatible with the latest iOS/Android. Dr.Fone ensures compatibility with the latest iOS and Android versions.

How To Use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location Changer combines simplicity with advanced features. Follow the steps on how to turn on the background location on Life360 without physically moving:

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  • Step 1: Start by downloading and installing Dr.Fone on your computer. Launch the software and click Toolbox > Virtual Location. Click Get Started to proceed to the next window. Connect your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions.

connecting your smartphone to dr.fone

  • Step 2: Choose One-Stop Route in the top-right corner. Specify the number of back-and-forth movements. Select Round or Loop trip, and adjust the walking speed with the slider. Click Move Here to initiate the simulation. Pause or tap Clear to halt or revert to the original state.

simulating movement on dr.fone

  • Step 3: Click Teleport Mode in the top-right to move to a different location. Type your desired location in the search bar, press Enter, and confirm on the map. Click Move Here to change your smartphone’s location. Check your device’s maps app to verify the new location matches the computer-simulated one.

Method 3: Use a Burner Phone

Acquiring a temporary device like a burner phone allows you to control the information shared on Life360. Install the app on the burner phone and use it when you wish to share your location.

Method 4: Spoof Your Location on iOS/Android Using Mock Location Apps

Explore the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for mock location apps compatible with your device. These apps enable you to feed false GPS coordinates to Life360, spoofing your location. Note that this method may violate the app’s terms of service.

Part 3. Why Do People Want To Turn off Life360 Tracking?

Life360 is a powerful tool for safety and connectivity. However, turning the Life360 background location off gives you control over its tracking features. Here are seven reasons why you may want to do that:

user holding smartphone with map open

Privacy Concerns

Some users may be uncomfortable with the constant sharing of their location. Privacy-conscious users may feel uneasy about the app’s detailed tracking.

Trust Dynamics in Relationships

While Life360 can strengthen familial bonds, it can also strain relationships. Couples using the app for location monitoring may encounter trust issues. Turning off tracking might be a gesture to establish trust or provide a sense of personal space.

Autonomy for Teens

Adolescents may resist constant monitoring by parents, leading to conflicts. Teens seeking independence may view Life360 as intrusive, prompting them to disable tracking.

Work-Life Balance

Professionals looking for a boundary between work and personal life might choose to turn off Life360 during non-work hours. It helps maintain a healthy work-life balance. It also prevents the intrusion of personal matters into professional settings.

Special Circumstances

Certain situations, such as surprise parties or gift planning, require secrecy. Turning off tracking ensures that planned surprises remain confidential and do not spoil the intended joy.

Concerns About Stalking or Harassment

Individuals facing potential threats, stalking, or harassment can disable Life360 tracking for safety. The action helps prevent the misuse of their location data.

Traveling Alone

Some users may prefer turning off tracking when traveling alone for security reasons. It reduces the risk of exposing one’s location to potential wrongdoers.

Part 4. Is it Better To Stop or Spoof Life360 Background Location?

Deciding whether to stop or spoof the Life360 background location is a hard choice. It involves a trade-off between privacy and safety considerations.

stop or spoof location banner

Stopping Background Location

  • A direct and simple solution, ensuring complete privacy.
  • Sacrifices safety features may raise concerns if used for family or emergency tracking.

Spoofing Background Location

  • Maintains the appearance of location sharing, preserving safety features.
  • Requires a third-party tool; potential violation of app terms of service.

Comparison Between Stopping and Spoofing Background Location

Stopping location is straightforward. However, it comes at the cost of sacrificing the safety features provided by Life360. Spoofing, while offering privacy, involves using external tools. Yet, it may raise ethical and legal considerations.

Scenarios for Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

This list shows in which situations you need to consider utilizing the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location tool.

  • Surprise events.Planning surprise events without revealing true locations.
  • Controlled autonomy.For teens desiring independence while preserving their family’s peace of mind.
  • Privacy-preserving travel.Maintaining privacy while allowing loved ones to be aware of their general whereabouts.

The decision depends on individual priorities. You should balance privacy with the desire to maintain safety provided by Life360. Consider the implications and legality of your choice to ensure a balance that aligns with your preferences and values.


Life360 is a great app for connectivity and safety. It offers real-time tracking and a range of safety features. Nonetheless, if you want to make Life360’s background location off, there are ways to do that. Simply follow the quick and easy methods outlined above.

While turning off location provides simplicity, Dr.Fone maintains Life360’s safety features while preserving privacy. With its intuitive interface, Dr.Fone ensures a seamless experience in managing your location settings. Whether to safeguard personal space or plan surprises, Dr.Fone’s Virtual Location feature is a reliable ally in maintaining control over Life360’s background location.

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