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Does find my friends work between iPhone and Android


Mar 09, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Find my friends app is becoming a norm for most people. The Smartphone and app developers are now aware of this. As a result, most Smartphone platforms are adding tools that allow users to share their whereabouts with others. Apple has its native Find my friends for their iPhone. The app works great for a group of iOS users, but you may need to share location with Android devices, which the built-in app can't help you with. When you want to use the "find friends" app, they certainly need to add people from Android and iPhone users. And, you can't dictate what people are choosing as their smartphone platform. While some prefer Android, many of us are dedicated to the iPhone too. Therefore, if you need to keep track of the real-time location of your family members or friends, you need the assistance of a third-party tool. These apps are the most logical way to create a link to find my friends app for Android and iPhone.

find my friends app

Part1: How to track friends using iPhone or Android

1.1 Tracking Friends using iPhone

As an Apple user, you might already know about the "Find my friends" app on your device. It is the most convenient way to share your location with your friends. You can also keep track of your peers with it. If you ever feel lost in a new area, you can use this app to notify your friends. You can use this app to create a route for all to meet in a selected location. If your friends are heading toward the destination, the app will notify you.

Let's see how one can use the "find my friends" on the iPhone, shall we?

1.1.1 You will find the "Find Friend" on your Home screen. In IOS 13, you will have to launch the "Find MY" app.

How to use Find my friends app 1

1.1.2 Tap "Add Friends."

1.1.3 Add a contact name from your list. You can add several contacts here.

1.1.4 Tap Send.

How to use Find my friends app 2

1.1.5 Now select a time option.

If you want to share your location, launch the app first. Then Tap "Me." Then, keep your "Share My Location" switched on.

How to use Find my friends app 3

1.2 Tracking Friends Using Android

Android users can also use this find my friends app. Even if someone in your group does not use a smartphone (seriously?), you can track them. You can send an invite, and if they agree, you can find your friend anytime. Remember, iPhone or Android, whatever the platform, all the members of the group have to agree with location sharing; otherwise, you cannot track them.

You can use find my friends from iPhone to an android user via Google Maps. You need to download the app and activate location service by taping "Allow While Using App" Then you have to select" "Share your location" You can then send your location to your android user friend from the message icon of the Google map.

Using Google map

Part2: 3 best find my friends apps compatible both Android and iPhone

You have the preliminary idea of how one can find their friends using an iPhone or Android. But, how to keep track of all of your friends, while some of them are die-hard apple fanatics and others are android geeks? Well, you do not need to tell others about those anymore, as we are going to talk about three fabulous cross-platform apps for finding friends.

2.1 Find my friends

This app is straightforward and pretty simple to use. You can look at the map and find your friends at any time. Your friends also can keep track of you. SO, if security is your concern," "Find my friend" is perfect for you. You can also chat with friends while they are on route.

You can also issue an alert to your friends whenever you are in an emergency. All your loved ones will get the address details, current time, and the remaining battery life. If your group has a mix of Android, iOS, and Blackberry, this app is excellent for you.

find my friends

2.2 Familo

Familo is the best working "finding friend" app. The app is regularly updated, and you can sign up with a phone number. You don't need Facebook or any username to use this app. You have to create a group and invite others. If they sign up, you will get their location details at any time of the day. Of course, they have to approve it first!

familio app

2.3 Glympse

What makes Glympse different from others is the fact that you don't even need to sign up here! You can set up a group for a specific time, and share your location to anyone you want to. You can even share your places via the web. If you wish to track your friends temporarily or contact someone for a specific period, Glympse is the right choice for you. And, if someone is not comfortable with the idea of location sharing, you can send your location via the web. They can use the shared link to know your area without ever installing the app. But, if you want to check up on your loved ones continually, then Glympse cannot satisfy your demand. As a temporary service, your location sharing link will be activated for four hours at most.

glympse app


Remember, there are several other find my friends apps in the app store, which can entice you. Some of them have pretty neat features. But, they can drain your battery too fast; others can be pretty limited on their free version. And, many of find my friends apps are partial to either iPhone or Android. But, why not try them out yourself? Everybody’s needs and tastes are different. Give my three favorite find my friend apps for Android and iPhone a try, if they suit you, great. If not, there are more options. Find one for you and keep a "leash" on your loved ones!

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