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Best Pokemon Types and the Strongest Pokemon in 2024


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

pokemon types

Pokemon games have taken the world by storm over the past decade. They’re not just games; they’re adventures that make people go out, socialize, and indulge in physical activities to catch all the characters they can and fill their collections. So, if you’re ready to embark on your own thrilling Pokemon journey, start by getting to know the characters first.

This guide will focus on the best Pokemon types in 2024 to help you prioritize your gaming and learn which Pokemon characters to catch. We’ll also provide a bonus tip to help you collect Pokemon outside your area to master the game quickly and become the ultimate Pokemon player.

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Part 1. Best Pokemon Types

Since you can discover numerous Pokemon types, learning which are the best and which you should prioritize once you start searching for them is essential. We’ve rounded up the top ten Pokemon types to help you on the journey. Check them out below.

Steel Pokemon

steel pokemon characters

As you can guess from the name, steel Pokemon characters are the strongest in defense. They’re more resistant to specific damage types like Poison, Ice, Rock, and Fairy. On the other hand, some of the moves affecting this Pokemon type are Fire, Fighting, and Ground, as they have no special protection against these elements.

A steel Pokemon has an average of 70 HP, 95.4 attack power, and 108 defense, further proving the defense effects. The most popular characters in this category include Sandshrew, Diglett, Meowth, Magnemite, and Steelix.

Dragon Pokemon

dragon pokemon type

Dragon Pokemon characters have it all but in moderate amounts. For instance, they have an average of 88 HP, 99 attack power, and 87 defense scores. Thus, you can rely on everything they have to boost your experience and fight off the enemies.

Dragon Pokemon-type moves are very effective against the dragons but ineffective against Steel Pokemon. Moreover, Fire, Water, Electric, and Grass Pokemon cannot harm the Dragon Pokemon. The best Dragon Pokemon characters are Dratini, Dragonite, Latias, Altaria, and Shelgon.

Fire Pokemon

fire pokemon characters

Aside from Water and Grass, this Pokemon type is one of the three basic elemental types. Thus, the Fire Pokemon has moderate capabilities and scores, allowing you to get the ultimate Pokemon experience. However, these Pokemon characters may be rare at the beginning of your journey, making them fantastic to catch.

These characters’ crucial scores include an average of 70 HP, 85 attack power, and 71 defense. They are the strongest against Ice, Bug, Grass, and Steel but the least effective against Fire, Water, and Rock. The most popular Fire characters are Charizard, Vulpix, Growlithe, Arcanine, and Ponyta.

Electric Pokemon

electric pokemon characters

The Electric type is one of the newest in the franchise, so most of the characters are challenging to catch. Aside from these characteristics, Electric Pokemon characters are defensive and can effortlessly fight off Water and Flying types, especially in the Electric Terrain.

One of the downsides is that these Pokemon have low HP of around 66, so consider that before starting a battle. Other scores include attacks, which is around 75, and defense, which is around 70. The most renowned electric Pokemon is Pikachu, but Geodude, Golem, Magnemite, and Voltorb follow closely behind.

Fairy Pokemon

fairy pokemon characters

The Fairy type helps balance the Dragon characters. Although they may seem dainty and cute, these Pokemon are ferocious, with an average attack score of 70. Moreover, Fairy Pokemon have an average of 68 HP and 75 defense, making them balanced but very strong.

A Fairy’s moves are the most effective against the Fighting, Dragon, and Dark Pokemon characters, especially with Fairy Aura, which increases the power by 33%. If you purchase the Pixie Plate item, you’ll also boost Fairy characters’ power by 20%, making them unstoppable. The most popular Pokemon from this group include Clefable, Ninetales, Jigglypuff, Weezing, and Cleffa.

Ground Pokemon

ground pokemon characters

Ground Pokemon have the best offensive capabilities. They’re best against Fire, Electric, and Poison Pokemon characters, making them the most universal within the game. Moreover, the Sand Force item can increase these pocket monsters’ power by 30% during sandstorms, making them unstoppable.

Ground Pokemon dominate in all fields. The average stats include 77 HP, 88 defense, and 92 attack levels. Some characters with these mind-boggling statistics in the Ground Pokemon category include Sandslash, Nidoking, Dugtrio, Geodude, and Graveler.

Water Pokemon

water pokemon characters

Although Water is one of the most common Pokemon types, with over 150 characters available, it’s still among the mightiest categories in the franchise. It’s one of the base Pokemon types, able to fight Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokemon characters. Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel Pokemon can do little to no damage to their Water counterparts.

Moreover, the Water Bubble item will double your Water characters’ strength and make them unbeatable. This type’s average stats are 71 HP, 76 attack power, and 74 defense. The most fearsome Water characters are Squirtle, Blastoise, Psyduck, Poliwag, and Tentacruel.

Ghost Pokemon

ghost pokemon characters

Ghost is a rare Pokemon type with two immunity types. Thus, these characters are more challenging to destroy and have excellent attack capabilities, making them exceedingly rare. Pairing them with the Curse item can help you beat your enemy in just a few swings and moves.

These characters are the most effective against Psychic and Ghost but the least effective against Normal Pokemon characters. Moreover, the Ghost type has an average of 66 HP, 80 attack power, and 78 defense, making them one of the strongest Pokemon. The most loved Ghost characters include Haunter, Gengar, Misdreavus, Corsola, and Shedinja.

Flying Pokemon

flying pokemon characters

This Pokemon type only has four single-type Pokemon characters. They usually combine with Normal Pokemon, giving them wings and additional capabilities. The wings can be beneficial in battles; you can avoid imminent attacks by flying off. You can also add the Aerilate item to increase your power by 20%.

Flying Pokemon work best against Grass, Fighting, and Bug characters, while they’re the least efficient against Electric, Ice, and Rock. Some notable stats include an average of 72 HP, 81 attack power, and 68 defense, making the Flying Pokemon among the most balanced in the franchise. The best Flying Pokemon include Butterfree, Pidgey, Sprearow, Doduo, and Aerodactyl.

Fighting Pokemon

fighting pokemon characters

As the name suggests, Fighting Pokemon characters are all about the offense. You’ll get the most attack power with this Pokemon type. It’s enough to say that the average attack level is 108.6, so you’ll undoubtedly get the most out of your fights with these characters. They’re best against Dark Pokemon and Normal, Ice, Rock, and Steel types.

If your Fighting Pokemon holds the Fist Plate and Black Belt, it’ll increase the attack power by 20%, making it the most powerful character. Other stats include an average of 78 HP and 79 defense. The most popular Fighting Pokemon are Primeape, Poliwrath, Tauros, Zapdos, and Hitmonlee.

Part 2.Best Pokemon Type Combinations

Learning which Pokemon-type combinations work best can help you get the most out of your adventure and assemble an unbeatable crew. It will also help you in future fights, and you’ll know which character to call if you need help. Below are some of the most effective combinations.

Ghost and Fighting Pokemon

The Ghost and Fighting Pokemon combination creates an offensive beast able to defeat any other Pokemon type. The Ghost Pokemon has all the necessary immunities to protect itself from damage, while the Fighting Pokemon type has the highest attack rating. This duo is ideal for complex battles and crucial Pokemon moments.

Steel and Flying Pokemon

Imagine having the best defensive Pokemon and giving it wings. Combining Steel and Flying Pokemon will help you create a character that takes no damage and has no mercy toward its enemies and obstacles. Aside from a very defensive body, it can avoid the attack altogether by flying off.

Steel and Fairy Pokemon

Although the combination of these Pokemon types may not seem intimidating, its power will surprise you. Steel and Fairy Pokemon characters are famous for their defensive features, so you’ll become immune to nine other Pokemon types. Thus, you can start your fights without worrying about the damage.

Part 3. Best Pokemon of All Time

The Pokemon world is teeming with numerous characters, and discovering the best in the franchise may be overwhelming. Thus, we’ve rounded up the three mightiest Pokemon creatures of all time to help you learn about the history and world of Pokemon. Check out the list below for more details.


mewtwo pokemon

Mewtwo is one of the original Pokemon creatures. It has an HP of 106, an extraordinary attack power of 154, and a 90 defense score. Therefore, there’s nothing you can’t do with this Pokemon. Mewtwo is six feet and seven inches tall and can control the enemy’s mind, making it one of the most sought-after Pokemon.


arceus pokemon

Arceus is the Pokemon that hatched into an empty world and started building it from scratch. Thus, you can consider this character to be the founder of the Pokemon world. It’s ten feet tall and possesses 120 HP, a 120 attack score, and 120 defense, making it the most balanced Pokemon.


rayquaza pokemon

Rayquaza is the oldest Dragon Pokemon in the franchise and the only Pokemon capable of learning the Dragon Ascent. This element significantly decreases the opponent’s damage and increases the creature’s power. Moreover, Rayquaza can calm the enemies and make the best of any situation.

Part 4. How to Quickly Acquire All Pokemon Types

Obtaining all Pokemon types and mastering the game requires moving around a lot at a specific time. However, you may be busy during the day and can’t afford to dedicate more time to the game. We have an ideal solution to this issue.

The best method is to change your virtual location and teleport where the desired Pokemon appears. However, you’ll need a tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location. This app is ideal for all Pokemon enthusiasts, helping you virtually move to any country or city in just a few clicks, allowing you to collect all the characters.

Wondershare Dr.Fone can take you anywhere you set your mind to, so head to the official website, download the tool to your desktop device, and follow the guide below:

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  1. Connect your phone to the computer.
  2. Once the program registers your phone, click Restart Device.

connect the phone to the pc

  1. After completing this process, click the Teleport Modeoption from the section on the right.

activate teleport mode

  1. Input the desired location.

choose a location

  1. Click Move Here to start your journey.

move to the location

Once you change the location on the PC, it should automatically update on your phone.

updated phone location


Pokemon is one of the best-selling gaming franchises in the world, letting you explore a whole planet of creatures. However, learning about their species first will help you make the most of battles and earn valuable rewards.

This guide to the mightiest Pokemon types and the all-time best Pokemon is an excellent starting point. Study these characters before embarking on your adventure, and use Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location to catch them and create a dream Pokemon collection.

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