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2024 Guide: How To Pause Life360 Location Sharing


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Life360 has become a household name in location-sharing apps, renowned for its ability to connect family and friends seamlessly across Android and iOS platforms. This app enhances safety and fosters a sense of closeness among its users.

However, there are moments when you might crave a bit of privacy or a break from constant connectivity. Whether for a surprise, personal space, or a digital detox, the need to discreetly pause Life360 arises. This article delves into the nuances of how to pause Life360. It will also provide insightful tips on how to do it without alerting others.

life360 location map

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Part 1: What Is Life360 and How To Pause Life360 From the App

Life360 is not just an app; it’s a digital lifeline connecting people with their loved ones. It’s primarily designed for family and close friends. By offering real-time location sharing, it ensures that members of your “Circle” (a group within the app) know where you are at any given moment. This feature is handy for parents monitoring their children’s whereabouts or friends coordinating meet-ups.

The Purpose of Life360

At its core, Life360 is about safety and connectivity. The app includes features like location history, driving reports, and even crash detection, making it a versatile tool for modern families. It provides several benefits, like:

  • Safety assurance. Knowing the whereabouts of your loved ones, especially in emergencies, can be invaluable.
  • Convenience. Planning gatherings or ensuring a family member has arrived safely at a destination becomes more manageable.
  • Emergency response. The app can alert users to potential emergencies involving Circle members.

Reasons of Pausing Life360

However, there are instances where learning how to pause Life360 becomes necessary:

  • Battery health. Constant GPS tracking can drain your phone’s battery significantly. Temporarily pausing the app can help conserve battery life.
  • Privacy. Sometimes, you might want some privacy about your location. Thus, some people would like to pause their Life360 location sharing.

Methods To Pause Life360 From the App

Now, the question is, can you pause your location on Life360? Pausing Life360 can be done for a specific circle or the entire app. This section will show you some general steps to pause your location for the app. You can do it only for a specific circle or the whole app. Here’s how you can do those.

Pausing Location for a Specific Circle

Open Life360 and go to the main screen. Select the Circle you want to pause. Then, tap on Settings (usually represented by a gear icon) in the upper-right corner. Look for an option like Location Sharing and toggle it off. This action pauses your location sharing only for the selected Circle.

location sharing life360 menu

Pausing the Whole App

Regarding this method, pausing the location sharing for all your circles usually involves going through your phone’s S ettings and disabling location services for Life360. If you don’t want to do that, you can turn off location sharing for all your circles through the steps provided above.

By understanding and utilizing these features wisely, you can maintain your connection with your loved ones while managing your digital boundaries and battery health effectively. Remember, the aim is to balance connectivity with personal needs.

Part 2: How To Pause Life360 From Settings

Life360 offers flexibility within its app and through your device’s settings. Understanding how to use these options can provide additional control over location sharing. Explore the various ways how to pause Life360 outside the app itself.

Pause Life360 From Android Settings:

First, navigate to your Android device’s Settings. Then, look for the section listing all installed apps. This is usually named as “Apps.” Locate Life360 on the list of apps and open it. You should be able to see a Force Stop button at the bottom of the screen.

By selecting Force Stop, you temporarily halt the app’s function without uninstalling it. This operation stops location sharing until you open the app again.

Pause Life360 From iOS Settings:

To pause the Life360 location on iOS, you’ll have to open the Settings app on your iOS device. Browse through your apps and select Life360. Alternatively, you can use the search bar and type “Life360”. Once in the app’s menu, change location services to While Using the App. Thus, it will not share your location unless you open the app.

life360 ios settings

Pause by Using Airplane Mode:

This can be done from the quick settings panel on both Android and iOS devices. Turning on Airplane Mode disables all wireless connections, including cellular data and GPS, effectively pausing Life360. The great thing is that Life360 will only show your last known location to your circles. It will not say that “location services are off,” unlike the first two methods.

airplane mode ios

Pause by Uninstalling:

Removing the app from your device will stop it from sharing your location. The beauty of this method is that it won’t automatically notify your circles or remove you from them. However, some members might notice that your location updates are unavailable.

Each method serves a different purpose and offers varying levels of discretion. Whether conserving battery, seeking privacy, or temporarily disconnecting, these methods provide a way to pause Life360 location without drawing unwanted attention. Remember, communicating with your Circle members about your need for privacy to maintain trust is always a good idea.

Part 3: How To Pause Life360 With a Virtual Location Spoofer

Sometimes, pausing your location sharing on Life360 may raise questions or concerns among your circle members, particularly if they are close family or friends. If you’re planning a surprise or need private time without arousing suspicion, a virtual location spoofer can be handy. This method will teach you how to pause your location on Life360 without them knowing.

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Wondershare’s Dr.Fone toolkit is more than just a data recovery solution. Among its various features, the Virtual Location changer is particularly useful for those looking to spoof their location. This feature allows you to simulate being in a specific location without actually being there. It’s a clever way to maintain privacy or plan a surprise without giving away your real whereabouts.

How To Use Dr.Fone To Spoof Your Location on Life360

To learn how to pause location on Life360 without them knowing using Dr.Fone, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Download and install the Dr.Fone on your device. Connect your phone to your PC to begin the process. After launching the software, access Virtual Location from the Toolbox interface. Then, click Get Started to continue.
  • Step 2: After launching the function, you’ll notice the One-Stop Route function at the top-right section. This feature is crucial for setting up your virtual movement.

life360 virtual location page

  • Step 3: To define how your virtual location behaves, you can decide how often the app simulates a Round trip or Loop trip. Once you’ve set parameters like Speed, click Move Here to start the simulation.

set one-stop route dr.fone

Note: TheRound trip and Loop trip are particularly useful for creating the impression of movement in a specific area. Parameters can make your virtual movement more believable.


This article explored various methods of pausing location sharing on Life360. Life360 is essential for many who share their locations with friends and family. The options are diverse, from simple app-based methods to more advanced settings adjustments and even a virtual location spoofer like Dr.Fone.

While it’s always recommended to maintain open communication with your Circle about pausing location sharing, there are times when privacy or surprise plans necessitate discretion. For those moments, Dr.Fone - Virtual Location emerges as a reliable solution for location spoofing and other phone management needs. Remember, using these tools responsibly is key to maintaining trust in your relationships.

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