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How to Build the Best Competitive Pokemon Team? [Competitive Tips]


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

If you’ve been playing Pokémon games like Sun/Moon or Sword/Shield, then you know how important team building is. To succeed, you need to create strong teams of Pokémon to complete missions. However, mastering this skill can take some time.

To help you out, I've come up with some smart tips for building amazing Pokémon teams. These tips will guide you in selecting the right Pokémon and strategies to dominate your missions. You’ll be on your way to creating a winning team in no time!

Pokemon Team Building Banner

Part 1: What are Some Good Pokemon Team Examples?

To understand the dynamics of team composition, you should know that there are ideally different kinds of Pokemons:

  • Sweeper: These Pokemons are mostly used to attack as they can do a lot of damage and even move swiftly. Though, they have low defense stats and can be of a physical or special type.
  • Tanker: These Pokemons have high defense stats and can take a lot of damage. Though, they have slow movement and low attacking stats.
  • Annoyer: They are known for their fast movement and while their damage might not be so high, they can annoy your opponents.
  • Cleric: These are supportive Pokemons that are mostly used to heal or boost the stats of other Pokemons.
  • Drainer: These are also supportive Pokemons, but they can drain the stats of your opponents while healing your team.
  • Wall: These are tougher than tank Pokemons and can take a substantial amount of damage from sweepers.
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Based on these different types of Pokemons, you can come up with the following teams to win your next battle:

1. 2x Physical Sweeper, 2x Special Sweeper, Tanker, and Annoyer

If you want to have an attacking team, then this would be the perfect combination. While the annoyer and tanker would drain the HP of the opponents, your sweeper Pokemons can finish them with their high attacking stats.

2. 3x Sweepers (Physical/Special/Mixed), Tanker, Wall, and Annoyer

This is one of the most balanced Pokemon teams that would work in almost every situation. In this, we have a tanker and a wall to take damage from the opponent’s Pokemon. Also, we have three different types of sweepers to do maximum damage.

Balanced Pokemon Teams

3. Drainer, Tanker, Cleric, and 3 Sweepers (Physical/Special/Mixed)

In some situations (when there are lots of sweepers in the opponent’s team), this team would excel. Your support Pokemons (drainers and clerics) would boost the HP of sweepers while the tanker would take the damage.

4. Rayquaza, Arceus, Dialga, Kyogre, Palkia, and Groudon

This is one of the most legendary teams in Pokemon that any player can have. The only issue is catching these legendary Pokemons can take a lot of time and effort, but it would certainly be worth it.

5. Garchomp, Decidueye, Salazzle, Araquanid, Metagross, and Weavile

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the game, you can try this power-packed team in Pokemon games like Sun and Moon. It has the perfect balance of attacking and defensive Pokemons that would excel in every situation.

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Part 2: Things to Consider while Creating your Pokemon Team

Since there could be so many ways for coming up with a Pokemon team, I would recommend following these suggestions:

Tip 1: Consider your strategy

The most important thing that you need to know is the overall strategy that you have to focus on game. For instance, at times, players would like to play defensively while others want to focus on attacking. Therefore, you can come up with a team composition according to your needs.

Tip 2: Try to attain a balanced team

Needless to say, if you have all attacking or all defensive Pokemons in your team, then you might not get the desired results. That’s why it is recommended to have a mixed bag of sweepers, healers, tankers, annoyers, etc. in your team.

Tip 3: Don’t pick Pokemons with common weaknesses

It is always recommended to have a diverse team so that your opponent can’t harass you. For instance, if two or more Pokemons have the same type of weakness, then your opponent can easily win by counter-picking Pokemons.

Tip 4: Practice and alter your team

Even if you have a decent team, it doesn’t mean that it would excel in all scenarios. It is always recommended to keep practicing with your team every now and team. Also, feel free to edit your team by swapping Pokemons. We have discussed how to edit Pokemon teams in the next section.

Fix 5: Research and pick rare Pokemons

Most importantly, keep looking up for Pokemon team suggestions by experts online and via other Pokemon-related communities. Also, a lot of players suggest picking rare or legendary Pokemons as they have limited weaknesses, making them harder to be countered.

Part 3: How to Edit your Pokemon Team in the Game?

Ideally, you can come up with all kinds of teams in Pokemon games. Though, there are times when we simply wish to edit the team according to different situations. This can easily be done by visiting your Pokemon team in the game.

The overall interface would largely vary on the game that you are playing. Let’s take the example of Pokemon Sword and Shield. At first, you can just go to the interface and select your team. Now, select the Pokemon of your choice and from the provided options, click on “Swap Pokemon”. This will provide a list of the available Pokemons that you can browse and choose a Pokemon to swap with.

Swap Pokemon in a Team

There you go! By following these tips, you would be able to come up with a winning Pokemon team for different games. I have included various examples of Pokemon team combinations here that you can also apply. Besides that, you can also follow the above-listed tips to create different styles of amazing teams in Pokemon games like Sword/Shield or Sun/Moon like a pro.

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