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4 solution to get rid of pokemon fail to detect location


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Pokémon go failed to detect location is an error that is frequently faced by the players and there are several reasons for it. From device to server-based all the reasons amount to the error and therefore the right solution must be applied to get the work done with ease and perfection. The location-based attribute of the game is something that has been one of the best features. It is the sole reason for which the game is not only popular but also one of the most downloaded games of all time. It is therefore important to overcome fail to detect location error in this game.

Part 1: Why does Pokémon fail to detect location?

The two main and frequent errors that are related to the Pokémon are error 11 and error 12. These not only frustrate the users but also hamper the game experience. Failed to detect location Pokémon go is the result. This part of the article will make sure that you get all the information that is needed to overcome the issue. The GPS joystick failed to detect location error will also be overcome and you will also be able to guide others.

Causes of Error 11

  1. If the game failed to detect location Pokémon go fake GPS then the most common reason is the fact that the GPS has been disabled. The internet and GPS are the two important aspects of this game. If anyone is not available then it is a must that the game will not work at all.
  2. Once the game has been installed it requires certain permissions that should be granted for proper working. All the permissions must be accepted for the game to work fine. If the GPS access has not been granted then it should be so that the GPS joystick Pokémon go failed to detect location error is resolved and you can enjoy the game.
  3. To install some applications and to enhance the features of the phone it is at times rooted in the case of android or jailbroken in the case of iPhone. In both cases, you will get the Pokémon to go failed to detect location fake GPS error. It is therefore important that the issue is resolved by getting the device back to its original shape. It can be done by unrooting the devices so that the issue is resolved.

Causes of Error 12

  1. The Mock location on the device is enabled can lead to failed to detect location GPS joystick or error 12 on the device. It is therefore advised to make sure that the location in question is disabled to get the gaming experience back on track.
  2. The other and the most common reason for the error 12 is the fact that the GPS signals are not received by the device. It also leads to Pokémon failed to detect location error and will make sure that you get all the enjoyment for which the game has been downloaded.

Part 2: 3 solutions to fix Pokémon fails to detect the location

Solution 1: Turn on GPS

This is the most common method that can be applied to make sure that the game works perfectly.

i. Drag the notification panel down on your device.

Pokemon failed to detect location 1

ii. Click on the location to turn it ON.

Pokemon failed to detect location 2

Solution 2: Setting Permissions for the application

If the right permissions are not given to the application then it can also lead to the fake GPS failed to detect location. To make sure that this is overcome you need to follow the steps as under.

i. Go to Settings > Applications > Apps to access the permissions for the application.

Pokemon failed to detect location3

ii. Go to Pokémon Go > Permissions > Turn on location to get the issue resolved.

Pokemon failed to detect location 4

Solution 3: Clear Cache

i. Go to the Settings of your device

Pokemon failed to detect location 5

ii. Click on the app's icon on the next screen

Pokemon failed to detect location 6

iii. Click on the storage option.

Pokemon failed to detect location 7

iv. Clear data and cache and restart the device to get the issue fixed.

Pokemon failed to detect location 8

Part 3: Dr.Fone Virtual location change your location in one click

To fix the fake GPS Pokémon go failed to detect location Dr. Fone's virtual location is the best and the state of the art program that can be used. It is not only the best but also allows the users to overcome the issues that are presented by the other similar programs. With this program, it is easy to make sure that the overall game performance improves in terms of location detection. You can teleport with ease using this program. With an intuitive interface and a professional team backing the program, you get the ultimate results. Not only Pokémon but all the location-based and AR games this program is a boon.

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How to use Dr. Fone Virtual Location

Step 1: Program Installation

First of all download and install the program to get started.

drfone home

Step 2: Enable Virtual Location

Click the get started icon once the iPhone has been connected to the system and the virtual location has been enabled.

virtual location 01

Step 3: Locate the Device

Click the center on a button to make sure that your location is detected by the program.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Change Location

The third icon on the upper right corner is to be pressed to teleport. In the bar type the name of the location you want to teleport to.

virtual location 04

Step 5: Move to a teleported location

Click on move here to get to the location that has been selected.

virtual location 05

Step 6: Validation

Your iPhone will show the same location as on the program and this finishes the process.

virtual location 06
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Dr. Fone's virtual location is the best and the most advanced program that will make sure that you get the best results. It will not only enhance your gaming experience but will also remove the Pokémon go GPS joystick that failed to detect location error with perfection. It is the best program that is easy to use and there are guides online that further foster the process. With this program, it is easy to get a step ahead for all AR and location-based games and to enjoy to your fullest.

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