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Does Fake GPS Work on Tinder?


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Tinder is a widely popular dating application among Android and iOS users. This software has made it easier to find and meet a partner online.

The app, by default, works by using the GPS functionality on your device. One can search the people living around his area or to a limited range of distance. Using a tinder fake location tool, the users can meet people from any place in the world. You deserve a partner who lets you travel the world, and there is nothing better than talking to someone in another country.

Also, if you live in another country instead of your own and want to match with a partner living in your area, then tinder fake location can work. But let us see the problems you will encounter and how it works in your Android or iOS device.

tinder fake location

Part 1: Does Fake GPS Work on Tinder?

In a word, we will say “Yes”. Tinder helps you in meeting new people by using your GPS location. Once you decide to match someone living outside the radius of 100 miles, the device will not let you do so quickly. It will always use your original location. However, every device comes with the feature of “Enable Mock Location” along with the “Developer Settings” or jailbreaking in iOS.

We will learn about them later, but these features make it possible to fake GPS tinder 2020. Set your location at any place you want, and do not worry about your identity. It will be safe and secured with anonymity. Even Tinder provides a way to alter the location, but users have to pay extra to use that feature.

fake gps tinder

Part 2: Tinder fake GPS on iOS device?

Do you own an iOS device and require to fake GPS tinder 2020? This thing is going to be difficult because there is no straightforward way to do it. You have to download a third-party tool. Tinder is strict in spoofing, so you need to be careful and use the right tool for tinder GPS spoof. We want to recommend you two application only – Dr. Fone-Virtual location and iTools.

1) GPS fake tinder with Dr. Fone-Virtual location (iOS)

Dr. Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) is the best-known location spoofer for iOS devices. It assists in teleporting GPS to any location in the world. The application is featured with the joystick and support for up to 5 devices location management. The users can alter location with a click and access specific software that is banned in their region. It is agreeable with almost all the iOS models and lets you spawn your location without jailbreaking the device. You are required to perform the given steps for tinder GPS spoof with Dr. Fone-Virtual location.

Step 1: Connect your device

First, visit https://drfone.wondershare.com/virtual-location-changer.html and click on the “Download” button. Select the location where you need to save the file. After downloading, run it to install and after that, connect your iPhone. Click on “Virtual Location” feature for tinder fake location 2020. Now, the virtual location interface will appear on the screen. Conform to the terms and click on “Get Started” button to start.

Dr.Fone for tinder fake location

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Step 2: Find a new location

The tool will show you the interface containing a map and your current location with other options. For the tinder fake location 2020, you can open the “Teleport Mode” by clicking on the third icon present at the top right side. Besides, please change your location by typing its name.

find a new location

Step 3: Mock location

Selecting a location will drop a pin there that can be shifted according to your preference. Click on the “Move Now” which will change your location. For your confirmation, open GPS Maps on your iOS device and get the mock location on Tinder.

get the mock location on tinder

2) GPS Fake Tinder with iTools

The iTools is an all in one tool for handling everything on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It can be utilized in place of iTunes because all the features are almost similar. It is bundled with features such as ringtone maker, music transfer, uninstall apps, backup data, check for updates, synchronize data, and so on. It will also help in removing useless files or share data from one device to another. The tool is available for the Windows as well as Mac users. It is an ideal data management application for iOS users. Keep in mind that you can change your location three times only in the free version. As much as we have seen, using this is better than jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Part 3: Tinder fake GPS on Android device?

For the Android device users, the process of tinder GPS fake is not complicated. On the Google Play Store, one can access plenty of applications to fake GPS on tinder. You can download one of them to strive for fake GPS location tinder. In the device “Settings” too, there is an option of “Mock location” you have to enable. For this, open “Settings” and tap on the “About Phone” option. Keep scrolling and tap on “Build” seven times. Come back to the prior screen, and you will get the “Developer Options”. Under this, you can find “Allow/Enable Mock Location”.

tinder fake location on android

Now, you have the endowment to change your location at any place. Some of the apps that can help you in this care are:

1. Fake GPS Location by Lexa

This is one of the most popular apps for Android users who wish to fake their GPS on Tinder or any other location-based app. With this, you can teleport anywhere in just a tap.

2. Fake GPS by ByteRev

Here is another app that will help you serve your purpose. Though the name is almost the same, ByteRev distinguishes itself from others by providing the feature of adding the GPS coordinates in your favorite list.

fake gps by ByteRev

Part 4: What will I meet with faking GPS on Tinder?

As you are doing something that can bring you close to any person, you can’t imagine how the person is with whom you have been matched. You can be targeted by hackers or cyber-criminals who promote illegal things. But most utmost of the time, you will end up meeting the person of your dreams, regardless of how far he or she lives from you. Take your time and keep swiping the profile of as many people as you want.

risk of fake tinder location


It’s sporadic when fake GPS tinder is not working. You will face problems when trying to change location but when the appropriate tool is in your hand, don’t worry. Get access to an unlimited number of people on Tinder by faking your GPS and thanks us later after getting the partner that you always dreamed for.


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