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How to get Pokemon unova stone and evolve tips


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Many people assume that playing Pokemon Go involves a lot of manual work. Let’s say you have to walk around and wait for the Pokemon to appear before you can catch them. Another is that you have to physically visit the Gym before you successfully join in Raid battles. Well, it is somehow true to a certain extent. We all know that the majority of the tasks in this mobile game require tangible effort and manual intervention.

However, Pokemon Go provides useful assistance to players in the form of items. These are basically gems that give players a limited-time special power to expedite the progress of certain in-game procedures. If you’re going to check the Pokemon Go’s item catalog, you’ll surely find that there are lots of them. One of which is the Pokemon Go Unova Stone. It’s indeed a powerful item that aids in the evolution of Pokemon from the Unova region. Is obtaining Unova Stone worth your time? Absolutely yes. Pokemon Go has added more Pokemon that you can easily evolve using this item. Of course, you should not miss out on it.

In this article, we will talk about the essential details you should know about the Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. We will also provide a list of Pokemon that you can evolve using this item. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Part 1. Introducing Unova Stone in Pokemon Go

unova stone item

Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is one of the rarest items in the mobile game. It is used to evolve a specific group of Pokemon from the Unova region. One piece of this stone combined with the required number of Candy can turn certain Pokemon into its upgraded form. But since Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is not widely available, you should take good care of this precious gem. Use it only in particular evolutions that will benefit you a lot as a Pokemon Go player. Don’t use it to evolve Pocket Monsters that do not have something special to give in return. Be smart in using Unova Stone in Pokemon Go.

The Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is universally considered rare because there is no specific way to obtain it. In other words, you really have to try your luck and pray so hard that your tactic will work. But don’t worry. Just because it’s uncommon doesn’t mean you cannot have it at all. Some players have unveiled some useful tips that can definitely help you come across the elusive Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. Check out the list below.

Complete a seven-day Field Research.

field research pokemon go

Many players agree that the most common source of Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is Field Research. It is typically included among the rewards for accomplishing the seven-day Field Research. There is no clear assurance to that. Of course, we still have to acknowledge that the Pokemon Go experience generally varies from one player to another. But who knows? Unexpected things happen in a blink of an eye. A Field Research might give you the rare Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. Just try joining in Field Research once or twice a month. Aside from it can actually give you some rare items, Field Research is also deemed a fun activity.

Accomplish a Special Timed Research.

There is no denying that Timed Research is among the most exclusive activities in Pokemon Go. Hence, you can safely assume that most of its rewards are rare and uncommon. That’s why you should participate in such activities every chance you get. You never know. The prize at stake might be the elusive Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. It can certainly happen, so don’t miss out on it if it does.

Win over a powerful Team Go Rocket Leader.

team rocket pokestop

Have you ever tried battling against Sierra, Arlo, Cliff, or other Team Go Rocket leaders? If not, you’re probably missing out a lot. Why so? Simply because it is widely believed that defeating them can give trainers various special rewards. Indeed, the elusive Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is likely included among them. That’s why you should engage in certain missions related to beating Team Go Rocket leaders.

Part 2. List of Essential Unova Stone Evolutions in Pokemon Go

Let’s say your hard work has paid off at last. You finally get the rare Unova Stone on your hands. That’s great. Now, what’s next? Well, it’s about time to put that gem to use. Evolve a Pokemon and make it a lot stronger than before. Yes. This is not a typical procedure you should take lightly. Choose a specific Pokemon worthy of the evolution. To help you decide better soon, listed below are some of the best Unova Stone evolutions in Pokemon Go. Check them out.


chandelure pokemon

Chandelure evolves from Lampent with 100 Candy and a Pokemon Go Unova Stone. It’s one of the most powerful Ghost-type Pokemon known for its beneficial utility and massive damage potential. Therefore, you must list Chandelure as your evolution priority the moment you obtain Unova Stone in Pokemon Go.


eelektros pokemon

Eelektros evolves from Eelektrik with 100 Candy and a Pokemon Go Unova Stone. It is deemed a useful Unova Stone evolution because of its utile defensive capabilities and extreme offensive moves. If you obtain a Pokemon Go Unova Stone, make sure to consider Eelektros for evolution. It can surely help you in many ways.


cinccino pokemon

Cinccino evolves from Minccino with 50 Candy and a Pokemon Go Unova Stone. It is most well-known for its speed and attacks that definitely cause massive damage to the opponent. If fast-moving Pokemon is your main game, Cinccino is certainly a great Unova Stone evolution.


musharna pokemon

Musharna evolves from Munna with 50 Candy and a Pokemon Go Unova Stone. It’s a very adaptable Pokemon that can do various roles in a snap. Musharna can destroy, attack, and defend whenever needed. That’s why you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to its flexible move pools. Evolve your Munna if you get a chance. In no time, you’ll surely see that it’s one of the best decisions you have ever come up with.

Part 3. Get the Rare Unova Stone in Pokemon Go Using Wondershare Dr.Fone

It’s fair to say that your best shot at Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is completing Field or Timed Research. Easy? Well, we’re not sure. Some tasks in this kind of Pokemon Go Research require time and lots of effort to complete. But don’t worry. There is a tool that can help you accomplish certain Research tasks without going outdoors. Big thanks to Wondershare Dr.Fone. It offers a potent Virtual Location feature capable of modifying your whereabouts and simulating GPS movements needed in the game. Amazing, right? Check out the tutorial below on how to get Unova Stone in Pokemon Go using Wondershare Dr.Fone.

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  • Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone from its official website. Right after, install it on your computer.
  • Step 2: Launch the newly installed application on your desktop after a few minutes. Once it fully loads up, connect your smartphone using a data cable. Follow the on-screen instructions to make sure that the connection between the two devices is stable and strong.
  • Step 3: Access the left-side panel and then click Toolbox. On the main dashboard, click Virtual Location. Wondershare Dr.Fone will subsequently download additional resources if it is your first time using this feature. Don’t worry. It will only take a few minutes to complete.
  • Step 4: Once the downloading process has concluded, Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location will open in a separate window. From there, head over to the top-right menu bar and then click One-Stop Route. The starting point for the simulation will be automatically determined according to your current location. If you wish to change it, click Teleport Mode on the menu bar and choose your desired location. Meanwhile, the destination is unspecified by default. You may enter your desired location into the search bar or tap anywhere around the map.
  • wondershare drfone virtual location

  • Step 5: Configure the necessary settings for the simulation. Start by specifying your preferred number and type of trip. After that, adjust the movement speed by dragging the slider to your desired level. Once completed, it’s time to commence the simulation. Click Move Here. If you wish to reset your inputs, click Clear instead.
  • simulation settings

  • Step 6: The simulation will then begin right away. Monitor the real-time progress based on the map details. If you wish to hold off the movement for a while, simply click Pause. On the one hand, click Clear if you wish to start all over again.
  • movement ongoing


    Special items in Pokemon Go are there to make your gaming experience more wonderful. It can help you complete certain tasks or obtain extraordinary rewards. Unova Stone in Pokemon Go is one of them. It enables trainers to evolve certain types of Pokemon from the Unova region. If you get a chance to obtain this precious gem, make sure to use it very wisely. Not everyone is as lucky as you who are given the opportunity to obtain Pokemon Go Unova Stone. Initiate only the perfect Unova Stone evolution that benefits you directly. Another tip: download Wondershare Dr.Fone for free on your computer. Use its Location Changer and GPS Simulation features to find and get Unova Stone in Pokemon Go. With the aid of its tool, you will surely come across this elusive evolution item in no time.

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