Can I use iTools gpx file to catch the rare Pokemon


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Pokemon continues to be an after-sought mobile gaming app. The iTool gpx completes the game. This tool is dully smart, letting you catch Pokemon without much hassle. iTools is a replacement for iTunes which you can now use to manage your iDevice and computer. Its simplicity makes it a walk-in-the-park as you try to catch Pokemon. It will save your computer battery life and also save you from complex background operations.

 It will inform you when a pokestop arrives without the need to even use your phone. More so, simply connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth technology and move along as you enjoy your game. The device will vibrate or blink, an indication that you need to get ready to catch a Pokemon. So yes, you can use iTool gpx file to catch rare Pokemon.

Part 1:What can the gpx file do?

The gpx file is mainly used in software applications to transfer information about tracks and points from one application to another. These files are saved in ‘XML’ format, which makes it easy to import and read GPS data by several programs.

How to download gpx file on iOS and Android

On iOS

First, open the route that you are interested in, then select the ‘Export gpx’ option > ‘Export’ in the lower line. Next, choose whether to forward the gpx file via a provider or to copy and save it in your data.

On Android

Open the route you are interested in and hit the ‘More’ option. Next, select the ‘Export gps’ option and the file will be downloaded to your smartphone. You can forward the route to various providers by tapping the ‘Share’ button.

Why gpx Pokemon

Many games have thronged our screens but not many matches Pokemon. Once you download gpx to iTools mobile, you get real-life benefits from this hottest virtual game. As gpx files are a list of exact locations that form a route for cycling or walking, they direct the player. A player can, therefore, see their location regarding the route via GPS for surety.

Likewise, players are assured of being on the right trail when they use navigation apps with gpx files. And whey they get off track, they can redirect themselves to the path and continue gaming.

Part 2:Where to find the iTools gpx file

You have to import gpx file before opening it. The easiest way is to upload it to the web version of Google Maps.  First, open and sign in to Google Maps then add a gpx file as a new map. Follow these steps.

  1. First, open the Google Maps menu and select ‘Your places’.
  2. Select ‘Maps’ > ‘Create map’.
  3. Select the ‘Import’ button after a new Google Maps window opens.
  4. Finally, upload your gpx file. You should see the map data in your file on Google Maps.

For you to use gpx file iTools, you first have to enable the virtual location on your device. It is from the virtual location where you can cycle and pin mode with teleport and joystick. More so, you can adjust the speed as desired. You just need to choose your favorite location and get to playing. Import, export, and save the iTools gpx to continue from your last stop point.

Follow these steps to save the iTools gpx file and get gpx files from friends

With ThinkSky, you can add gpx file to iTools and fake your gps location. This app comes with plenty of functionalities to make every fake location appear real to your friends.

  • First, determine and click on the point that you wish to fake.
  • Next, copy the coordinates by clicking the ‘Copy to clipboard’ button.
click copy to clipboard
  • Then, confirm group name and click on the ‘Save’ icon. You’ll see it located besides the search bar.
Click the confirm button
  • Lastly, input the coordinates names and group name and then export your favorite location list.

Part 3:Is there any safer tool to spoof Pokemon with iTools file?

You can opt for other safer tools for route creator. Perhaps it is raining and you can’t step out. Or it is already late in the night. What do you do? Just fake it! Dr.Fone comes with advanced features to help you iSpoofer gpx routes and fake your locations in simple steps.

How to export and import gpx to save and share location with Dr.Fone

First, you need to download, install, and launch Dr. Fone – Virtual Location to your computer. Then click the ‘Virtual Location’ option and connect your iPhone to the computer. Next, hit the ‘Get Started’ button. You’ll be redirected to a new window to find the actual location on your map. Please follow these steps to export and import gpx to save and share.

Click the Get Started button

Step 1. Save the path as gpx.file

Dr. Fone virtual location supports saving customized routes. Click the ‘Export’ button once it pops-up.

Step 2. Import file

Next, import the shared gpx file into the app. You can download the gpx file from other websites or you can get it from friends. To import the file, go to the main screen of the app and check under the ‘Add-to-favorites’ icon then click the ‘Import’ button. Wait as the file is imported then click the ‘Save’ button after the process is completed.

Import file then click on Save

You can also add your favorite iSpoofer gpx routes. To add any spot into your favorites, check for the five-star icon and click to add the route to favorites. You should see ‘Collection successfully’ after adding your favorites. This gpx route creator makes it easy to walk along your favorite routes. Click the ‘Move’ button and reach any place with a click of a button.

Enter address and click Go

The Bottom Line

Being a first timer, you may find it very complicated to fake your gps location. But Pokemon map creator makes it easy. Dr. Fone virtual location works seamlessly with your iOS device to take you virtually to any place in the world, from the comfort of your living room.


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