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What Can I Do If My iPogo Keep Crashing


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

In case you don't know this, iPogo is a mod that allows the Pokémon Go players to change location as per will. It is sought out as one of the most useful spoofing tools. Still, the users experience iPogo crashing issues now and then. If you are one of the players who is having trouble using the iPogo mod, then we can help you out. Take a look at this guide as we tell you more about the iPogo apk and list down the reasons why it misbehaves or fails abruptly. Alongside this, we'll also cover the methods that can be used to resolve the iPogo crash issue. Let's begin.

Part 1: About iPogo:

Before we dig deeper into the iPogo crash problem, we must gather intel about this application.

Created specifically for the Pokémon Go app, iPogo is an iOS mod application that consists of several tools that allow the users to play games anytime, anywhere. It is a powerful and intuitive application with a simplistic interface packed full of useful features. With the help of this spoofing app, you can easily teleport in Pokémon Go and auto-catch Pokémon.

The key features included in this toolkit are mentioned below:

  • Auto-Catch & Spin so that players can catch Pokémon and spin the ball without using a physical device
  • Item Deletion with just one-click to manage your collected items
  • Block Encounters with exception to skip the animation that are useless except for Shiny Pokémon
  • Dedicated Features With Two Plans so that users can choose according to their requirements

In the beta testing phase, the app is available for free. And looking over the features it provides, you can understand why this app is so popular. From Auto walking to teleporting, feeds to enhanced throw, overlay guides to stats inventory access, there are more than enough features to master the game easily.

As a result, when iPogo crashes, it creates a dilemma for the Pokémon Go players. Therefore, we must find out what is causing the iPogo application to break and how to fix it.

Part 2: Reasons That iPogo Keep Crashing:

Many Pokémon Go players have reported that when they open the app, it works normally. But after a few seconds, the device screen goes black and become unresponsive. And eventually, it closes the game as well. Even though iPogo developers work hard to get rid of the bugs and issues in the mod, it is inevitable to experience such issues.

Here are some plausible reasons that might have resulted in iPogo breaking.

  • The primary reason for the iPogo crash is the amount of system resources your system is using. If you have too many tabs and windows opened in your system, the resource distribution will falter and cause the application to shut down automatically.
  • A poorly installed iPogo application can also be the cause of the problem. There is no denying that installing iPogo is quite difficult. So, if you've made mistakes during the installation process, the app will break and crash unexpectedly.
  • Knowing that installing iPogo is challenging, many players use downloading hacks to get access to iPogo features. However, not all of them are reliable. These hacks usually have an unstable version of the original application, which tends to cause troubles for the users.

Now that we have narrowed down the prominent causes, it'll be easier for us to eradicate the problem from the roots and avert it from arising again. Now, let's move on to the fixes.

Part 3: How to Solve iPogo Keep Crashing:

Like we stated earlier, iPogo crashing is a common problem for many users. And as many users have experienced the same issues, there are several solutions available. Here are the ways to resolve the iPogo apk breaking issue.

Method 1: Limit System Resource Consumption:

One thing you must know is that putting items in the shortcut bar is not optimal. The system treats every single item as an application. As a result, fewer resources are left to be utilized while using the iPogo application. So, avoid putting items in the shortcut bar and close extra windows to minimize the CPU usage. Once the system can manage all the tasks simultaneously, the application will stop crashing automatically.

Method 2: Remove Unnecessary Items:

Keep your inventory in check as well. While walking in Pokémon Go, you might gather many useless items. Displaying useless items is another way of wasting system resources. Delete those items and free up the inventory.

Method 3: Install A Cleaner App:

There are many applications available over the internet that can be used to clean temporary files and cache memory from time to time. Use those tools to refresh the system resources and ensure that you always have free memory to utilize.

Method 4: Install iPogo Officially:

No matter how easy it seems for you to download and install iPogo from the hacks available on the internet, get an official version of the app. Currently, iPogo offers three ways to install the app on your system. Direct Install method is free and easy to use. Matrix Installer will require a PC with Windows, macOS, or LINUX operating system. It is also free, but it's rather complex. The third method is Signulous, which is also made easy. It is a premium mod that opens up additional features to the Pokémon Go players.

install iPogo

Keep in mind that all three of these installation methods have different requirements that need to be checked properly. So, make sure that you through the guidelines carefully.


Hopefully, now you have the answer to why iPogo is crashing/breaking and what you can do to resolve the issue. We agree that iPogo is a very useful tool; still, it comes with some risks. Spoofing your location with iPogo increases the chances of getting banned by Niantic. So, we would like to recommend the Pokémon Go players dr. Fone Virtual Location tool that can spoof location without getting detected. It's worth a try, trust us.

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