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Is Mega Mewtwo The Strongest Pokémon?


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

With the introduction of Pokémon Red and Blue and the following cartoon series, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle to name a few have become cultural icons. However, there’s no Pokémon that can match the enthusiasm that fans of the series get on seeing Mewtwo. In this post, we’re going to talk about Mega Mewtwo X & Y. So, read on to find out how to evolve into a shiny version of Mewtwo and tips to get this Pokémon.

Part 1: What Is Mega Mewtwo In Pokémon?

Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon that’s introduced in Gen 1. Though it is not known for evolving into or from any other Pokémon, Mewtwo is capable of Mega Evolving into different forms known as –

Mega Mewtwo X from Mewtwonite X
Mega Mewtwo Y from Mewtwonite Y
Mega Mewtwo X is bulkier and bigger than its normal state. On the other hand, Mega Mewtwo Y is lighter and smaller than its normal state.

Part 2: How to Evolve Into Shiny Mega Mewtwo?

Mega Evolution was introduced in Pokémon X and Y and was then expanded with the introduction of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. When specific Pokémon holds the right Mega Stone, they can do temporary Mega Evolutions in the battle. The Mega Evolutions provide the Pokémon massive stat boost and new capabilities.

Below is the step-by-step guide to help you learn how to evolve into Shiny Mega Mewtwo-

Step 1: You have to do some work before getting access to Mega Evolutions. Performing and finishing these tasks will help you get the item you require to perform Mega Evolutions. Acquire the Rumble Badge from Shalour Gym through defeating Korrina.

Step 2: Go to the peak of the Tower of Mystery after the fight and talk to Korrina to get the Mega Ring.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to upgrade the Mega Ring. Well, the upgraded ring isn’t essential for all Mega Evolutions but is needed to locate the hidden Mega Stones. Professor Sycamore is going to upgrade your Mega Ring at the Anistar Sundial after defeating your opponent in Kiloude City. It’s not possible after you complete the main story.

Step 4: In order to perform a Mega Evolution, the Pokémon needs to hold a special Mega Stone. These Mega Stones are unique to each Pokémon. Only some Pokémon can Mega Evolve with them and Mewtwo is one of them. For Mewtwo, the location of Mega Stones is Unknown Dungeon.

Step 5: Give the Mega Stone to that corresponding Pokémon for holding as it is required for Pokémon to hold its Mega Stone in order to perform Mega Evolution.

Step 6: You can perform Mega Evolution in battles and only one of your Pokémon can perform Mega Evolution per battle. Your Pokémon will remain in its Mega form until the fight is complete or it faints.

That’s how to evolve into Mega Mewtwo. As you can now see that the first and most important step is to beat Korrina in order to mega evolve.

Part 3: What Is Mega Mewtwo Worth?

No other Pokémon is as all-powerful, immortal, and invincible as the Mewtwo from series of Pokémon. With his sheer psychic capabilities, Mewtwo is capable of controlling whoever he desires and whatever he desires, and it includes the Earth’s weather. In the latest additions, Mewtwo two Mega Evolutions placed him among the strongest and fastest Pokémon.

If Mewtwo performs Mega Evolution into one of its forms, it takes back its quite well-deserved position as the most powerful Pokémon, with a base stat of 780.

So, Yes!! Mega Mewtwo is the strongest Pokémon.

And if you’re one of those who love to collect Pokémon cards and thinking of getting M Mewtwo EX, then you should be probably wondering about its worth on the market. Isn’t, it right? Then, it starts at $9.99.

Part 4: How to Get Mega Mewtwo X And Y?

In order to get or evolve into Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y, you need a special Mega Stone for your Pokémon. In Part 2 of this post, we have given in-depth detail about how to get the job done. Nevertheless, below we have covered some other tips to catch Mega Mewtwo X And Y:

However, there would come a scenario when you find yourself in the need of changing location in your Pokémon game. For instance, Pokémon Go requires you to go out and discover different areas in order to get and catch Pokémons, many people seek ways to spoof their locations. And that’s when Dr. Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) comes in very handy. This app can help you trick all location-based apps on your iPhone.

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To perform Mega Evolution, you need to beat gym leader, Korrina. And this creature uses 2 Fighting-type Pokémon and a Flying/Fighting-type Pokémon. You should use fast and strong flying-type/psychic-type Pokémon and attack in order to make fast work of these three.

It’s worth mentioning here that performing Mega Evolution of Mewtwo in Pokémon Go is yet not possible. Soon, Mewtwo will be in the list of Pokémon Go Mega Evolutions.

The Bottom Line:

That’s all on Mewtwo Mega Evolution. Yes, Mega Mewtwo is the strongest Pokémon. To perform its Mega Evolution, it must hold its own special Mega Stone - Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y. Trainers have to wear a bracelet called Mega Ring and it can be acquired at the Tower of Mastery in Shalour City, but you need to defeat the Gym Leader for that. With both things accessible, you can select the Mega Evolution option with an attack. Keep in mind that only one Pokémon per trainer is capable of Mega Evolving during each battle. Once a Pokémon is in its Mega form, it remains in that form until the battle completes.


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