How to Activate Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes: 3 Detailed Solutions


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Released in 2004, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green and two popular console games that were made for Game Boy. Today, Pokemon Fire Red is played beyond consoles and has become more flexible. Players can also load Pokemon Fire Red GameShark codes and enjoy tons of advantages that it brings. From unlimited gold to berries, there is a Pokemon Fire Red GameShark code for everything. In this post, I will share 3 different techniques to implement Pokemon Fire Red cheats via GameShark.

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Part 1: What is GameShark all about?

Before I teach you how to implement Fire Red GameShark cheats, let’s cover some basics. Ideally, GameShark is a brand for video game cartridges that comes with loaded cheat codes. You can just load the cartridge to the console and enjoy all the advantages of the Fire Red GameShark codes. Though, if you are using an emulator, then you can enter these codes manually.

Part 2: How to Get the Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes?

If you have a gaming console, then you can just buy a GameShark cartridge that would come pre-loaded with Fire Red GameShark codes. Though, if you are using an emulator, then you can look up for Fire Red cheat codes from various sources online. Apart from Reddit and Facebook groups/pages, there are also websites like Super Cheats that you can try.

I have listed some of these Pokemon Fire Red cheats for GameShark here, but you can explore more at Super Cheats.

    • For unlimited gold


    • For unlimited Pokeballs


    • For unlimited berries


    • Get 1000 XP


    • No random battles


    • To stop timer


    • To reset time


Part 3: How to Activate GameShark Codes in Pokemon Fire Red?

There are different kinds of consoles that players use these days to play games like Pokemon Fire Red. Without much ado, let’s discuss how to implement the Fire Red cheats by GameShark for them.

Method 1: Activate Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes in Visual Boy

Visual Boy is one of the most commonly used emulators to play all kinds of 2D games on Windows. You can just load Pokemon Fire Red on V3 or Visual Boy advance to enjoy its gameplay. To learn how to activate Pokemon Fire Red GameShark V3 codes, follow these steps.

Step 1: Save the game

Sometimes, while implementing the Fire Red GameShark codes, we end up losing our game. To avoid that, launch the game, and visit its File > Save Game option to save its copy.

visual boy save game

Step 2: Load the GameShark codes

Now, just go to the “Cheats” option from the main menu and visit the “Cheat List” option. Here, you can view all the existing cheat codes that you have added and delete them from the list.

visual boy cheat list

If no cheat code is there, then go to the “Add” section, and click on the “GameShark” option. Afterward, you can enter the description and GameShark code, and just activate it.

visual boy add cheat codes

Method 2: Add Pokemon Fire Red GBA GameShark Codes

GBA is another popular emulator that helps us play games on our smartphones. Though, sometimes in order to use the GBA emulator on iOS devices, a prior jailbreak access is needed. If you already have GBA installed and are playing Pokemon Fire Red in it, then you won’t face any trouble activating these Pokemon Fire Red GBA GameShark codes.

Step 1: Install and load GBA on your phone

If you don’t have GBA installed, then you can just go to its official website, and download it. Subsequently, from the list of the games it supports, you can just install and launch Pokemon Fire Red on it.

download gba emulator

Step 2: Activate Fire Red GameShark codes

Once Pokemon Fire Red is loaded, you can go to the menu of the emulator and tap on the “Cheat Codes” option.

gba settings cheat codes

Here, you can already see a list of various Pokemon Fire Red GameShark codes that you have added. To activate a new code, just tap on the “+” button from the top.

gba add cheat codes

Now, you just need to enter details for the code name, select “GameShark” as its type, and enter the code. After adding the code, you can just enable it, and load the game again to enjoy it.

gba save cheat codes

Method 3: Implementing Pokemon Fire Red GameShark Codes in My Boy

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of My Boy emulator on your Android to play tons of console games. Once the My Boy emulator is installed, you can just download Pokemon Fire Red on it and activate its cheat codes in the following way.

Step 1: Load the game

To begin with, just launch the My Boy emulator on your device and go to the “Load Game” option from its main menu. From here, you can load an existing copy of Fire Red on your device.

my boy load game

Step 2: Activate Fire Red GameShark codes

Once the game is loaded, you can go to its main menu (by tapping on the hamburger icon from the top) and select the “Cheats” feature. There is also an option to save the game if you want to.

my boy emulator settings

Now, choose to add a new cheat, enter its name, code, and select “GameShark” as its type. Make sure that you enter the codes correctly and give it a suitable name to remember.

my boy add cheat codes

In the end, you can go to its options and tap on the “Save” button. This Pokemon code will now be activated and you can later delete it from its Menu > Cheats if you want to.

my boy save cheat codes

There you go! After reading this post, you would be able to know about different Pokemon Fire Red GameShark codes for sure. To make it easier for you, I have come up with 3 different emulators and have listed a simple solution to implement Fire Red GameShark codes in them. You can just explore more codes from numerous sources and try to activate them on your Pokemon Fire Red emulator as well.


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