Is Pokemon Go 385- Jirachi Still Available in Pokemon Go 2023?


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It is one of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon, and weighs only a couple pounds. Available at a CP of 3090, the Pokemon Go 385 is the second highest of all steel types in the Pokemon Go game.

Part 1: How to complete the Jirachi special research quest

Jirachi, like many other species, is distributed through retailer events. Honestly, 385 Pokemon Go is very difficult to obtain.

You cannot get this Pokemon with normal game play. It comes to every Pokemon Go player via a particular research task - ‘A Thousand-Year Slumber’. The task actually is a story-led series of quests. You need to perform various tasks for Professor Willow – the game’s Pokemon professor.

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To find this research task, tap the binocular icon on your screen, and go to the “special” section. You have to tackle a lot of challenges, whether you are a novice player or a seasoned one. Beyond this special research task, you can get it in a few particular ways.

The task has seven different steps, and across all steps, you will accumulate useful items and XP. You will also get a chance to catch Pokemon 385 Pokemon Go, a cute Steel/Psychic Pokemon.

These steps are:

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Step 1: You have to catch 25 Pokemon, spin 10 gym or Pokestops, and make three new friends. In reward, you get one of each: mossy lure, magnetic lure, and glacial lure.

Step 2: You catch 3 Whismur, evolve a Feebas and a gold hoenn medal. You get 2,000 stardust, 10 regular pokeballs, and three lures.

Step 3: Take Loudred snapshot, make three throws in a row, and earn three candies. You get 20 silver pinap berries, 2,000 stardust, and three star pieces.

Step 4: Take catch 50 Steel- or Psychic-type Pokemon, power up Pokemon 10 times, and send 10 gifts to buddies. Rewards include 1 of each - fast TM, charged TM, and premium raid pass.

Step 5: Battle a team leader three times, win against fellow trainer for seven times, and win five raids. Get rewards – three rare candy, 20 ultra balls, 3000 stardust.

Step 6: Capture five photos of 385 Pokemon Go, make three excellent curveball throws, and spin a Pokestop seven days continually. Rewards include ten of each - silver pinap berries and star pieces, and 5,000 stardust.

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Step 7: In the final stage, you get Pokemon Go 385 encounter, 20 Jirachi candy, Jirachi T-shirt.

Part 2: Ways to get the Pokemon Go 385?

Here are different ways to get Jirachi and complete your Pokédex 385.

Method 1: Use Pokémon Colosseum US Bonus Disc

The US Bonus Disc contains a downloadable Jirachi. In order to obtain it, follow these steps:

pokemon-go-385 5

Step 1: Get a Nintendo GameCube–Game Boy Advance cable and an empty spot in the party. Once you connect everything, you will see 385 Pokemon Go transferred to Sapphire or Ruby. After configuring the party, shut down the Game Boy.

Step 2: Next, you have to connect the GameCube and Game Boy Advance with each other. Make sure you use the special adapter cable for establishing this connection between two.

Step 3: Now, load the Bonus Disc into the GameCube. As a result, you will land on to the main menu of the Bonus Disc. From here, scroll to the right and tap on “Jirachi Special Gift”.

Step 4: Select the Pokemon 385 Pokemon Go and you will be asked to connect to your Game Boy. The transfer takes about 30 seconds.

Once the transfer finishes, start using Jirachi!

Method 2: Pokémon Channel (Europe and Australia)

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Pokemon Channel is a video game in the Pokémon series. Developed by Ambrella, the game is developed for the GameCube. In this game, players aim to assist Professor Oak promote his TV network by watching broadcasts with Pikachu.

Pokemon Channel consists of elements related to digital pet, adventure, and simulation genres that players explore in 3D environments. Players can download a Pokemon Go 385 to a Pokemon Sapphire or Ruby using the Nintendo GameCube – Game Boy Advance link cable.

pokemon-go-385 7

Step 1: If you want to get Jirachi, you have to watch all programming to first get the Starlight Projector. From here, you can go to Camp Starlight and watch the Pichu Movie.

Step 2: To get Jirachi on the game, you have to beat the Elite 4. You will require an empty slot in the party for Pokemon 385 Pokemon Go.

Step 3: Next go to Pokémon Channel > Options. You will see Professor Oak and Jirachi. Watch the short intro movie and click ‘Yes’ to start the transfer. A prompt will ask if you have a slot for Jirachi. Click Yes to get Jirachi in the party.

Step 4: Connect the Game Boy Advance to the GameCube. You must use the special adapter cable that will allow the two systems to be connected. Click ‘Yes’ once they are connected. Turn on the power for the Game Boy when prompted.

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Step 5: The transfer takes only few seconds. After it finishes, the Jirachi’s image will appear on your Game Boy screen. Turn off Game Boy after prompted.

Method 3: Use Pro Action Replay

One way to catch this rarest Pokemon is to use Action Replay video game cheat codes. In reality, the Action Replay is an electronic device. You can plug it into the slot of Gameboy Advance. Next, plug the Pokemon video game into the slot.

Step 1: Once all devices are connected, turn on the GBA and enter the code to activate special cheats and unlock Pokemon Go 385. It’s easy and quick the code into your Pro Action Replay.

pokemon-go-385 9

Step 2: Jirachi adds to your party’s second slot. So, keep it empty to avoid conflicts.

Step 3: Now, press L + R on your keyboard to create a level-5 Jirachi.

You can use this code with other Pokemon games, but only once per game.

Part 3: Can I cheat on the Pokemon Go to get Jirachi

Yes, you can cheat on Pokemon Go and get Jirachi.

3.1: Pokemon Go Map

PokéMap is a highly-interactive and real-time Pokemon map. It displays the location of Pokemon, including Pokemon 385 Pokemon Go.

pokemon-go-385 10

The game heavily relies on players to report their location; the map is very useful for them. It lets you sort and locate Pokemon by country and city without any hassle.

The Pokemon go map is built with GPS data that helps manage real-world location and optimizes your experience playing the game. The detailed map is generated using the GPS of your phone and Google Maps.

Here are the steps to use Pokemon Go Map to get Jirachi:

Step 1: Get the Pokemon Go Map.

Step 2: Once you activate the map, you will see Pokemons around you, including Jirachi.

This will give you a direction to easily grab your Pokemon 385 Pokemon Go.

3.2: Dr.fone Virtual Location

Using the Dr.fone virtual location app, you can easily spoof your location and discover the Pokemon Go 385 fast.

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If you are an iOS user, you can confidently use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS). This location spoofer lets you mock your location to any other desired place. Check out the following steps for the purpose:

Step 1: Launch the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) on your device. In the toolkit, tap on the Virtual Location option.

pokemon-go-385 12

Step 2: Next, tap the "Get Started" button to launch the Virtual Location interface.

pokemon-go-385 13

Step 3: On the following window, you will see your existing location on the map. To get your accurate location, click on the “Center On” icon.

pokemon-go-385 14

Step 4: Next, click the third icon on the top right corner of your screen to activate the "teleport mode. Type in the name of the desired place and tap “Go”.

pokemon-go-385 15

Step 5: In the popup box, click on the “Move Here” option.

pokemon-go-385 16

You will be teleported to the location once click “Center On” option.

pokemon-go-385 17

Bottom Line

With these hacks, you can easily and quickly get Jirachi. The best part is that, with these methods you can use the Pokemon 385 Pokemon Go in multiple games, but once per game.

Happy gaming!


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