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Get Pokemon Go Candy: An Essential Guide for Every Pokemon Go Player


Feb 10, 2023 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“How to get Pokemon Go candy cheat? I have heard that there are some methods to get more candies in the game, but I don’t know how to implement them!”

If a similar query about Pokemon Go candy cheat has brought you here, then you are about to get your doubts resolved. You might already know that candies can be used to evolve and power-up a Pokemon in the game and can be obtained in different ways. Since they are pretty useful, a lot of players would like to implement Pokemon Go rare candy cheat to stack them. In this post, I will let you know some standard ways to collect them as well as a working solution to get Pokemon Go candy cheat.

pokemon go candy cheat

Part 1: How to Use Pokemon Go Candy?

Essentially, Pokemon candies are used in different ways like powering up a Pokemon, evolving them, purifying them, or unlocking a second charged attack. Most of the players use Pokemon Go candies to boost the power of their Pokemons or evolve them. Since every Pokemon has its own candies, they are considered pretty rare in the game.

To use Pokemon go candy, just tap on the Pokemon of your choice from your collection. Here, you can see options to power up and evolve the Pokemon. You can also view how many candies are needed for each operation. If you have enough candy, then just tap on the “Evolve” or “Power up” button and confirm your choice to use them in Pokemon Go.

using pokemon candies

Part 2: Standard Ways to Earn More Candies in Pokemon Go

Before I discuss how to get Pokemon Go candy cheat, let’s learn some standard ways to get them in the game. In this way, you can earn more candies in Pokemon Go without compromising your account or performing any other hack.

Capturing Pokemons

This is certainly the easiest way to get more candies in Pokemon Go. The number of candies would depend on the evolution stage of the Pokemon. Presently, you can get 3, 5, or 10 candies after catching a first, second, or final evolution form of a Pokemon. Also, if you feed the Pokemon Pinap Berry beforehand, then the number of candies would be doubled.

pinal berry pokemon go

Transferring Pokemons

If you have a Pokemon of low IV and you don’t wish to invest your resources on them, then consider transferring it. Just move it to your inventory and you will get one candy for that type of Pokemon.

Hatching Pokemons

This is another Pokemon Go rare candy cheat that a lot of players implement. The number of candies would depend on the type of egg you are hatching. It is estimated that you will get 10 candies for a 2 km egg, 20 candies for a 5 km egg, and 30 candies for a 10 km egg.

Walking Buddy

This is another seamless method to earn more candies in Pokemon Go. Just make the Pokemon of your choice as a walking buddy and start covering the estimated distance. As you achieve milestones, you will earn more candies for them.

getting candy walking pokemon

Other methods

Besides that, you can also get more candies by participating in different in-game events, trading Pokemons, or by simply evolving them.

Part 3: Two Working Pokemon Go Candy Cheats

To get Pokemon Go candy cheat, you can either exploit its walking buddy system or use a dedicated tool. Here are both these Pokemon Go rare candy cheat hacks in detail.

Method 1: Simulate Your Movement with a Walking Buddy

As you know, when we walk with our buddy Pokemon, the completion of a milestone gives us candy. Though, you don’t need to go out and cover so much distance if you have a location spoofer tool. With the help of Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS), you can easily simulate the movement of your iPhone and cover the needed distance from the comfort of your home (without jailbreaking your device). In this way, you can earn more candies without getting detected by Pokemon Go.

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pokemon go walking buddy

Step 1: Get a buddy Pokemon

Firstly, you need to get a buddy Pokemon to start walking. For this, tap on your trainer’s profile and select the “Buddy” option. If you already have a buddy assigned, then you can swap it with any other Pokemon. From the list of the Pokemons you own, you can just select a Pokemon and start walking with it.

Step 2: Simulate your movement in a route

Now, to simulate your movement, just launch Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) on your system and connect your device to it. Simply agree to its terms and click on the “Get Started” button.

virtual location 01

To simulate your movement, you can select the “one-stop” or “multi-stop” modes from the top-right corner of the screen. This will let you drop the pins in a route on the map as per your choice. You can also use the “Teleport Mode” of the application to first spoof your current location as well.

virtual location 11

Afterward, you can select the number of times you wish to cover the route and the preferred speed. Once you are ready, just click on the “Start moving” button to start the simulation.

virtual location 12

Step 3: Use its GPS Joystick (optional)

In the one-stop and multi-stop mode, you can also view a GPS joystick enabled at the bottom of the screen. If you want, you can also use it to move in any direction of your choice realistically.

virtual location 15
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Method 2: Use a Pokemon Go Hacking App

Another way to learn how to cheat for Pokemon Go candy is by using a dedicated hacking app. For instance, the PokeGo Hacker is one of the most popular apps that work on both Android and iOS devices. Though, you are needed to jailbreak your iPhone to install this third-party application. Later, you can go to its candy hack to get unlimited candies. Just select the Pokemon you wish to evolve and enter the number of candies you want. In no time, your inventory will fill up with the needed candies to evolve or power up the selected Pokemon.

poke go hacker app

There you go! I’m sure that after getting to know this Pokemon Go candy cheat, you would get enough candy to level-up in the game. Since most of the Pokemon Go candy cheats 2022 are not that safe, I would recommend picking a reliable tool. For instance, instead of a hacking mobile app, you can consider using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS). With it, you can easily simulate your movement with your walking buddy and earn more candies. There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone for this Pokemon Go candy cheat or even leave your home.

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