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In this post, we are going to share with some proven hacks to catch more Pokemons and win the game. We will also reveal the secret Pokemon Go iOS download hack that is the best and safest.

Let’s read on to know:

Part 1: What can I get after downloading the Pokemon Go hack?

Pokemon Go has become an extremely popular game for people of all ages. Both Android and iOS users enjoy the game and want to have access to access to more Pokemons so that they can level up.

But gives the growing number of players worldwide, and in your location, it can be challenging to catch more creatures. The augmented reality app uses your iOS’ GPS functionality.

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Once you are close to a Pokemon, you get the opportunity to capture the available creature. But you may not be able to access the location where a lot of Pokemons are available. Or, maybe you fail to capture the Pokemon due to the location issue.

That’s when Pokemon Go hack download iOS come into the picture. Using this hack, you can spoof or fake out your location in Pokemon Go. As a result, you trick Pokemon Go so that the game believes that you are actually playing from the spoofed location.

You can use location spoofing apps, cheats, and codes to virtually move to any desired location where you can find more creatures.

In addition, you can enjoy many other benefits with Pokemon hack iOS download. Imagine you want to catch a rock and dark type Tyranitar. With the hack, you can do it easily by freely traveling the world. With this hack, you can appear in any desired Poke Gym to gain a variety of collectibles.

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Another benefit of Pokemon Go hack download iPhone is that Pokemon appear in thematically appropriate locations. So if you are in a landlocked place, which is far away from large lakes or oceans, there is water Pokemons you may never locate.

The same goes for Pokemon found in particular locations. If you don’t live in those terrains, some rare Pokemons would only appear under some specific conditions.

1.1 Risk with Pokemon Hack Download iOS

Before you start using the Pokemon Go download iOS hack, make sure you under the risks involved and use the hack carefully.

If you abuse the hack to teleport worldwide continually, Niantic may spot you spoofing your location. Consequently, you can get banned from the game or Niantic may issue a warning.

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In order to enjoy Pokemon hack download iOS while minimizing the risk is that you should be realistic. For example, before switching to any other location, shut down the game and wait for hour to spoof to a new location that is few hours away by airplane or car.

Part 2: Detailed guide to download Pokemon Go hack on iOS

Fortunately, there are several Pokemon hack iOS download options available. In this post, we will talk about the best and the most popular ones.

Hack 1: Use a VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) allows players to reroute their online information, including browsing history, IP address, etc., to remote servers. So you can confidently use this Pokemon Go download iOS hack. VPN tools work by creating a virtual tunnel to pass the information. They dodge the ISP and the Niantic to help players enhance their gaming experience.

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VPN helps online gamers spoof their location. If you are using iPhone, then you can consider using NordVPN that is known as one of the most recommended VPN app for Pokémon Go gamers. It has servers in many countries, thus allowing players to spoof to various locations.

Follow these steps to fake your location on Pokémon Go with NordVPN:

Step 1: Go to the official of the VPN provider and download the NordVPN app on your device from the App Store.

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Step 2: To spoof your Pokemon GO location on your iPhone, you’ll have to jailbreak the device. Cyndia is a recommended app for jailbreaking your iOS device.

Step 3: Pokemon GO tracks devices for jailbreaking. So you have to download an app that hides the jailbroken status of your device. Advisably, download tsProtecter.

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Step 4: Next, download a location spoofer app on to your device.

Step 5: Turn on the VPN while ensuring that the location you choose on the spoofer and the VPN are the same.

Step 6: Turn on Pokemon GO and start catching the Pokemons.

Hack 2: Download a Location Spoofer

Since Pokemon Go is based on your location, using a location spoofer makes sense. Spoofer apps let you easily find and catch Pokemons so you can level the game. Though you can easily find a spoofer app for Android, finding the one for your iPhone can be challenging.

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Some of the best spoofers for Pokemon hack download iOS include Pokemon Go++, iSpoofer, Relocate, and iTools by ThinkSky, to name a few. For this illustration, we will use iSpoofer.

The iSpoofer app is a desktop location spoofing application that is compatible with Windows PC. The app lets you spoof your location on iPhone or iPad.

The best is that you don’t need a jailbreaking app to use iSpoofer. Also, it helps maintain the authenticity of your iPhone device.

Step 1: To use this Pokemon Go hack download iPhone, first install iSpoofer on your Windows PC. Next, you have to connect your iPhone device to the app.

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Step 2: Make sure you keep the spoofer running and unlocked to spoof your device’s location properly.

Step 3: You will see a map-like interface on your screen. From this interface, you can manually change your device’s location depending on your requirements.

This Pokemon hack download iOS is safe. It makes sure that Niantic or game developers don’t spot you using it.

Hack 3: Install Pokemon GO++ without jailbreak

Pokemon GO++ is the tweaked version of the original game, designed for iPad and iPhone. Most of the time, this version runs on a jailbroken iOS device. But here, we will tell you how to use Pokemon Go++ without jailbreaking your iOS device.

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Steps to install Pokemon Go++ on your iOS device:

Step 1: Uninstall the original Pokemon Go version from your device.

Step 2: Register your iOS device with BuildStore.

Step 3: Open Safari browser on the registered device and go navigate to the Pokemon GO app page.

Step 4: Click on the Install button.

Start using this Pokemon hack download iOS and enjoy your game with this Pokemon Go download iOS hack. In addition to helping you spoof your location, you can use Pokemon Go++ to unlock many other benefits:

Move your avatar around the map in the joystick mode, or increase your avatar’s speed eight times the normal speed. Pokemon Go++ also lets you mark and walk to a location worldwide. You can even walk back to your location quickly.

Part 3: Is there any safer tool better than Pokemon Go hack

As we mentioned above, Niantic is very fast and aggressive at banning spoofers, hackers and cheat users. That’s why it is important to be on the same side. Though all Pokemon hack iOS download cheats discussed above are safe, we will tell you about the safest tool. That’s Dr.Fone –Virtual Location (iOS).

Download for PCDownload for Mac

4,039,074 people have downloaded it

Dr.Fone –Virtual Location (iOS) is a dedicated app that teleport your iPhone GPS to any location all over the world. You can even stimulate the movement of GPS automatically along real routes.

Here are the steps to use the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) app on your device to play Pokemon Go more enjoyable and safely.

Step 1: First, download the app from the official Dr.Fone website. Once installed, launch the app and open the “Virtual Location” feature.

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your window PC and tap the “Get Started” button.

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Step 3: Search for the desired region you want to teleport to. Tap the teleport option from the tool.

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You can search the location directly on the map or by entering the location’s name in the search bar.

Step 4: Move and drop the pin to the target location. Next, click on the “Move Here” button.

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Step 5: Your location will be changed to mocked location and the interface will also show the fake location.

To halt the hack, simply click the Stop Simulation button and go back to your original location.

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So, download the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) app now and level up your Pokemon Go gaming experience.

Bottom Line

Though you can use any of these apps as a secure Pokemon Go download iOS hack, Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) can be the safest option for you. Regardless of which app or tool you use, it is important to avoid overusing it.

Excessive and reckless teleporting can get your device permanently banned from using the fun-loaded Pokemon Go.


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