How to Get Jirachi by Completing its Special Research in Pokemon Go


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“What is the Pokemon Go Jirachi Quest and how can I complete it?”

If you are also a regular Pokemon Go player, then you must have encountered a new special research being added in the game. Known as “A Thousand-year Slumber”, it is an interesting special quest for Jirachi in Pokemon Go. The best part is that if you complete the quest, then you might end up getting Jirachi. In this post, I will make you familiar with some smart tips to complete the newly added Pokemon Go Jirachi quest like a pro.

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Part 1: What is the Jirachi Quest in Pokemon Go all about?

Earlier this year, Pokemon Go added a new special research for Jirachi quest in the game. The event is named as “A Thousand-year Slumber” after Jirachi’s nature to sleep for a thousand years. The mythical Pokemon only stays awake for a few weeks after its slumber. This gives us a limited and golden window to catch this mythical Pokemon by completing the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest.

To find the event, just go to your Pokemon Go account and visit the “Research Quests” feature. Now, under the “Special Research” tab, you can find the quest for Jirachi in Pokemon Go. It is named as “A Thousand-year Slumber” and features 7 different stages.

pokemon go jirachi quest

Part 2: Detailed Steps Involved in the Pokemon Go Jirachi Quest

Once you will access the quest for Jirachi in Pokemon Go, you will see that the event is divided into 7 stages. Each stage from 1 to 6 has 3 tasks and you would get a reward after completing each task and every stage. The last stage is auto-completed and will result in a Jirachi encounter. The stage rewards can only be claimed when you have completed all the tasks. Also, you can move to the next stage when all the tasks of the previous stage are done.

Stage 1/7

Task 1: Catch 25 Pokemons | Reward: 1000 XP

Task 2: Spin 10 gyms or Pokestops | Reward: Jigglypuff encounter

Task 3: Make 3 new friends | Reward: Feebas encounter

Stage-end rewards: 1 x mossy, magnetic, and glacial lure

pokemon go jigglypuff encounter

Stage 2/7

Task 1: Catch 3 Whismur | Reward: 10 Whismur Candies

Task 2: Evolve the Feebas (you caught in the last stage) | Reward: 1500 XP

Task 3: Obtain a gold medal in the Hoenn Pokédex | Reward: 1500 XP

Stage-end rewards: 3 Lures, 2000 Stardust, and 10 Pokeballs

pokemon go feebas evolution

Stage 3/7

Task 1: Take a snapshot of Loudred | Reward: Snorlax encounter

Task 2: Make 3 consecutive great throws of Pokeballs | Reward: 2000 XP

Task 3: Walk with your buddy Pokemon and earn 3 candies | Reward: 2000 XP

Stage-end rewards: 2000 Stardust, 3 Star pieces, and 20 silver pinap berries

pokemon go snorlax encounter

Stage 4/7

Task 1: Catch a total of 50 psychic or steel-type Pokemons | Reward: 2500 XP

Task 2: Power up your Pokemons at least 10 times | Reward: 2500 XP

Task 3: Send at least 10 gifts to your in-game friends | Reward: 2500 XP

Stage-end rewards: 1x Premium Raid Pass, 1x Charged TM, and 1x Fast TM

Stage 5/7

Task 1: Battle any team leader 3 times | Reward: Kricketune encounter

Task 2: Defeat any other trainer in a battle 7 times | Reward: 3000 XP

Task 3: Win at least 5 raids | Reward: 3000 XP

Stage-end rewards: 3000 Stardust, 20 ultra-balls, and 3 rare candies

pokemon go kricketot encounter

Stage 6/7

Task 1: Take at least 5 photos of any steel or psychic-type Pokemon | Reward: Chimecho encounter

Task 2: Obtain at least 3 excellent curveball throws | Reward: Bronzong encounter

Task 3: Spin a Pokestop for 7 days consecutively | Reward: 4000 XP

Stage-end rewards: 5000 Stardust, 10 Star pieces, and 10 silver pinap berries

pokemon go chimecho encounter

Stage 7/7

Task 1: Auto-completed | Reward: 4500 XP

Task 2: Auto-completed | Reward: 4500 XP

Task 3: Auto-completed | Reward: 4500 XP

Stage-end rewards: Jirachi T-shirt, 20 Jirachi candies, and Jirachi encounter

completing jirachi quest

That’s it! Once you have encountered Jirachi, you can make the most of the obtained Pokeballs and candies to catch this mythical Pokemon. In this way, you can easily complete the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest.

Part 3: What You Should Know About Jirachi?

I’m sure that after completing the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest, you would be able to attain this mythical Pokemon. Now, let’s get to know about this Pokemon a little so you can make the most of it.

Ideally, Jirachi is a dual steel and psychic-type Pokemon with a white and yellow appearance. It was first introduced in Generation III and since it is a mythical Pokemon, its encounter is extremely rare. The Pokemon is assumed to stay asleep for a thousand years and then is awake for only a few weeks after that. Just like other mythical Pokemons, Jirachi is not known to evolve.

Here are some of Jirachi’s base stats, attacks, strengths, and weaknesses.

HP: 100

Attack: 100

Defense: 100

Attack Speed: 100

Defense Speed: 100

Speed: 100

Total Stats: 600

pokemon go jirachi stats

Ability: Serene Grace

Attacks: Doom Desire (heavy rain of light from heaven) is its most powerful attack. Some of its other moves are meteor mash, healing wish, future sight, and gravity.

Strengths: Fighting, ghost, poison, ice, fairy, and rock-type Pokemons

Weaknesses: Grass, bug, fire, ground, and shadow-type Pokemons

Although Jirachi is a mythical Pokemon with a perfect base stat of 600, you can use it against almost any Pokemon.

Part 4: Pro Tip to Complete Pokemon Go Jirachi Quest without Walking

As you can see, the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest is pretty time-consuming and would need us to go out to catch different Pokemons. Since it isn’t feasible, you can instead use a location spoofer app like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Without the need to jailbreak your iPhone, you can easily spoof your location to anywhere in the world. You simply need to enter its address, name, or coordinates. There is a map-like interface that would let you adjust the pin and drop it to any desired location.

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Apart from that, you can also use it to simulate your movement in a route between multiple stops. Users can set a preferred speed for walking and enter the number of times to cover the route they have planned. To make things easier, the interface would even enable a GPS joystick. Therefore, you can use your mouse pointer or keyboard shortcuts to walk realistically and complete the quest for Jirachi in Pokemon Go without getting your account banned.

virtual location 15

Now when you know all the stages of the Pokemon Go Jirachi quest, you would be able to catch this mythical Pokemon for sure. If you don’t want to go out while completing the quest for Jirachi in Pokemon Go, then a location spoofer app would be an ideal solution. An application like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is not only safe, but it is also extremely easy to use, and is compatible with every major iPhone model out there.


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