Ultimate Guide to Catch the Regional-Located Pokemon


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Pokemon Go, published and developed by Niantic, is an augmented reality game launched in the year 2016 and has become popular in the gaming industry. It uses the device's GPS for locating Pokemons, capturing them, and training them.

The latest regional exclusive Pokemon - Durant, Heatmor, Pansage, Panpour, Pansear is granting to the previous long list, with regions being partitioned along with all the geographical barriers, from complete hemisphere to specific parts of individual countries. If you want to stand a chance, travel is required for some Pokemon Go regionals, and as it is not advisable in the current atmosphere, we have a handy trick for you to catch those regional located Pokemon without leaving your place.

Part 1: Understanding Regional Located Pokemon and Their Locality

A tiny part of a nation in the Pokémon Go universe contains regions with Pokémon teachers who teach a unique set of basic Pokémon to young trainers. Multiple regions make up a single region and are known as the Regional Elite Four, with a unique set of eight gym leaders in each region.

regional pokemons

1- Pokemon Go Regional Exclusive Pokemons:

Specific Pokemon are to be found in particular spots or continents. Regional Pokemons are available as eggs as well possibly found in the wild. Each generation of Pokemon varies in its nature and is to be found in specific regions depending on their nature. The specific countries in which these exclusive Pokemons are to be found are the United States, Europe, Africa, and others.

Without diving into details, it’s worth noting that regional exclusives in Pokemon Go can be found on incense and lures, so you have to keep an eye on these locations to maximize your chances. You can use Razz, Berries, and Golden Razz Berries, and make sure you are using curveballs and have a goal for the tiniest possible bullseye.

pokemon go exclusive pokemons

2- Regional Pokemons Continents:

A list of regional Pokemons found in different continents is described below in the table.

regional pokemons continent
Region Pokemon
Africa Corsola, Lunatone, Pansear, Throh, Heatmor, Basculin, Tropius.
Asia Farfetched, Corsola, Torkoal, Volbeat, Shellos, Chatot, Basculin, Durant.
Australia Corsola, Volbeat, Shellos, Sorlock, Sawk, Pansage, Basculin, Durant.
New Zealand Chatot, Relicanth, Shellos, Volbeat, Sawk, Durant, Sorlock, Basculin.
Europe Mr. Mime, Zangoose, Tropius, Mime Jr., Sawk, Durant, Basculin

Generation 1: Capturing KangasKhan, Tauros, Farfetch’d, Mr. Mime in Pokemon Go Regions:

gen1 pokemon
    • Location FarFetch’d:

FarFetch’d is a geographical standard and flying Pokemon with its specialty in Air Slash and return, located in Asia.

    • Location Tauros:

Tauros, a standard geographical Pokemon powerless to fighting moves with its specialty in Tackle and Earthquake, can be found in North America.

    • Location Mr. Mime:

Mr. Mime, a geographical Psychic and Fairy Pokemon powerless to poison and specialty in Confusion and Psychic, can be located in Europe.

    • Locating KangasKhan:

KangasKhan, a standard geographical Pokemon powerless to fighting moves with a specialty in Mud-Slap and return, can be found in Australia.

Part 2: Catching Regional Located using Dr.Fone Virtual Location

If you don’t travel a lot, you don’t get a chance to capture Pokemons found in specific regions, but Dr. Fone’s virtual location can help you without moving a bit from your location, which lets you fake location and make applications installed on your belief that you are located in the virtual location selected by Dr. Fone’s application. The biggest advantage brought to you by Dr.Fone’s virtual assistance is that you can capture these Pokemons without any movement, saving you tons of energy, time, and money. Following steps are required to use Dr.Fone’s virtual location application in order to catch these Pokemon’s found in the Pokemon Go regional map whose link can be easily found in discord or any other maps application on the internet.

Step 1: Virtual Location Feature

You can play Pokemon Go without any movement, as this facility is provided by Dr. Fone’s toolkit. To make use of it, open the application’s Virtual Location feature using a working Lightning cable and ensure that the iOS device is connected to the application. Clicking “Get Started” upon phone detection will begin the operation of virtual location initialization.

drfone home

Once your phone gets detected, just click on the “Get Started” button to commence the process.

virtual location 1

Step 2: Simulating Movement between steps:

Once you're shown Dr.Fone’s interface, select the first option found in the top-right corner, which enables you to mock movement between the two spots. Alter the pin on the location located at the search bar and click on the “Move Here” feature.

virtual location 8

Enter the magnitude of times you desire to move and head to the "March" button in order to start the simulation. The movement by default is set to one which may be overridden by the user, and the application would make a move accordingly.

virtual location 9

The new location will appear as real to the Pokemon Go application, and it will believe that you're walking between the two selected spots which you chose at Dr. Fone’s interface screen. Walking speed can also be optimized and altered at the slider menu located at the bottom of the screen. This way, you can make use of Dr. Fone’s virtual location fake movement unrecognized, and your application won't get banned.

virtual location 10
virtual location 11

Step 3: Simulation of Movement between more than two spots:

Dr.Fone’s application also enables you to mock movement between more than two spots. The feature is named as the multi-stop route can be selected from the interface in the toolbox category found at the top-right corner, which lets you drop different unique stops located on the map, and your location will behave accordingly as handled by Dr.Fone’s virtual location application.

Marking the correct options, click on the "March" button to enable your device to mock movement. Sometimes would be required to execute the Pokemon Go walking hack. Dr. Fone's application for simulating virtual movement makes your life easier and smoother and lets you do the work without bothering you with travel expenses.

virtual location 12


Catching Regional Pokemons is hard but not impossible as Dr. Fone’s virtual location helps you visit the regions without worrying about real traveling and saves you in this bad climate. With the help of Dr. Fone’s virtual location and regional Pokemon’s link found at discord, you have an incredibly higher chance to locate regional Pokemon’s and make them yours.


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