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Ways to trade pokemon go from far away


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

If you're a regular Pokemon go player then the title of this article would have truly intrigued you. Pokemon go is one of the most exciting and interesting virtual reality games which has been doing rounds in the gamers community. The game needs you to go around from place to place. One cannot play the game indoors. Trading in Pokemon go is one of the essential features. However, according to Pokemon go trading rules, a player needs to travel around. However, there are some extremely useful hacks using which you needn't travel around for Pokemon go trading. You can do it remotely all by sitting at your home!

Part 1: Trade pokemon go from far away

One of the most convenient ways for Pokemon go trading without having to travel is by using some virtual location servers just like discord servers. Next, you need to make friends with other Pokemon go players who stay in far-off places. Remember, that these friends must be on your virtual location server. Only then, you can do Pokemon go trading with them. Hence, make sure to have your friends on your server. One of the most popular and easy-to-use virtual location servers is the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location. Using this you can shift your location to any location in the world. Dr. Fone is highly user-friendly and can easily change your location, let us learn to use the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, shall we?

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How to use Dr.Fone - Virtual Location to teleport to any location

Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, easy-to-use software that will enable you to set any arbitrary location according to your choice. Suppose, you have a friend in London and you want to trade pokemon with him, you can simply change your location to London and then trade pokemon easily! It's that simple to use!

  • Tweak your location: Using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, you can change your location very easily. You can use this feature while playing virtual reality games and also to stay undercover from nosy relatives.
  • Set the speed to mock GPS location: While playing virtual reality location-based games, you can also set the pace of movement of your GPS. This will help you to become better at the game!
  • Joystick simulated motion: you can use the in-app joystick for simulating motion and moving around on the map.
Dr.Fone Virtual Location
Easily Spoof Pokémon Go GPS location on iOS 
  • okTeleport GPS location to anywhere.
  • okFake GPS Location on iOS and Android in one click.
  • okSimulate GPS movement along the route you draw and with different simulated speeds.
  • okUsing Jump Teleport mode, you can easily jump to rare and legendary Pokémon.
  • okEnable you to use a joystick or keyboard to simulate GPS movement flexibly in Pokémon Go.
  • okBesides Pokémon GO, it also works smoothly with location-based apps and games, like Jurassic World Alive, Minecraft Earth, Snapchat, etc.

Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1: Launch the Tool

Firstly you need to install the Dr.Fone - Virtual Location setter on your phone. Now on the interface click on "Virtual Location" from the options that you'd see on your screen. Then click on "get started"

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Step 2: Connect Device

Now, you need to take your iPhone’s cable and use it to connect your device to the PC. Wait until the program detects it. Maybe you need to trust the PC if you are plugging the device for the first time.

Step 3: See your Location

Now on the interface, you'd see a map with your location highlighted on it. If your location is incorrectly displayed then click on the "center on" option. Now the location displayed would be accurate.

virtual location 03

Step 4: Activate Teleport Mode

Subsequently, activate the "teleport mode" by clicking the icon shown in the image. Now enter the location to which you want your fake location to be set to in the upper left field. Now click on "go"

virtual location 04

Step 5: Change Location

Upon clicking on "go", a pop-up will appear showing you the distance of the location you have chosen. Tap on “Move Here” and the location would now be set to the location entered by you. Click on "center on" to check your location.

virtual location 05
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Part 2: Which pokemon can you evolve with trading?

Evolution is one of the most important aspects of the game Pokemon go. You can evolve several pokemons just by trading them. There are several pokemon that you can evolve using trading. Given below is the list of the different pokemon that can benefit from evolution.

  • Kadabra
  • Machoke
  • Graveler
  • Haunter
  • Boldore
  • Gurdurr
  • Karrablast
  • Shelmet

However, trading Pokemons in Pokemon go could be slightly tricky without having at least one close friend in the games who is also of a considerable level. Only then, you will be able to evolve your pokemon by trading.

Part 3: How to do the special trade?

You need a Special Trade whenever you wish to trade a legendary Pokemon or a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These pokemon are very rare to find and hence you won’t want to trade these rare Pokemons very often, however, you can trade a rare Pokemon only once per day. To trade a rare Pokemon would also need to be a Great or Best friend, two of the highest levels of friendship in the game Pokemon go. To increase your friendship level you need to battle and trade more and more. It'll take quite a bit of time to reach that stature of a friendship level. This could cost as much as one million, this amount will however decrease with increasing friendship levels.

Final Words

Trading in Pokemon go was introduced in recent times and had now become one of the most integral factors of the game. Pokemon go trading has changed the gaming trend. However, you could get an upper hand by using a virtual location changer such as Dr.Fone - Virtual Location . This can help you to even trade pokemons seamlessly with friends staying at far-off places. Using the pokemon trade feature and evolving pokemons is a smart and handy way to progress further in the game. As a Pokemon go player, you must try it out!

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