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How to Use Pokemon Mod Like A Pro: Location Spoofing Solutions for iPhone/Android


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

pokemon go mod

Pokémon GO may be a thrilling AR game, but location limitations make progressing challenging. Besides physically moving to catch more pocket monsters and complete quests, you must earn many PokéCoins for extra Poké Balls, Candy, and other in-game items. That takes time, so many players leverage in-app purchases.

However, you can remove those restrictions with a Pokémon GO mod for Android or iOS. The best part? Mods provide many other features to unlock the complete Pokémon world and enhance the gameplay.

Let’s see what Pokémon GO mod files are before exploring their features, types, risks, and steps to using one.

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Part 1. What Is a Pokémon GO Mod?

a modded pikachu in pokemon go

A Pokémon GO mod is the original game’s modified version. Tech-savvy Pokémon enthusiasts have developed many mods to enhance the game’s mechanics or visuals, tweak other features, and make playing it an unforgettable adventure.

Pokémon mods (like any other) are typically available as APK (Android Package Kit) files. You download one to your device, install it following the outlined instructions, and play the modified game without restrictions.

However, since Pokémon GO mod APK files are Android-exclusive, iOS users can’t install them. Their only options are jailbreaking their devices or using a location spoofer to catch Pokémon without moving. Besides teleporting and auto-walking, many tools offer IV checking and other features for capturing Pokémon quickly.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Check out the top features you can expect in most Pokémon GO mods.

Part 2. Top Features of Pokémon GO Mods

pokemon go mod features

Most Pokémon GO mods provide identical enhancements. After all, you can only do so much to catch Pokémon. Still, some no-frills mods focus only on removing location restrictions. Others throw in extra features for unlimited power-ups, maximized Pokémon evolutions, increased spawn rates, etc.

Here are the top features of Pokémon GO mods:

  • Joystick
  • Teleporting
  • A map radar
  • Location spoofing
  • Auto-walking
  • IV stats
  • Spawn and catch boosters
  • Unlimited PokéCoins
  • Unlimited Candy, Stardust, or other items
  • Perfect curveball throws and headshots
  • Cooldown tracker
  • Shiny converter
  • Instant catch and evolution (without animations)
  • Mass and swift gifting
  • Upgraded limbo storage
  • Quest tweaks
  • Extra seconds in Raid Battles

These hacks make Pokémon GO mods valuable to every player, helping them unlock the entire Pokémon realm, complete quests quickly, and build their Pokédex.

However, only some Pokémon mods have all these (and other) features, so check them beforehand. Here’s what mod types you can find.

Part 3. Types of Pokémon GO Mods

Pokémon GO mods fall into three categories. However, many developers offer the best of all worlds, combining diverse features to supercharge the experience.

Gameplay Changes

Many Pokémon GO mods alter the game mechanics, helping you find and capture pocket monsters faster. They boost spawn and catch rates, show them on a map with nearby Pokémon appearances, enhance dynamics in Raid Battles, and let you fake your GPS to teleport anywhere.

Those are only some examples. Any Pokémon mod that alters how you play the game falls into this category.

For instance, you can access your Pokémon limbo storage to find all the Pokémon with 100% perfect IVs. You can instantly teleport to their location and throw an excellent curveball, with the Pokémon letting you catch it. It won’t move or attack, making the headshot a breeze.

pokemon mod with curveball throws

Here’s an example of catching a wild Tyranitar once it flees. You can skip the cooldown and teleport to its location to capture it.

pokemon go mod with teleporting

Other notable enhancements include tracking nearby Raid Battles and dodging attacks. You can use a Pokémon GO mod APK joystick or teleport to relevant locations once you receive a notification about an upcoming fight.

pokemon mod with nearby raid battles

QoL (Quality of Life) Improvements

QoL (Quality of Life) improvements don’t change the gameplay. They only remove limitations that prevent you from enjoying the ultimate experience. It can include unlimited PokéCoins and other in-game items, sending and opening multiple gifts simultaneously, and skipping the cooldown.

Another excellent QoL improvement includes bypassing animations (e.g., when opening gifts, evolving Pokémon, and hatching eggs), dialogs, and transitions like Raid Battle intro and CP (Combat Power) counting. That’s a massive time-saver.

Here’s an example of a Pokémon mod with a cooldown tracker that lets you manually or automatically save previous cooldown actions. It instantly teleports you to the last Shadow Pokémon to prevent it from fleeing if you lose track of time.

pokemon mod with a cooldown tracker

Here’s an example of a Pokémon GO mod that lets you open and send multiple gifts simultaneously. It also skips animations and automatically pins or unpins postcards.

pokemon mod with mass gifting

Visual Enhancements

Some Pokémon GO mods offer a performance mode to prevent your device from overheating and reduce annoying lag. Although it’s an undeniable advantage, it compromises graphics and effects.

However, other Pokémon mods include enhanced graphics that transform the visual experience, turning every quest into a spectacular adventure. Many also offer a shiny converter for automatically turning nearly any Pokémon you encounter in the wild into its more glamorous version.

pokemon mod with a shiny converter

These cosmetic mods also let you customize the interface, including icons, your avatar, skins, and animations. However, you can’t find one offering exclusively visual enhancements; those are typically a plus. After all, players seek modded games for better gameplay, not to unlock Shiny Pokémon that only look pretty.

Part 4. How to Use a Pokémon GO Mod – Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location Changer

Installing a Pokémon GO mod APK file requires allowing apps from unknown sources and enabling Developer Options and mock locations on your Android.

However, a location spoofer is your only option if you’re an iOS user and don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone.

Of course, you can install a Pokémon mod and use a location spoofer. That’s perfect if the mod focuses primarily on QoL and visual enhancements or lacks in the teleport department.

Wondershare Dr. Fone Virtual Location Changer is your go-to solution for spoofing your GPS to catch elusive Pokémon without moving. It’s ideal for location-based AR games because it lets you virtually teleport anywhere and simulate realistic movement.

Forget about frequenting PokéStops, gyms, Raid Battle dens, and other areas where pocket monsters reside. Use this location changer to virtually teleport to a place or plan a route, and enjoy the auto-walking feature that makes the game record your movement as realistic.

Download Wondershare Dr.Fone to your computer, connect your smartphone via a USB cable, and follow these steps to change your virtual location:

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  1. Go to Toolbox > Virtual Location > Get Started, click No Deviceto link your smartphone and computer, and follow the on-screen instructions to enable Developer Options. If you use Android, the software will instruct you to allow USB debugging and select Wondershare Dr.Fone as a mock location app.

wondershare dr.fone virtual location map

  1. Once you set up everything and restart your device, pick a location using the Teleport Mode(the first icon in a row under the navigation bar).

choose a location

  1. Click Move Hereto teleport. Once you launch Pokémon GO, your avatar will be in the selected destination.

move to the location

  1. Use the joystick(the fifth icon) to simulate GPS movement or the Jump Teleport mode (the second icon) to create a route. Select multiple stops and click Start Moving.

jump teleport destinations

  1. A one-stop route(the third icon) will make your virtual movement more believable because it lets you set the walking speed and create round or loop trips. Set the desired destination and parameters, activate the Realistic mode, and click Move Here.

a one-stop route

  1. A multi-stop route(the fourth icon) has the same options but lets you set multiple locations. Choose all specifications and click Start Moving.

aa multi-stop route

You can pause or reset the simulation movement when leveraging routes and switch between stops in the Jump Teleport mode.

Part 5. The Risks of Using Pokémon GO Mods

pokemon go account suspension notice

The most notable risk of using Pokémon GO mods is account suspension. Niantic is strict about cheating and monitors player activity to ensure they don’t use modded game versions. The tell-tale sign is location spoofing, for which Niantic imposes a soft ban of approximately 30 days if it catches a player faking their GPS.

Does that make location spoofers illegal? Technically, no. How else could those unable to physically visit PokéStops and other areas play the game? These apps make Pokémon GO more accessible.

Still, spoofing your GPS violates the game’s terms of service, making realistic GPS movement crucial. No one will believe your frequent hopping around the world.

That’s why apps like Wondershare Dr.Fone are valuable. Besides helping you plan routes with a believable walking speed, it displays a cooldown duration between stops.

Another risk is downloading a Pokémon GO mod from an unreliable source and potentially infecting your smartphone with malware. Research is your best friend before downloading an APK.


A Pokémon GO mod APK is a game file containing a modified Pokémon GO version. APK stands for Android Package Kit, meaning it’s exclusive to Android.
You can’t find a Pokémon GO mod for iOS. Installing any modded version requires allowing unknown sources and mock locations on your smartphone, which isn’t possible on iOS. Jailbreaking your iPhone will remove that restriction, but that may be unwise. Your best option is a location spoofer.

You can get a Pokémon mod for free, but triple-check the source before downloading it. They don’t say, “You get what you pay for” for nothing. Paid mods from reliable developers are free from malicious code, so think twice before downloading a free APK (which isn’t available on Google Play).

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