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5 Questions About Pokémon Go Quest


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Like many other games, Pokémon go quest is not at all complicated and is easy to play. It was developed by Game Freak Company which had developed all series of Pokémon.

Pokemon Quest Switch 1

Are you curious to know more about this amazing AR game? Do you have some questions in mid regarding this series of Pokémon Go? If yes, then let’s find out the answer of five most asking question about Pokémon Go Quest.

Part 1: Is Pokémon Quest free on Switch?

Pokemon Quest Switch 2

Yes, the Pokémon quest game is free to download for the Nintendo switch Pokemon quest. The Nintendo switch gaming system allows you to play all Pokémon games anytime anywhere. The same is true with Pokémon Quest, you can play this amazing game whenever you want, whether it's day or night with Nintendo switch. The best part is that it is entirely free to play or download on Switch.

Part 2: How do you get Pokémon quest on Nintendo switch?

Pokemon Quest Switch 3

The process for getting Pokémon Quest Nintendo Switch is very easy and simple. First, you need to boot your Nintendo Switch and search for eShop. You can get eShop by clicking on the shopping bag icon you will see on homescreen. Or, you can directly search for the Quest if you face trouble in finding icon.

Now, on search keyword of eShop type Pokémon Quest Switch. After doing this, there you will see a Pokémon Quest game icon, just click on that and select download option.

On the next page, focus on the right-hand pane and select the option to download the game. By doing so, the game will be automatically downloaded in your Switch and you can play it for free anytime you want.

Part 3: Is Pokémon quest multiplayer?

Initially Pokémon quest was available on Switch and it was not multiplayer then. But, now the game is available on Android and iOS which offers a multiplayer platform. You can also buy a physical Poke Ball to control the Pokémon in the game.

To download on your phone, open Google plays store or app store and click on the install button. This game does not take much memory and is easy to play as well. You can make a team with friends to win the levels fast and to destroy the wild Pokémon.

Move around your location and catch little cuddles to make a strong team against wild Pokémon.

Part 4: How to Play Pokémon Quest?

Playing pokémon quest switch games are very easy you just need to follow the following tips to reach the next level and to earn more XP points. You can play Pokémon quest for nintendo switch on your phone or system with ease.

    • Pay attention to Pokémon types
Pokemon Quest Switch 4

Though, quest is easy to play, you need to pay attention to Pokémon available in your area. Each new location you visit it shows new type of Pokémon on the map with other Pokémon who will receive a massive boost for long run. So, pick Pokémon smartly to build team that is strongest in the area.

    • Look for the right ingredients
Pokemon Quest Switch 5

To boost your Pokémon collection you need best recipes. As you move forward in next stage, you will need to pick up the right ingredients. With these ingredients you can cook number of times to feed Pokémon.

    • Improve your Pokémon

Now, when you collect the Pokémon, you need to make them more powerful. You can do this either by training or power charm. In this game there are many power stones like health power stone. You can pick any according to your level to make your Pokémon stronger.

    • Decorate the base camp
Pokemon Quest Switch 6

You can get decorations from the poke mart by paying cash or can achieve them by reaching next level every time. Decorating a base camp will make your camp more beautiful than others and also offers you some benefits in the game as well.

    • Fight with wild Pokémon

Now, when you have team of strong Pokémon, your Pokémon needs to fight with wild Pokémon in your area to reach the next level.

Part 5: Does Pokémon Quest needs internet?

Yes, Pokémon quest needs internet as it needs a continuous GPS to locate your location. This game is based on the real world and it needs to have a good internet connection to enjoy this game outdoors.

Starting from downloading the game to reaching next levels, you need internet. It is a online game which only runs with internet.

However, if you want to play it offline, you need to download the map with the help of internet. Most android phones or iPhones has already Google Maps installed, go to offline area and download the map of your location to play Pokémon quest without internet.

You can also take help of Dr. frone virtual location app to set the locations of your choice in the game.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

Download the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) app now to maintain the continuity of the game.

Final Words

Hope you get answers of all question about the Pokémon quest game and now you can enjoy playing it. For video game lovers or AR game lovers it is a great option. The best part is that a novice can also play this amazing game with ease.

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