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What Are Pseudo Legendary Pokemons And How To Catch Them: Find Out Here!


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Have you heard of the term pseudo legendary Pokemon, but don’t know much about it?

Well, don’t worry – just like you, a lot of Pokemon fans are not aware of the pseudo legendary category. Since it is not an official category and has been created by fans, there is a lot of confusion around it. To clear your doubts, I have come up with this detailed pseudo legendary Pokemon list. Read on and get to know about all pseudo legendary Pokemons in this post.

pseudo legendary pokemons

Part 1: What are the Different Pseudo Legendary Pokemons?

In a nutshell, pseudo legendary Pokemon is a term made by fans for a category of special Pokemons. While they are not as powerful as legendary Pokemons, they definitely are some of the strongest (and rarest) Pokemons out there.

Ideally, if a Pokemon has a 1,250,000 experience at level 100, has a 3-stage evaluation line, and a total base-stat score of 600, then it can be considered as a pseudo legendary Pokemon. On the basis of this definition, there are 9 Pokemons that can be considered pseudo legendary. Here is a detailed pseudo legendary Pokemon list (from the strongest to the weakest).

1. Dragapult

This newest pseudo legendary Pokemon is certainly the best one in the lot. It is a dual dragon-ghost type Pokemon that has an impressive 142 speed stats, which is highest among all pseudo legendaries. If you are looking for a fast-paced battle, then Dragapult should be your pick.

dragapult pseudo legendary pokemon

2. Salamence

Salamence is a sturdy Pokemon with impressive attack stats of 135 that is again highest among the list of pseudo legendaries. This dragon-flying type Pokemon can take immense damage and attack opponents with its swift speed and precision.

salamence pseudo legendary pokemon

3. Metagross

Metagross is the most powerful non-dragon type pseudo legendary Pokemon. This steel and psychic type Pokemon has 135 attack and 130 defense stats. While its HP is a bit less, it would be the best pick if you are planning to play defensive and then go for a random attack.

metagross pseudo legendary pokemon

4. Garchomp

When compared to other pseudo legends, Garchomp is probably one of the easiest to play and master. It is a dragon-ground type Pokemon that might have low defense, but its high HP and attack speed makes up for it. If you want to follow a more offensive approach in battles, then this pseudo legendary Pokemon should be your pick.

garchomp pseudo legendary pokemon

5. Dragonite

Dragonite is certainly one of the most popular of all pseudo legendary Pokemons due to its appearance in the original anime. This dragon-type Pokemon has a fairly good defense system, but its high HP and attack speed makes it a powerhouse. You can use Dragonite against almost any type of Pokemon for an easy win.

dragonite pseudo legendary pokemon

6. Tyrantitar

This is a rock-dark type Pokemon that would be a perfect addition to your collection and will be a threat to your opponents. One of the best things about Tyrantitar is the ideal balance of its defense and offensive stats. While its speed is less (61), its attack and defense stats are 134 and 110.

tyranitar pseudo legendary pokemon

7. Hydreigon

This dark-dragon type Pokemon is still considered viable in many battles. It has an attack speed of 125, which is the highest among all pseudo legendary Pokemons. Therefore, it is recommended to play more offensive with Hydreigon. Though, just like other dark-types, fairy-type Pokemons are its weakness.

hydreigon pseudo legendary pokemon

8. Goodra

This is the only mono-type (dragon) Pokemon in the list of pseudo legendaries that you will find. Its speed defense is the highest (150) in the entire class of pseudo legendary Pokemons, but other stats are pretty low. While it can be used for defense, you might not be able to do a lot of damage to your opponents with Goodra.

goodra pseudo legendary pokemon

9. Kommo-O

Kommo-O would be the last pick in our pseudo legendary Pokemon list due to its slow speed and low HP. Since it is a fighting-dragon type Pokemon, it has fairy good attacking speed and defense. Though, if countered by a trained fairy-type Pokemon, then it might fall back easily.

kommo o pseudo legendary pokemon

Lastly, here is a quick comparison of all pseudo legendary Pokemons so that you can know their stats and get to know which one suits your play style.

all pseudo legendary pokemons

Besides that, there are also some semi pseudo legendary Pokemons out there that you can further explore.

Part 2: Tips to Get a Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

Now when you know about all pseudo legendary Pokemons, let’s quickly get to know about some tips on how to obtain them.

Tip 1: Catch the base Pokemon and evolve it

The above-listed pseudo legendary Pokemons were their final evolved stages. While catching an evolved pseudo legendary is tough, you can first get their base Pokemon. For instance, you can try to catch Dreepy and then later evolve it to Drakload, which would finally evolve into Dragapult.

dreepy drakload dragapult evolution

Tip 2: Actively look out for pseudo legendary Pokemons

Due to their perfect stats, pseudo legendary Pokemons, even in their base forms, are pretty hard to find. Therefore, you can use an accessory like Pokemon Go Plus to always look out for them when you are out. Additionally, you can use a Pokemon Go radar or map to know the spawning location of these Pokemons.

Tip 3: Use a location spoofer tool

A pseudo legendary Pokemon can ideally spawn anywhere and it is not feasible to visit that spot immediately. Therefore, you use a location spoofing application like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) instead. It will let you spoof the location of your iPhone anywhere you like without jailbreaking it. You can also simulate your movement between different spots at a preferred speed with this user-friendly application.

virtual location 05
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After going through this list of pseudo legendaries, you must have picked your favorites. Though, getting any pseudo legendary Pokemon would level-up your gameplay due to their powerful stats. Apart from that, you can also explore several semi pseudo legendary Pokemons and use an application like dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) to catch them without stepping out.

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