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Catching the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon’ Go 2019 might be a nightmare, especially if your trainer level is below par. However, there is no cause for an alarm because it is not rare for you alone. Even the so-called experts often flop to catch the rarest species, and maybe that is how the game becomes more interesting. So how can you catch the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon’ Go? Worry no more because this article will give you the secret you have always missed.

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The List of The Rarest Pokemon You Want to Know

Niantics developed one of the most spectacular mobile games played by droves of people worldwide. Although its popularity declined since 2016, there are still many trainers out there who are still into the game like it just began yesterday. Luckily, there is a significant resurgence following the release of newer Pokemon into the wild with the fun of getting a rare species of Pokemon, even making it more exciting. Identifying the rarest Pokemon isn’t a simple task, as you might think because lots of aspects are factored in. However, there are certain Pokemon that prove rare to spot and catch. Let’s put some of these Pokemon into the limelight.

1. Mew

Spotting a Mew is a tough assignment. What about catching it? It’s more difficult. Mew is a Mewtwo DNA clone that is rarer than the older clone. Catching this clone is unique as you have to pull at least 7-in game quests even to stand a chance.

2. Costume Pokemon

These are event-exclusive Pokemon and can be traced donning event outfits while celebrating certain occasions like Christmas. A Pikachu, Kanto, and Raticate, among others. Some of them have been seen multiple times on these occasions. Others have never been spotted since their debut.

3. Holiday-Exclusive Pokemon

Holiday-Exclusive Pokemons only grace events like Haloween and Christmas then disappear once these events are over. These Pokemons include Delibird, Yamask, and Spiritomb.

4. Axew

Axew is a small dragon-type Pokemon. What makes it hard to find is that it evolves twice into Fraxure and Haxorus. It is tough to find it in the wild unless you are so lucky. The hardest way to try your luck is by attempting to hatch it from a 10 km egg.

5. Limited-Time Legendary

Nearly every month, Niantics changes the type of legendary Pokemons that is available for raids. It is common to feature only a single legendary Pokemon, but they often avail multiple of them. Some can return while new legendaries can be added. You can get a probable list of these legendary Pokemons from the monthly research reward boxes.

6. Lucario

Lucario is a highly coveted Pokemon by many players because of its superb punches in the fighting. However, it is hard to come by after being released recently as a Gen 4 Pokemon. Some who have successfully hit on one reportedly burned about 150 eggs and 50 incubators. Also, try your luck on future raids and events.

7. Chimecho

Chimecho is among the rarest Psych-type Gen 3 Pokemon with overwhelming moves. It is reportedly difficult to spot it in the wild. It has been reported several that it can be hatched from a 10 km egg. If you catch one, then you are certain of 1000 stardust.

8. Togetic

Togetic is an egg-bodied type of Gen 2 Pokemon that is easy to sport. This Pokemon is known for its low capture rate. Just try your luck in densely populated areas, and maybe you can land one.

The Difficulty of Catching Those Rare Pokemon’ Go

Catching a rare Pokemon’ Go is no doubt a complicated process akin gambling. You have to throw yourself into lots of trials and ride on luck to catch one. Some of the things that make the catching of rare Pokemon much difficult on Pokemon’ Go include:

  • Knowing the right species is a complicated process. Without knowing them, it becomes hard to catch.
  • Without a higher trainer level, it will take luck to catch a rare Pokémon. There is a high chance that if you have a better trainer level, you will stumble upon rare Pokemons.
  • You may need to travel large distances and hatching several eggs using incubators to get even a single rare Pokemon. You should not be fooled that a rare Pokemon is only available in the 10 km eggs. It varies between 2, 5, and 10 km eggs.
  • Pokemon’s are not tied to specific real-world. You have to try and revisit spots you earlier missed them.
  • A raid gives superb points, but it requires many players attacking at once to claim a prize.

Tricks to Catch the Pokemon’ Go

As you have seen, trying traditionally to catch the rarest Pokemon using the Pokemon’ Go is a sweaty assignment. However, several players have mastered the art of doing it differently and quickly. Do you want to know the secret? Simply use a Pokemon’ Go map and location spoofer tool to mock Pokemon’ Go about your location. This way, you can virtually travel to any desired location and grab the rarest Pokemon with ease.

Finding these location spoofer tools is often tricky. Fortunately, several Android location spoofers can help you mock your GPS location and teleport to whichever place you like. You can search and download them on Play Store then get started on your Android device. Most of them are a total no-brainer, and you won’t experience a steep navigation curve.

Another great and inexpensive GPS mocking tool is Dr. Fone virtual location. Yes, this tool is pretty simple and offers the right platform to teleport wherever you want across the world on your devices. The easy three-step GPS mocking procedure is good news for all categories of users. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, expect the easiest of rides. If you get bored with static movements, you can make use of the static movements available. Simply draw desired routes between two points and mimic cycling, walking, or driving speeds.

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You can add pauses along the way to make your movements more natural and keep them as private as possible. Ultimately, your quest to catch the rarest Pokemon would be a miles easier with these location spoofer solutions. Pull a trigger today and grab the rarest Pokemon with less effort.


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