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Can Pokémon Beginner Teams Beat Pokémon Sierra?


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

detailed guide on defeating sierra

Navigating the Pokemon GO world and collecting critters are only parts of the challenge of becoming the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Over the years, Niantic’s AR game has also introduced a comprehensive boss system where players can battle Grunts and Leaders.

Unlike Team GO Rocket Grunts, which are relatively easy to battle, Pokemon Go Leaders like Sierra pose a far more significant challenge for players. They have stronger Pokemon, making counters necessary.

Today’s guide will delve deep into one of these Pokemon GO Leaders, Sierra, elaborate on who she is and how to find her and show you the best Sierra counters in Pokemon GO.

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Part 1. Who Is Sierra in Pokemon GO and How She Changed

essential info about pokemon go’s sierra

Pokemon GO’s Sierra is one of the most challenging opponents players can face in Niantic’s AR game. She’s one of the three team leaders who, alongside their boss, Giovanni, represent the top of Team GO Rocket. These guys are the most powerful villains in the world of Pokemon GO.

Sierra has a lineup of powerful Pokemon in her Pokedex, making this leader far more complex than battling Team GO Rocket’s grunts. Trainers will need to counter each of Sierra’s critters from her lineup, but it’s worth noting that the lineup can change as Niantic introduces new updates to the popular game.

This leader’s lineup, as of February 2024, consists of Shadow Tentacool for the first phase of the battle, Shadow Sableye, Shadow Honchkrow, or Shadow Milotic for the second phase, and Shadow Houndoom, Shadow Victreebel, or Shadow Alakazam for the third and final stage.

Part 2. How to Find Sierra in Pokemon GO

team go rocket pokestops

While battling Sierra will undoubtedly prove challenging for even the most skilled Pokemon GO trainers, one of the first obstacles comes before the battle. Players will first need to find Sierra. To do that, trainers must focus on the following game elements:

  1. Visit as many dark-colored Team GO Rocket PokeStops as possible;
  2. Defeat Team GO Rocket Grunts to collect six Mysterious Components;
  3. Use Mysterious Components to construct a Rocket Radar and activate the item to find the location of a Team GO Rocket leader.

Please note that while using a Rocket Radar to point you toward a Team GO Rocket leader, it doesn’t mean you’re bound to encounter Sierra, as there are two other leaders in the game – Arlo and Cliff. A Rocket Radar will point you toward one of these three leaders or convert grunts in a nearby Team GO Rocket balloon into one of the leaders.

Part 3. How to Defeat Sierra in Pokemon GO

tips for defeating sierra in battle

Defeating Pokemon GO leader Sierra poses an additional challenge for players. However, we’ve collected a few tips and tricks to make your challenging battle much smoother. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Investigate Pokemon GO leader Sierra’s current critter lineup and learn more about her Pokemon’s weaknesses;
  2. Create the perfect Pokemon lineup that can counter all of Sierra’s Shadow Pokemon;
  3. Level up your Pokemon lineup and stock up on potions before the battle.

By combining these strategies, you’ll have no issues with Sierra, regardless of which Pokemon you encounter in the second and third phases of battle against this Team GO Rocket leader. You’ll have a much less challenging battle, even against one of the most powerful villains in the Pokemon GO game.

Part 4. Best Pokemon to Use Against Sierra

sierra’s pokemon go lineup for 2024

Like battles with Arlo or Cliff, defeating Pokemon GO leader Sierra is one of the more difficult fights in the game. Players must enter a three-phase battle upon encountering Sierra, where each phase requires a perfect counter Pokemon.

Still, players have already found potent critter lineups that defeat Sierra successfully, and one of these lineups consists of Xurkitree, Togekiss, and Mewtwo. By replicating their strategies, you, too, can defeat this villain, and here’s how:

  • First Phase– It’s the only phase with a single Pokemon, and you can be sure Sierra will use Shadow Tentacool. Countering this Pokemon will require an electric type like Xurkitree or a psychic type like Mewtwo, but a ground-type critter can also do the job.
  • Second Phase– Sierra’s second phase consists of Sableye, Honchkrow, or Milotic. Countering Shadow Sableye will require a fairy-type like Togekiss, which can also be used in the battle against Shadow Honchkrow. Defeating Shadow Milotic requires an electric-type counter, and you can also use Xurkitree here, which also works against Hochnkrow.
  • Third Phase– The final battle can be against Houndoom, Victreebel, or Alakazam, and Shadow Houndoom shouldn’t be an issue. Winning against Shadow Victreebel should also be simple and require a psychic type like Mewtwo, while Alakazam can pose a challenge and might require a Ghost-type or Dark-type Pokemon instead of Mewtwo.

Suppose you end up encountering Shadow Alakazam in the third phase. In that case, you can significantly improve your chances by equipping Pokemon like Mega Tyranitar, Gengar, Banette and Rayquaza, Shadow Tyranitar, Chandelure, Gengar, Mewtwo, and Cursola, or bug-type Pheromosa.

Part 5. How to Quickly Reach Sierra in Pokemon Go

Finding Pokemon GO leader Sierra, preparing for a challenging battle against her, and defeating this powerful villain will require a lot of walking and Pokemon battling. However, not all Pokemon GO players can spend this much time navigating their neighborhoods or want to travel to distant destinations to collect rare critters that might help in boss battles.

That’s where Wondershare Dr.Fone comes in. This reliable virtual location-changing app allows players to move without moving, letting them find, battle, and collect rare Pokemon from around the globe or find Team GO Rocket PokeStops.

Using Wondershare Dr.Fone to change your virtual location is incredibly straightforward, only requiring a few simple clicks to set everything up. Nonetheless, we’ve included a detailed step-by-step guide, which you can see below:

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    1. Get the app from the official website, install it on your PC, and launch it.
    2. Click the Toolboxoption in the left sidebar and select Virtual Location.

wondershare dr.fone application home screen

    1. Connect your mobile device via USB or Wi-Fi and wait for device recognition.
    2. Tap the first button out of the five options in the top right to select the app’s Teleport Mode.

use the app’s teleport mode option

    1. Input a virtual location you wish to change to and tap Enter.

add a new virtual location

    1. Tap Move Hereto move to this new location.

move to the selected virtual location

    1. The app’s location will immediately change to where you’ve moved.

location changes on the computer app

    1. You can then check your phone’s Maps app to verify the virtual location has been changed.

verify your mobile device’s new location

If you’ve followed these simple steps, your Android or iOS device’s location should have changed successfully, and you can now find and catch Pokemon that naturally spawn in this area of the world. You can start moving and add a few new additions to your Pokedex.

Alternatively, use Wondershare Dr.Fone’s Jump Teleport Mode to rapidly change your virtual location between multiple stops and simulate movement along your chosen route. This feature is particularly great for Pokemon GO players hunting for rare creatures, and here’s how to set it up:

    1. Click the second button of the five options in the top right corner to select the app’s Jump Teleport Mode.

active the jump teleport mode option

    1. Add a few virtual locations to create a route. When ready, click Start Moving.

create a premade route

    1. Alter your virtual location with the app’s Next Pointand Last Point

move between your route’s stops

These features make Dr.Fone an indispensable tool when traveling isn’t an option, and you’ll be able to hunt rare Pokemon in just a few steps.


As one of the Pokemon GO leaders, Sierra can pose a heavy challenge for even the most skilled Pokemon trainers. Finding her is challenging on its own, and you’ll have to visit Team GO Rocket PokeStops, battle villainous grunts, and collect Mysterious Components to build a Rocket Radar and locate Sierra.

On top of that, battling Sierra is also complex, as the three-phase battle with this leader requires creating a perfect counter to Sierra’s Shadow Tentacool in phase one, Shadow Sableye, Honchkrow, and Milotic in phase two, and Shadow Houndoom, Victreebel, and Alakazam in phase three.

Leveling up your Pokemon, stocking up on potions beforehand, and using a lineup like Xurkitree, Togekiss, and Mewtwo can make this challenge significantly easier. A virtual location-changing app like Wondershare Dr.Fone can also help with all the previously mentioned steps.

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