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Additional Tips About Sinnoh Stone


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Sinnoh Stones are similar to other evolutionary items found in Pokemon Go, like Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, and Sun Stones. Pokemon Go's Sinnoh Stone is a rare evolution item enabling you to upgrade existing creatures into Gen 4 versions. It is extremely exciting to see your favorite Pokemon's being upgraded, also making the best Pokemons of the game more powerful. The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone evolution list is also provided in the guide, which contains 18 Sinnoh Stone Evolutions.

Part 1: Understanding the idea of Pokemon Go Sinnoh Stone:

The Sinnoh Stone is a new evolution item, and all eighteen-4th generation Pokémon's require Sinnoh Stones for their evolution. It also allows Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon's to evolve into Gen 4 evolution stages. The Sinnoh Stones items are used for all cross-generation evolutions. Below is the listing of Pokémon's, which evolve using a Sinnoh Stone.

sinnoh stones pokemon go
Pokemon Evolves
Misdreavus Mismagius
Gligar Gliscor
Yanma Yanmega
Electabuzz Electivire
Magmar Magmortar
Porygon2 Porygon-Z
Roselia Roserade
Togetic Togekiss
Tangela Tangrowth
Sneasel Weavile
Murkrow Honchkrow
Dusclops Dusknoir
Snorunt Froslass
Rhydon Rhyperior
Lickitung Lickilicky
Aipom Ambipom
Swinub Mamoswine
Kirlia Gallade

Part 2: Obtaining Sinnoh Stones to Level Up

Sinnoh Stone can be obtained during the battle against the three leaders on Community Day, on the completion of the final day of your 7-day Research Task, and During PVP. You won't be finding them at Poke Stops. Main places where you can find Sinnoh Stones are on the 7th Day of your Research Task and award for taking part in PVP. Another place that is not popular but odds to find Sinnoh Stone is present includes the introduction to PVP when you're new to it. Players can obtain up to 10 Sinnoh Stones during the February Community Day and when the month is Pokemon Go Community Day. 5 Sinnoh Stones can be obtained by beating the three leaders in the battles and another 5 from winning PVP battles against friends. Defeating a Team Go Rocket Leader and Go Battle Reward is Sinnoh Stone.

sinnoh stones to level up

You can use Dr. Fone's Virtual Location to mock your location without any movement and obtain these Sinnoh Stones. Dr.Fone's virtual location allows you to mock your location and lets the application on your phone think that you're at a place selected in Dr.Fone's application interface without resulting in any ban or detection from Pokemon Go developers. You can follow the steps listed below in order to catch Pokemon by one click to go anywhere without moving.

Step 1: Mocking Location Quirk:

Pokemon Go can be played by using the toolkit of Dr. Fone without shifting. Open the Virtual Location feature using a functioning lightning cable to mock the location and ensure that the iOS device is linked to the application.

drfone home

You can press the Get Started" button to start the process upon phone detection.

virtual location 1

Step 2: Imitating Movement between steps:

Open the first choice located in the top-right corner until you enter Dr.Fone's GUI, which helps you to fake movement between the two locations. Select the location pin found in the search bar and press the "Move Here" button.

virtual location 8

You want to make a motion, and navigate to the "March" button to start the simulation, enter the magnitude of times. By default, the movement is set to one, but the user can override it, and the application will move accordingly.

virtual location 9

For the Pokemon Go application, the new position will appear as real and will presume that you are walking between the two selected locations you have selected on the Dr. Fone screen. The walking pace can also be changed at the bottom of the screen using the sliding menu. This way, without knowing it, you can use the fake movement of the desired position, and your application will not be prohibited.

virtual location 10
virtual location 11

Step 3: Movement Simulation between more than two spots:

The application by Dr.Fone also helps you to mock movement between more than two spots. The function is named after the multi-stop route that can be selected from the toolbox category gui found at the top-right corner, which lets you drop different unique stops located on the map, and your location will behave accordingly as handled by Dr.Fone's virtual location application.

Click the 'March' button to allow the system to simulate motion by selecting the correct options. You'll have to do the Pokémon Go walking trick at some point. The virtual motion simulation software for Dr. Fone makes your life easier and helps you to do the job without thinking about travel costs.

virtual location 12

Part 3: Essential Requirement and Evolving Pokémon's Using Sinnoh Stone:

Only the trainers above the 10th Level have access to acquire Sinnoh Stone. The Sinnoh Stone can be obtained from Training Battles and Training with Team Leaders. You also need 100 candies for each of the Pokemon. Once you have got your hands on Sinnoh Stones and now you want to know where they should be used, there’s numerous 4th generation Pokémon who require Sinnoh Stone for their upgrade. Mamoswine is one of the best if you're prioritizing attackers for a raid because it has a mix of extremely high CP with the strong ground and ice-type moves.


Sinnoh Stone, a rare evolution item, is one of the Perks of Pokemon Go letting you evolve your favorite Pokemon and keep them throughout your journey in the game. Dr.Fone's virtual application lets you find them with ease without any real movement on your part and helps you enjoy the game to the fullest.


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