How can I get more stardust in pokemon go?


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Are you a Pokémon Go fanatic? If you are playing the game for a while, you must know the importance of stardust for the game. In the world of Pokémon, it is the most valuable resource, in combination with enough candies, for boosting the HP (Hit Points) and CP (Combat Power) of your Pokémon. These powers are essential to increase the power of your Pokémon in any battleground. But you cannot purchase such an asset inside the game.

So, do you know what the best and most effective ways are to get stardust in Pokémon Go? If you know the right process to accumulate them, it should not be too hard to get them. It is an article for the people who are looking for useful ways to get more stardust quickly to boost up the power of your squad.

Part 1: What does the stardust do in pokemon go?

Stardust is a kind of currency that one needs to power up one’s Pokémon along with the candies. Another reason why stardust is so essential is that you will need them when trading for the trainer battle. The regular small trades may cost you within 100 or less stardust. However, the trading for a new Pokédex the required number of Stardust is a minimum of 20,000, and for making the legendary or shiny trades the range starts from a whopping 1,000,000 stardust. You will even need the Stardust for purchasing the secondary Charge Moves for the Raids, Trainer Battles, and Gyms.

Part 2: Ways to get the stardust in pokemon

Stardust plays one of the most integral parts of the game. Being a universal resource, it offers great versatility within the game. You can easily get the right boost of CP and HP within the game, and even end up taking down gyms. So, here are some of the best ways in which you can get stardust in Pokémon Go.

1) Catch a ton of Pokemon

This goes without saying, catching Pokemon is by far one of the most convenient ways to acquire stardust. With every catch, you can easily get three Pokemon candies along with 100 candy. So even the most low-level Pokemon such as Pidkeys and Drowzees eventually add ups. Participating in the 7-day Catch Bonus is yet another way to acquire 3000 stardust. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the stardust you can get:

catch a ton
  • 100 stardust for every base-level Pokemon
  • 300 stardust for every 2nd-evolution Pokemon
  • 500 stardust for every 3rd-evolution Pokemon
  • 3000 stardust for 7-day Catch Bonus

2) Hatching Eggs

Hatching eggs can eventually help you to raise some powerful Pokemon. But a the same time, it can also reward you with stardust. Every time you hatch an egg, you are rewarded with a Pokemon, along with stardust and some candy. Here’s all the stardust you can collect from hatching eggs:

hatch eggs
  • 400-800 stardust for every KM of hatched Egg
  • 800-1600 stardust for every 5 KM of hatched Egg
  • 1600-3200 stardust for every 10 KM of hatched Egg

3) Defending a Gym

When it comes to Gym, it can really get tedious at times to truly understand them. But, one thing is for sure. You can always end up with hefty stardust every time you defend a gym. In case you have multiple Pokemon defending various gyms, that’s just cherry on top. Here’s how much stardust you can earn:

defend gym
  • 20 stardust every time you feed Berry to any friendly Pokemon
  • 500 Stardust every time you beat a Raid Boss

Part 3: Tips to get more stardust in Pokemon

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get more stardust is to catch as many Pokemon as possible. That being said, the only downside is that you can only catch a certain number of them at any given location. This is where Dr.Fone Virtual Location comes to save the day. You can virtually teleport to any given location in the world, and acquire your Pokemon.

drfone 1

Teleport Anywhere Around the World

If your prime objective is to teleport anywhere around the world, and catch them all, make sure to download and install Dr.Fone.

drfone 2

Step 1 After you launch the app, select “Virtual location.” You can find it from the list of options. While connecting your iPhone make select “Get Started.”

drfone 3

Step 2 Once the new window opens, you can find your actual location. Click “Center On” to get an accurate display of the location.

drfone 4

Step 3 Click the corresponding 3rd icon to active the “teleport mode.” You need to fill out the place you want to travel from the upper left field. Select “Go” and it would take you to your desired place.

drfone 5

Step 4 When the coordinates Window pops up, you can always confirm by selecting “Move Here.”

drfone 6

Step 5 Now that the location is changed, whether you check the same on your iPhone or within the application, it's going to show the same.

drfone 7

Part 4: What kind of stardust can I get from research

There are various tasks that you need to complete during Field Research. Sometimes it could be catching a few Pokemon, or hatching some eggs. And the best part is that, with all these tasks, you can always get assured gifts including items, Pokemon encounters, and lastly stardust.

  • You can always expect 100-4000 stardust while completing any field mission.
  • You will get 2000 stardust after completing seven field missions in a row.

Part 5: Can I get stardust from gyms

Yes, you can always expect stardust from gyms. But, it is certainly not for battling at Gyms. One of the easier ways around is to feed Pokemon at the gym. The rewards are as follows:

  • 20 stardust for every Berry fed to a Pokemon
  • 2000 stardust for every 10 Berrys fed to 10 Pokemon for 30 minutes.

The only downside is that there is only a handful of friendly Pokemon you can find in a gym. Neither less to say, with everyone completing to get more stardust, such an opportunity can be hard to come by. Another way is to defeat Raid Boss, along with which you will be rewarded with 500 stardust.

The Bottom Line

Pokemon Go is by far one of the most popular games you can ever get your hands on. And this article covers all the aspects to get stardust in Pokemon Go. Still, our recommendation would be to go with Dr.Fone and change your location every time you need to catch some Pokemon.


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