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What does sun stone mean in pokemon go?


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

pokémon go sun stone

Pokémon GO has no shortage of valuable items, each providing different effects to boost your gameplay. A notable one is the Sun Stone, a shiny item Pokémon GO players love seeing in their collection.

However, the Pokémon GO Sun Stone is a rare gem. Obtaining it isn’t a smooth ride, especially when you’ve already scoured all locations in your area. Still, you can increase your chances of getting it with several methods.

Before learning how to get Sun Stones in Pokémon GO, check out what you can do with them and how to use them in the game.

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Part 1. What Is the Sun Stone in Pokémon GO?

sun stone in pokémon go

The Sun Stone in Pokémon GO is an Evolution item. It lets you evolve several Gen 1 Pokémon into their Gen 2 versions, increasing their combat power (CP) and hit points (HP).

However, you can’t use this scarce item alone to evolve Pokémon; you also need specific Pokémon Candy (more on that shortly).

Part 2. How to Use Sun Stones in Pokémon GO

Sun Stones in Pokémon GO serve one purpose only, meaning there’s only one way to use them. Once you obtain one, it manifests in the Evolve section of every applicable Pokémon, letting you know it’s ready for use. The necessary Pokémon Candy type and amount sits next to it, waiting for your Pokémon to consume it and upgrade.

Here’s how to use Sun Stones in Pokémon GO:

  1. Launch Pokémon GO and tap the Poké Ball.

poké ball in pokémon g

  1. Tap Pokémonto view your collection.

access pokémon in pokémon go

  1. Find an applicable Pokémon and tap Evolve.

evolve pokémon with the sun stone

  1. Confirm you wish to use the Sun Stone and watch the evolution.

pokémon go sun stone evolution

Part 3. How to Get Sun Stones in Pokémon GO

Like other Evolution items, Pokémon GO Sun Stones are few and far between. They’re also available only after reaching Level 10.

However, you can boost your chances of obtaining Sun Stones by visiting specific stops, participating in events, enabling movement tracking, and exchanging gifts with friends. Here’s how to leverage all these options.

Visit Gyms and PokéStops

PokéStops are locations with Photo Discs, which offer Poké Balls and eggs to hatch more Pokémon. You can typically find them near monuments, historical landmarks, and art installations.

The key is to visit them for seven days in a row because that activates a streak that provides 2,500 XP and many valuable items, including Evolution. However, you have a 1% chance of getting a Sun Stone.

The same goes for Pokémon GO gyms, except they involve fighting rival team’s Pokémon and require Level 5.

Here’s how to get Sun Stones in Pokémon GO gyms:

  1. Launch Pokémon GO and walk around to discover gyms.
  2. Once you find a gym, select it, choose up to six Pokémon, and start the battle.

pokémon go gym

You win if you knock off all the gym’s prestige points. As a winner, you can get Berries, Poké Ball, and Evolution items, including Sun Stones.

Here’s how to get Sun Stones in PokéStops:

  1. Launch Pokémon GO and find PokéStops.

pokéstops in pokémon go

  1. Once you select one, swipe the Photo Disc.

pokéstop photo disc

  1. The items floating in bubbles will automatically join others in your collection (you don’t need to tap them). Let the Photo Disc turn blue so you can collect the items again. The cooldown time is five minutes, while the daily PokéStop spin limit is 1,200.

spinning the photo disc in pokéstop

  1. Repeat the steps above for seven consecutive days to activate a streak and get Evolution items. Again, Sun Stones have a 1% drop chance.

pokéstop seven-day streak

Every PokéStop also gives Trainers two daily Field Research tasks. Completing them for a week is another way to get Sun Stones.

Get Sun Stones in Gifts From Friends

Pokémon GO lets you trade specific Pokémon with friends. However, trading doesn’t apply to items. You can only exchange them using gifts.

Trainers can send 100 and receive 30 daily gifts. However, you can send only one daily gift to a particular friend. It can include helpful items like eggs, Poké Balls, Stardust, Potions, and Evolution items, but they must come from PokéStops.

That means you can send PokéStop items you don’t need and ask friends to send you the Sun Stones they’ve received in PokéStops.

Here’s how to send gifts to friends in Pokémon GO:

  1. Open the desired friend’s profile page and tap Send Gift.
  2. Choose a gift, add an optional sticker, and tap Send.

sending a pokémon go gift

Here’s how to open gifts from friends (enabling them to send more):

  1. Find the sender’s profile page in the friend list (or access it from the notification).
  2. Tap the gift overlay and select Open.

opening a pokémon go gift

Get Adventure Sync Rewards

The Adventure Sync feature in Pokémon GO lets you synchronize the game with your smartphone’s built-in Google Fit or Apple Health app. That way, Pokémon GO can track your movement progress even when you don’t use it.

Besides catching new Pokémon and hatching eggs without using the app, you can complete weekly walking milestones. That gives rewards like Stardust, Berries, Poké Balls, and Evolution items, including Sun Stones.

Here’s how to enable Adventure Sync:

  1. Launch Pokémon GO, tap the Poké Ball, go to Settings, and tap Adventure Sync.

pokémon go adventure sync settings

  1. Tap Turn it on > OK.

enable adventure sync in pokémon go

Attend Special Events

Pokémon GO events are all the rage. They can provide Stardust bonuses, Premier Balls, exclusive Pokémon (e.g., Raid Bosses, Fennekin, and Shuckle), and many other valuable items, including Sun Stones and their other Evolution buddies.

You can participate in ticketed, regional, and real-world events, which can be unique, seasonal (e.g., Christmas, Lunar New Year, and Earth Day), and recurring. The most notable recurring events include Community Days, Pokémon GO Fest, Friendship Days, Pokémon GO Safari Zones, GO Battle Day, Spotlight Hour, and various Raid challenges.

Each event has unique rules; we won’t dive into the details here. For instance, some involve gym battles, while others let you get specific Pokémon with an increased spawn rate. Community Days require catching the headline Pokémon during a limited time window.

pokémon go community day

Therefore, monitor events within the game and attend as many as possible to get exclusive rewards, including the elusive Sun Stones.

Part 4. Which Pokémon Evolve With the Sun Stone?

pokémon go sun stone evolutions

The Sun Stone can evolve five Gen 1 Pokémon into their Gen 2 versions. Check out all the Pokémon GO Sun Stone evolutions below, including the required items.

Pokémon Required items Evolution
Gloom Sun Stone + 100 Oddish Candy Bellossom
Cottonee Sun Stone + 50 Cottonee Candy Whimsicott
Petilil Sun Stone + 50 Petilil Candy Lilligant
Sunkern Sun Stone + 50 Sunkern Candy Sunflora
Helioptile Sun Stone + 50 Helioptile Candy Heliolisk

Part 5. How to Quickly Get Sun Stones in Pokémon GO

a pokémon go player visiting pokéstops

You don’t need to walk around town to visit PokéStops and gyms or get Adventure Sync rewards. You can change your virtual location to make it appear like you’re exploring the world.

Wondershare Dr. Fone Virtual Location Changer can help you spoof your GPS to teleport anywhere from the comfort of your home and jump to multiple points to make your movement realistic.

Additionally, you can activate one-stop and multi-stop routes with loop or round trips to simulate GPS movement. That way, you’ll trick location-based AR games like Pokémon GO into recording your progress as realistic.

Here’s how to get Sun Stones in Pokémon GO with Dr.Fone Virtual Location Changer:

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  1. Download, install, and launch the app on your computer and go to Toolbox > Virtual Location >Get Started.

wondershare dr.fone virtual location

  1. Connect your smartphone to the computer via a USB cable and click No Deviceto select your mobile phone.

wondershare dr.fone virtual location map

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to link the devices and activate the Developer Mode.

connect a mobile device

  1. Click the first icon in the top-right section under the navigation bar to activate the Teleport Mode.

activate the teleport mode

  1. Type the desired location in the search bar and hit Enter.

choose a location

  1. Click Move Hereto teleport. Your smartphone’s map will mirror this one.

move to the location

  1. To make your movement realistic, click the second icon in the top-right section under the navigation bar to activate the Jump Teleport Mode.

jump teleport mode

  1. Choose the desired spots and click Start Moving.

jump teleport destinations

  1. To simulate GPS movement, create a one-stop route(the third icon), setting your walking speed and a round or loop Once you pick a location, click Move Here.

one-stop route for movement simulation

  1. Similarly, use a multi-stop route(the fourth icon). Set the desired parameters and click Start Moving.

a multi-stop route for movement simulation

Dr.Fone Virtual Location Changer has many more features, including historical records, Realistic and Fluctuation Modes, and a cooldown timer. You can also add any spot to your Favorites list to save time when revisiting them.


Pokémon GO remains as exciting as ever. However, collecting valuable items, especially the rare Sun Stones, takes time, effort, and luck. Fortunately, you can increase the odds of obtaining them by visiting PokéStops and gyms, leveraging gifts, attending events, and snatching Adventure Sync rewards.

However, you don’t need to physically explore real-world locations to catch Pokémon, hatch eggs, and discover items. You can spoof your GPS location and simulate realistic movement with Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location Changer.

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