What does sun stone mean in pokemon go?


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Pokemon Go is perhaps one of the most downloaded and successful mobile games of all time. Developed by Niantic, Pokemon Go is still one of the most played mobile games in the world. With more than 800 million downloads, it has broken the record of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time. Till today, it has crossed more than USD 2 billion alone from the downloads.

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Trainers around the world use stones to evolve their favorite Pokemons in the game. The attractive gameplay and the usage of AR in the game have successfully managed to grab the attention of Pokemon lovers all around the world.

Part 1: What is the Sun Stone in Pokemon

Evolution is an important aspect of the Pokemon world and trainers lookout for options to evolve their Pokemons to make them stronger. To prepare their Pokemons for gym battles, as a trainer you will need a certain amount of stardust and candles to reach the evolution parameter. However, there is a catch in this area.

Certain Pokemons need specific evolution items to evolve. Sunstone in Pokemon Go is one such item. Sunstone Pokemon such as Gloom and Sunkern needs Sunstone to evolve. For instance, if you want a Sunkern evolution, then you must use the Pokemon Go Sunstone.

The in-game description of the evolutionary stone the Sunstone goes as follows:

“A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It burns as red as the evening sun.”

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Sunstone evolutions are quite rare in number but here is the question. If you think you have that pokemon that evolve with sunstone, then you might be thinking of heading to the market and buying one. But the fact is you cannot buy Sunstone in the Pokemon Go market. So the question arises on how to find a sunstone to evolve Sunkern?

Part 2: Tips to get sun stone in Pokemon

By now you might have figured out that Sunstone is an important evolutionary item in Pokemon Go. If you want to evolve your Gloom into Bellossom or your Sunkern into Sunflora, then getting a Sunstone is the need of the hour. Even if you have an abundance of PokeCoins, you will be unable to buy an evolutionary item such as Sunkern in the market.Apart from the elemental Lure modules, there aren’t many ways to attain a direct evolution. So how to get one for you Pokemon?

Remember Sunstone from Pokemon X? Similarly in Pokemon Go, Sunstone is used alongside Pokemon candies to support evolution. Remember that without the Sunstone, you will not be able to add the new Pokemons that require sunstone for evolution to your Pokedex. Here are some useful tips and tricks for trainers who are eagerly waiting to get hold of a Sunstone:

    • Several evolutionary items unlock when you reach level 10 in Pokemon Go. If you want a Sunkern evolution in Pokemon Go, you need to reach the 10th level by catching Pokemons and completing the daily tasks and challenges.
    • Just like Sunstone in Pokemon Moon and Sunstone in Pokemon Emerald, you will need this evolutionary stone for Bellossom. You can obtain this sunstone for Pokemon Sunstone evolutions by simply spinning the PokeStop wheels. That is one of the proven methods of getting one.
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  • Look out special evolution items that drop by in the Pokestop daily bonus streak. Although there is no guarantee that you will surely get one in after completing the daily tasks, it is worth a try.
  • Evolution stones have been included in the Pokemon Go in the recent updates of the game and as a trainer, you must make sure that you are updating your game constantly as soon as the new update appears in the market. Many users lose out on important in-game updates just because they ignore the important app updates.
  • You might also find Sunstones in Gyms. Makes sure you check out the gyms along with the Pokestops if you are searching for one.
  • Pokemon Go heavily relies on your current GPS location andin some cases you might be restricted from entering certain places at certain times of the day. That means you have to lose out on your opportunity to get your prize.

Fortunately, that needs to be the case. Dr.Fone’s Virutal Location (iOS) can teleport you to anyplace in the world with just a tap. Get your Pokemon emerald Sunstone or your ice stone Pokemon sun today by simply connecting your iPhone to your system and launch the program. Then simply choose your desired location and change your GPS location. You are all set.


Part 3: How many Pokemon are supported to envolve?

Similar to the dusk stone in pokemon sun and sunstone in the pokemon sun, you can use the sunstone in Pokemon Go to evolve the following set of Pokemons during your gameplay:

1. Gloom into Bellossom

Bellossom in the opposite of Vileplume in the Pokemon world. You need to use a Grass stone on Gloom if you want to get a Vileplume and a sunstone on Gloom if you desire to get a Bellossom.

Cost of evolution: 100 Oddish Candy and 1 Sunstone.

2. Sunkern into Sunflora

To evolve Sunkern into Sunflora, you will be requiring the evolutionary stone Sunstone to proceed ahead with the iconic evolution process.

Cost of evolution: 50 Sunkern Candy and 1 Sunstone.

3. Petilil to Lilligant

Petilil is a Generation 5 Pokemon and to evolve it to Lilligant, you will require the Sunstone in Pokemon Go.

Cost of evolution: 50 Petilil Candy and 1 Sunstone.

4. Cottonee into Whimsicott

Cottonee is a Generation 5 Pokemon and if you want to obtain a Whimsicott, then you must use a Sunstone to proceed with its evolution.

Cost of evolution: 50 Cottonee Candy and 1 Sunstone.

Remember you used Ice stone to evolve Alolan Vulpix into Alolan Ninetails? Similarly in Pokemon Go, you can use the Sunstone exactly like the Fire Stone in Pokemon Sun and Dusk Stone in Ultra Sun. Sunstone in the Pokemon Go acts exactly like the Sunstone in Pokemon Y. The developers have maintained the functionalities and kept it as it is.


This article sums up the important aspects of the evolutionary stone the Sunstone in the hugely popular Pokemon AR game – Pokemon Go. However, the above points do not guarantee that you will get the Sunstone by following anyone of them.

The goal is to keep on trying as it is a rare thing to look out for in the game. Your patience will be tested when you will be in pursuit of the Sunstone and believe it or not, you will not be disappointed after getting it. Use the Dr.Fone’s Virutal Location (iOS) and look out for the stone in various places across the globe.


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