Discovering the Power of WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

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The market competition has become tougher today than ever. Why so? Simply because the internet is now involved in advertising procedures. It turns out to be the newest arena where businesses contend for online visibility and digital presence. Therefore, promotional strategies like launching a WhatsApp marketing campaign are now widely considered by marketers around the world.

It’s undeniable that WhatsApp is among the most sought-after internet platforms nowadays. Many people are using it to stay in touch with their loved ones and the rest of the world. That’s why creating a WhatsApp Business marketing campaign is indeed a wise move. Having one comes with amazing benefits and will certainly put you ahead of the advertising game.

In this article, we will talk about the highlights and benefits of the WhatsApp marketing campaign. We will also walk you through the creation process and provide some examples. Continue reading below to learn more.

Part 1. WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Explained

In simple terms, the WhatsApp marketing campaign is a course of advertising drive implemented on WhatsApp Messenger. It can be in the form of a text blast or an automated in-app notification that is planned and designed by a team of marketers. The purpose of the WhatsApp marketing campaign goes beyond catching the attention of paying customers on the platform. It’s actually more about connecting with them and providing crucial information about your business. Hence, it’s best to come up with a communicative WhatsApp marketing campaign plan that is both compelling and informative.

whatsapp business marketing campaign

The actual launching of your WhatsApp marketing campaign is definitely the easiest part of the process. However, you will definitely get this far without creating a strategic plan first. Yes. You’ve heard it right. Creating a WhatsApp marketing campaign is not as easy as clicking the launch button. Like any other promotional effort, you still have to undergo some preparations to ensure the campaign will not fail. Are you planning to get started soon? Check out the tips and tutorials provided below to help you with the process.

Tips Before Creating a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Plan

There are some important preparations you need to do before building your WhatsApp marketing plan. Check them out from the list below.

  • Determine the objectives of your WhatsApp marketing campaign.
  • Assign a specific budget for the entire course of the campaign. Try to stick to the amount you have indicated.
  • Identify your target audience and try to learn everything about them.
  • Review your business model thoroughly to ensure the campaign reflects the values and principles of your company.
  • Meet your team beforehand and talk to them about the goals you want to reap from the WhatsApp marketing campaign. Make sure that each member agrees to the list you have provided.
  • Take note of some possible complications that you might encounter during the campaign implementation. At the same time, try to formulate some corresponding resolutions.

How to Create a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

The truth is there is actually no definite tutorial for the creation of a WhatsApp marketing campaign. It relies heavily on the approach of the marketers and the software involved in the process. But to give you a quick glimpse into how it is usually done, check out the instructions provided below.

  • Step 1: Download WhatsApp Business and install it on your mobile device.

download whatsapp business

  • Step 2: Create and set up your business account.

set up whatsapp business account

  • Step 3: Import your contact list and add it to your account.

import whatsapp contact

  • Step 4: Finalize your contact list. Create several contact groups to target a specific audience for each campaign.

create whatsapp contact groups

  • Step 5: Finally, create a WhatsApp marketing campaign using the tools available on the platform. Launch it once you’re ready. Don’t forget to monitor the progress afterward.

launch whatsapp marketing campaign

Note: The procedure may differ if you use a third-party WhatsApp marketing software.

Part 2. Why Do You Need a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

It’s fair to say that the market competition today is now online. That’s why a strong digital presence is extremely important for your business. One way or another, it will be your most powerful advantage among others. But it’s the only reason why the WhatsApp marketing campaign is necessary. There are other amazing benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on. Check them out from the list provided below.

It increases brand visibility and awareness.

You actually get a higher chance of being noticed each time your campaign appears on WhatsApp Messenger. Why so? Simply because WhatsApp is popular worldwide and has a tremendous user base. Thus, you should consider implementing a WhatsApp marketing campaign to help increase the visibility of your business across this platform.

It helps your business gain customer trust.

Earning the confidence of your customers in your brand is not an overnight magic. It’s actually a process that takes time and effort. One way you can try is to launch a WhatsApp marketing campaign. You can send them a series of informative marketing messages to establish your credibility as a brand. After some time, the efforts you have invested in this endeavor will surely help you gain consumer trust.

It helps you stay ahead of the game despite the ever-changing market conditions.

WhatsApp has been in the service since 2009. It withstands the test of time and manages to survive generation after generation. Therefore, a marketing effort implemented on this platform will certainly get through unpredictable market conditions. WhatsApp regularly updates its business features and marketing tools to help you craft an adaptive WhatsApp Business marketing campaign. Take it to your advantage and make the most of it.

Part 3. Best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples

The principle behind the WhatsApp marketing campaign is not that hard to fathom. It’s as simple as leveraging the powerful influence of WhatsApp Messenger to connect and communicate with your target customers. Many brands have already tried this marketing strategy for the same objective. Some of these WhatsApp marketing campaigns have become popular in different parts of the world. Do you want to see them? Check out below the list of the best WhatsApp marketing campaign examples for your reference. Examine each of them and make it your inspiration for your advertising projects.

“Don’t Call Mom”

dont call mom campaign

The “Don’t Call Mom” WhatsApp marketing campaign launched by a European automobile organization is among the most popular advertising initiatives. Its goal is to promote a special hotline that provides helpful answers to the questions asked by teenagers. This WhatsApp marketing campaign ran for six weeks and garnered a whopping 20 million impressions on its promotional video.

“I’ll Bring You Back Your Beloved Clothes”

clothes whatsapp campaign

“I’ll Bring You Back Your Beloved Clothes” is an outstanding WhatsApp marketing campaign developed by a global consumer goods manufacturer. The company promoted a WhatsApp number where people can send inquiries about the proper handling and maintenance of clothes. The answers provided by the chatbot were designed to provide helpful recommendations and some promotions of their newest products. This WhatsApp marketing campaign received at least 290,000 messages from 12,000 random people.


whatscook campaign

“WhatsCook” is definitely among the best WhatsApp marketing campaigns ever launched. The popular mayonnaise brand behind this advertising drive had developed a live recipe channel. The goal was to teach people how to cook a delectable dish with the available ingredients in their fridge. Interested people who signed up on their website got a chance to communicate with real chefs and receive cooking tips. This WhatsApp marketing campaign attracted at least five million people.

“A Personal Shopper”

ecommerce whatsapp campaign

Last on the list is the “A Personal Shopper” WhatsApp marketing campaign launched by a well-known ecommerce website in India. It basically involved a WhatsApp chatbot where shoppers could ask for assistance and send various inquiries. A famous Bollywood actor was part of this marketing effort that contributed a lot to its overall success. This WhatsApp marketing campaign boosted the platform’s revenue to approximately $2.5 million.


The best WhatsApp marketing campaign is the one that provides beneficial information to the people. That’s why you need to make sure that your promotions are not only compelling but also communicative. Remember that your goal is to tell people what your business is about and how it can help them. You can do it by simply launching a carefully researched and well-planned WhatsApp marketing campaign. Don’t fret it. This type of marketing initiative is not that hard. Just read the discussions above. Understand the highlights of this advertising strategy and take note of the tips provided earlier. From there, learn how you can take advantage of this platform and make use of its amazing features.

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