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WhatsApp Not Working on Mobile Data – Easy Fixes

James Davis

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

WhatsApp stands out as one of the most widely used and revered messaging applications globally, serving as the go-to platform for communication. Unlike traditional SMS, WhatsApp relies on an internet connection to function seamlessly. When this lifeline fails, and WhatsApp stops working on your mobile data, it can be both perplexing and inconvenient to your messaging.

We are here to delve into the reasons why WhatsApp not working on mobile data and provide easy fixes for both Android and iPhone users. Let's navigate through the troubleshooting process and get your WhatsApp back in action.

Part 1. Possible Reasons Why WhatsApp Is Not Working on Mobile Data

If your WhatsApp is not working on Wi-Fi but is working on mobile data, then you can opt to use mobile data. There might be temporary problems with your Wi-Fi at the moment. But when your mobile data is also not working on your WhatsApp, it will hinder your communication, making it impossible to use it to contact your friends, family, or clients.

Several reasons may lead to these mobile connectivity issues, including:

  1. Your data plan is inactive or expired

It's easy to overlook, but if your data plan is inactive or has expired, WhatsApp won't be able to establish a connection. Make sure that your mobile data plan is active and has sufficient data allowance to support WhatsApp usage.

  1. Your WhatsApp version is outdated

Connectivity issues aren't always related to the network. Using an outdated version of WhatsApp can hinder its performance. Developers are usually releasing regular updates to address bugs, improve security, and enhance overall functionality.

  1. Enabling data saver

While Data Saver is a useful feature designed to minimize data usage, its activation might impede WhatsApp's normal functioning. Data Saver restricts background data usage for apps, potentially causing delays in receiving messages or media on WhatsApp.

These are only some common problems that may be behind your WhatsApp not working with mobile data problems. In the next section, we will get deeper into how to solve these issues, depending on the device you use.

Part 2. How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Mobile Data on iPhone

When WhatsApp fails to cooperate with your iPhone's mobile data, it's essential to explore specific fixes tailored to iOS. In this section, we’ve outlined step-by-step solutions to ensure that your WhatsApp connectivity issues on mobile data are swiftly resolved.

Method 1: Enable mobile data access

iOS provides users with the flexibility to control mobile data access for individual apps. If you've inadvertently disabled mobile data for WhatsApp, it can lead to why WhatsApp is not working on mobile data iPhone.

Here's how to enable mobile data access for WhatsApp on your iPhone:

  • Step 1: Access your iPhone’s Settings > Cellular, and scroll down until you find the WhatsApp option.
  • Step 2: Toggle the switch next to WhatsApp to enable it.
  • Enable mobile data access to WhatsApp

    Method 2: Turn off data saver mode

    As we have discussed before, enabling data saver mode can be a contributing factor to WhatsApp not working on mobile data.By turning off Data Saver mode, you grant WhatsApp unrestricted access to mobile data, potentially resolving the issue.

    How to turn off data saver mode on iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open your iPhone's Settings.
  • Step 2: Find and tap on the section labeled "Cellular" > "Cellular data options."
  • Step 3: Toggle off “Low Data Mode” if you haven’t.
  • Turn off low data mode on iPhone

    Part 3. How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Mobile Data on Android

    Now, it’s time for Android users. Addressing WhatsApp not working on mobile data Android requires another tailored approach that is slightly different from the iPhone we covered earlier. But worry not – we'll delve into these solutions as well to ensure seamless communication for you.

    Method 1: Enable background app refresh

    If your WhatsApp is not working on the mobile data of your Android, it might be because the background app refresh feature is turned off. This feature helps apps update in the background, making sure you get timely notifications and new messages. Here's how to turn it on for WhatsApp:

  • Step 1: Open your Android phone's Settings.
  • Step 2: Look for "Apps" or "Applications" in your settings.
  • Step 3: Find and tap on "WhatsApp" in the list of installed apps to open its settings.
  • Step 4: Inside WhatsApp settings, select "Data Usage" and toggle the switch next to "Background Data" to ON. This lets WhatsApp fetch data in the background for timely updates.
  • Enable WhatsApp background data on Android

    Method 2: Turn off data saver mode

    As we covered earlier, activating data saver mode can disrupt your Android's mobile data connectivity. To turn it off, the steps are slightly different from the iPhone. Here's how you can do it:

  • Step 1: Head to your Android phone's Settings and look for "Connections" or "Network & Internet."
  • Step 2: Look for "Data Usage" or "Data Saver" and tap on it.
  • Step 3: Toggle the Data Saver switch to OFF.
  • Turn off the data saver on Android

    By turning off data saver mode, you're giving WhatsApp free rein to access mobile data without restrictions. If your WhatsApp is still misbehaving, let's try the next method to get your WhatsApp back on track on your Android device.

    Method 3: Update WhatsApp

    If you're encountering issues with WhatsApp not working on mobile data Android, the source of the problem might lie within your WhatsApp application itself. Making sure that your WhatsApp is up-to-date is important for smooth operation on Android.

    We will show you the easiest steps on how to update WhatsApp:

  • Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Type in the search box to look for WhatsApp. Then, you will see the option to update your WhatsApp if it is available to update.
  • Step 3: Tap "Update" and allow the update to finish. The WhatsApp updating process may take a while.
  • Update WhatsApp on Android

    Part 4. Can You Access WhatsApp Without the Internet?

    When you experience WhatsApp not working on mobile data, WhatsApp has introduced a new Proxy feature that lets you connect to a proxy server to continue using WhatsApp without the internet. Not many people know this trick, but we will show you how to do it:

  • Step 1: Access WhatsApp on your phone and navigate to Settings > Storage and Data.
  • Step 2: Under the Network tab, find and select the Proxy option.
  • Step 3: Toggle the switch next to Use Proxy to enter a Proxy Address for connection.
  • Find a reliable proxy address from reputable sources, such as search engines like Google or from someone you trust who has created a proxy. Note down the address for future use.

  • Step 4: Input the proxy address in the provided address bar and tap Save. WhatsApp will establish a connection to the entered Proxy Address. Once connected, you can use WhatsApp even without an active internet connection.
  • Access WhatsApp without the internet

    Part 5. How To Read Your WhatsApp Messages on Your Computer

    When facing difficulties connecting to WhatsApp, an alternative solution is to transfer and access your WhatsApp messages on your computer. Wondershare Dr.Fone offers a dedicated WhatsApp transfer feature to facilitate this process called WhatsApp Transfer feature.


    Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer

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  • Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone’s WhatsApp Transfer tool on the computer.
  • Begin by connecting your phone device to your computer. Then, you can start launching Dr.Fone on your computer. Proceed to the Toolbox section and select WhatsApp Transfer.

    Open Dr.Fone’s WhatsApp Transfer tool on the computer

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2: Access the backup function.
  • Once the tool is open, go to WhatsApp > Backup WhatsApp messages. This action will start the backup and transfer process for your WhatsApp data on your device. You can track the progress on the next screen.

    Select Backup WhatsApp messages

  • Step 3: Finish the transfer and view.
  • After the backup is complete, a clear success message will appear. To view your WhatsApp messages on your computer, click "View It" to open it in a new window.

    View the backed-up WhatsApp messages


    Troubleshooting WhatsApp's mobile data issues not only fixes problems but also ensures smooth communication. By understanding potential problems and using suggested solutions, users can get WhatsApp back on track immediately.

    Start by figuring out what's causing the problem, applying solutions, and exploring alternatives to keep communication uninterrupted. With these guides in your hand, you can confidently navigate through any challenges and make sure that WhatsApp remains your go-to communication tool.

    James Davis

    James Davis

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