Things You Should Know About WhatsApp as a Marketing Tool

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Marketing is complicated by nature. It requires in-depth planning and careful handling to ensure the execution goes seamlessly throughout the process. That’s why marketers hold marketing tools in the highest regard. They give such handy assistance to make the entire procedure lighter and more manageable. Today, strategizing and implementing marketing plans is as easy as falling off a log with the aid of these technologies.

Speaking of which, WhatsApp marketing tools are now becoming popular in the advertising world. Why so? The simplest explanation is that many businesses from different parts of the world view WhatsApp as a marketing tool itself. Therefore, they invest a lot in these advancements to carry out their campaign plan and achieve their advertising objectives.

In this article, we will introduce WhatsApp as a marketing tool and discuss its benefits. We will also list down the best WhatsApp marketing tools available online. Continue reading below to learn more.

Part 1. Discovering the Power of WhatsApp Marketing Tools

To put it briefly, marketing tools pertain to specific instruments used to promote goods and services. It can be in the form of techniques that increase sales or software that enables marketers to boost lead conversion. WhatsApp marketing tools are a great example of the latter. They are designed to bring WhatsApp Business closer to everyone and make advertising much easier on this platform. Aside from expanded marketing capabilities, WhatsApp marketing tools also have other applications in certain business operations. Do you want to know what those are? Check out the list below.

  • WhatsApp marketing tools provide helpful assistance for B2B ventures. Once integrated into WhatsApp Business, they can now be used to find new leads or stay in touch with existing clients
  • WhatsApp marketing tools come in handy if you wish to send interactive marketing messages to your prospects. Why so? Simply because you can actually send file formats on this platform.
  • WhatsApp allows you to see if the receivers check or read your marketing messages. From there, you may get a glimpse of their actual open rate and see how the campaign performs.
  • WhatsApp marketing tools are usually compatible with other applications or software. It’s indeed a great advantage, especially if the marketing campaign requires external assistance.
  • Most WhatsApp marketing tools are easy to use. No technical skills are needed to create and launch an advertising campaign. Just make sure that you read the instructions very well to avoid unwanted errors.
  • Lastly, WhatsApp marketing tools do not cost a fortune. Using them can certainly help you save money and make the most of your delegated budget.

Part 2. Understanding How WhatsApp Marketing Tools Work

WhatsApp Business API offers a wide range of options to help businesses deliver high-quality promotions to their target market. Generally, you can use it to create and implement marketing campaigns. Analytics are also provided if you wish to check the performance of your promotions. In essence, it’s best to say that WhatsApp Business API carries everything you need for your WhatsApp marketing plans.

However, WhatsApp Business API alone is not enough to carry out some advanced marketing campaigns. You may need a helping hand from a third-party WhatsApp marketing tool to get moving. Therefore, it is extremely important for marketers to determine the best WhatsApp marketing tool that fits their business needs. To help you decide wisely, examine the essential needs of your enterprise based on the checklist below.

  • If your business is not that huge, WhatsApp Business API may be too much for you. You may instead opt for the WhatsApp Business app if that’s the case.
  • Do you receive a high volume of messages on a daily basis? If not, it’s probably best to opt out of WhatsApp Business API and choose a simpler marketing application instead.
  • WhatsApp Business API integrated into WhatsApp marketing tools is a great choice if you’re managing large volumes of customer data. It will surely help you keep everything in the right place.

Part 3. 5 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools

WhatsApp marketing is becoming popular nowadays, and so are WhatsApp marketing tools. It only takes a few clicks to find one on the internet. However, don’t forget that you can’t just pick anything that appears on the search result. You should still test the waters and examine your choices very carefully. To help you come up with a sound choice, here are the top five WhatsApp marketing tools to check out.


wati whatsapp marketing tool

First on the list is Wati. This WhatsApp marketing tool offers numerous options to help you create interactive messages that immerse your customers in the experience. You may use it to enable automation and provide helpful shortcuts. Additionally, it’s also a great platform to efficiently send bulk messages to your target market.

Core Features

  • It supports diverse integrations with other compatible tools.
  • It is compatible with various payment channels.
  • It offers some customer relationship management tools to help you engage with your target market effectively.
  • It provides reliable analytics and insights about the performance of your campaign.


whappext whatsapp marketing tool

Whappext is a great WhatsApp marketing tool if you’re dealing with a very huge contact list. This platform allows you to send bulk marketing messages to thousands or millions of people simultaneously. Moreover, you may also reach out to customers overseas as Whappext is known worldwide.

Core Features

  • It implements strong measures to protect the data of your customers.
  • It allows you to see which WhatsApp numbers on your contact list remain active.
  • It is capable of sending multimedia content along with texts.
  • It provides automation options like auto-pilot and auto-respond.
  • It supports several languages.


waamit whatsapp marketing tool

Next on the list is WAAM-IT. It’s one of the best WhatsApp marketing tools you can use to personalize marketing messages and send them in bulk. On average, WAAM-IT can send at least 5,000 messages per hour to receivers all around the world. That makes this tool efficient for mass product promotions.

Core Features

  • You can tailor your marketing messages according to your specific preferences. Feel free to add significant details, emojis, hyperlinks, and many others.
  • You can import contacts via CSV, TXT, and XLSX.
  • You can schedule the delivery of the marketing messages based on your preferred timeline.
  • You may add captions when sending images.


rapbooster whatsapp marketing tool

RapBooster is equipped with advanced tools that can help you stay in touch with your customers via WhatsApp. Like others, you don’t need technical skills to navigate this platform. It has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy for everyone to design and implement marketing plans.

Core Features

  • It is compatible with various anti-blocking software.
  • It is allowed within the platform to implement your marketing campaign in different channels.
  • It provides a few options to customize your sender ID.
  • You may filter the contact numbers on your list and organize them accordingly.

respondio whatsapp marketing tool

Last but not least is It is one of the most popular message marketing platforms that supports integration with WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps. offers numerous WhatsApp marketing tools that can help you elevate your marketing strategy. On top of that, everything is almost automated since is powered by artificial intelligence.

Core Features

  • It allows you to send various notifications to your contact list.
  • It offers various options to make the experience of your customers immersive and interactive.
  • It is not that complicated to navigate the platform around.
  • You may automate the flow of your marketing campaign with the aid of visual representation.
  • It supports click-to-chat advertising and instant message broadcasting. Both are effective strategies for finding high-quality leads on WhatsApp.


It’s true to say that WhatsApp marketing tools simplify the complex process of instant message marketing. Just make sure that you choose the right platform that suits your needs. Read the discussions above and take them as your guide when choosing the right tool for you. Don’t worry. Most WhatsApp marketing tools are free. You can easily get started even without a premium plan that usually costs a lot. That’s why do your best to learn how to use WhatsApp as a marketing tool. Certainly, such marketing initiatives will help you achieve your business goals with just the snap of a finger.

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