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How to Play Minecraft Earth on iPhone and Other iOS Devices?


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

The capabilities of the iPhone and other iOS devices are definitely incomparable. You can do almost anything with ease and convenience so long as these gadgets are in your hands. When it comes to gaming, iDevices do not disappoint too. They are equipped with high-performing software systems that support the game’s internal requirements very well. That’s why the majority of players from different parts of the world opt for iOS devices. Well, why not? There’s no reason to look further if the iPhone alone can exceptionally do the job for you.

Can you play Minecraft Earth on iOS devices? The short answer is definitely yes. Minecraft Earth is compatible with iPhones and iPads. No unnecessary procedures are required to install it on your iOS device. Just download the app straight from the App Store and run it after the installation. From there, you can register an account and immediately start your sandbox journey. Don’t worry. There are lots of guides online that can help you get started with Minecraft Earth on your iPhone. Just read the tips and take them into consideration.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons why it’s best to play Minecraft Earth on iOS devices. We will also provide some important reminders and useful tutorials for the Minecraft Earth iOS download. Continue reading below to learn more.

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Why You Should Play Minecraft Earth on iPhone?

We all know that Minecraft Earth is an AR mobile game, just like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizard Unite. Such games use GPS signals to incorporate physical movements and the outdoor environment into the virtual adventures of the players. Although this kind of game design is spectacular, take note that it requires advanced device specifications to run smoothly. Not all mobile devices can do such things. But in a way, we cannot deny that modern iOS gadgets like iPhones and iPads are among them. You can definitely play Minecraft Earth on iOS seamlessly.

Aside from indisputable capacity, there are other reasons why you should play Minecraft Earth on iPhone or iPad. Do you want to know them? Check out the list of iDevices’s amazing gaming features below.

Connect external controllers conveniently.

iphone game controller

Sometimes, it’s much easier to navigate Minecraft Earth on iOS with an external controller. It somehow gives players more control if they can physically touch the buttons. Luckily, connecting these accessories to iDevices is indeed a piece of cake. No complicated procedures are required to do it successfully. Just activate the Bluetooth connection of the two devices and then connect them to each other. After that, you can now use the controllers while playing Minecraft Earth on your iPhone. See? It’s just as simple as that.

iPhone and other iOS devices charge up quickly.

charge iphone

Of course, we don’t want any interruptions when playing Minecraft Earth on iOS. However, it’s inevitable. We need to charge up our mobile devices from to time because their battery power doesn’t last forever. But don’t worry. The good thing is that iPhones and iPads charge up much faster compared to other devices. Apart from that, you can aslo enable the Low Power Mode on your iOS to make it even faster. Does it work? Most of the time, it does.

Screen record your game session without affecting your in-game performance.

screen record on iphone

Can you record your screen while playing Minecraft Earth on your iPhone? Definitely, yes. But don’t hold your horses just yet. There’s more to it. iOS devices allow you to simultaneously screen record and play high-graphics games without compromising your mobile experience. They are capable of handling such heavy tasks gracefully. That’s why you should play Minecraft Earth on iOS devices if you’re the type of player who wants to record your sessions.

Keep unused mobile applications from interfering with game sessions.

iphone background refresh

Your gaming experience might be affected if you’re running too many applications while playing Minecraft Earth on your iPhone. Even if you’re not using them at the moment, they may still slow down your device in the background. But don’t worry. It’s actually not a big deal. Why so? Simply because you’re actually given the option to stop these apps from updating. Just turn off the Background App Refresh on the settings. This way, no unnecessary app activities will interfere while you’re playing Minecraft Earth on your iOS device.

Important Things to Consider About Minecraft Earth

As previously discussed, Minecraft Earth is compatible with iOS devices. They are equipped with the features needed to run this mobile game as smoothly as possible. However, don’t forget that augmented reality gaming is still deemed new to our digital world. Hence, old iPhone or iPad models might not be able to run the app seamlessly. Is your current iOS device unit still compatible? Let’s find out.

Compatible iOS Devices to Minecraft Earth

App developers employ a specific tool when creating an augmented-reality mobile game. It generally serves as the main platform that communicates with the device’s operating system and facilitates the necessary operations. This way, the location, as well as the user’s corresponding physical movements, are detected properly. ARKit is the AR framework dedicated to iOS devices. Unfortunately, some old iPhone and iPad units are not equipped with this tool. If you’re currently using one of them, don’t try to play Minecraft Earth on that iOS device. It will only crash immediately upon start-up or fail to load up eventually. You must play Minecraft Earth on an iPhone or iPad that supports augmented reality technology.

compatible iphone

Minecraft Earth requires iOS 12 or newer. Apple has introduced significant changes in iOS 12 that further improve the device’s AR support. Among them are multi-user features and wide compatibility with the Universal Scene Description file format. With this, iPhones and iPads become more capable of running any mobile applications with heavy AR integrations. Playing Minecraft Earth on these iOS devices is certainly a lot smoother and more spotless. iPhone 6S and newer models and iPad Pro and newer are well-compatible with Minecraft Earth. But definitely, the gaming experience gets extremely better if you use a much newer device.

Tips For Minecraft Earth iOS Download

In actuality, there is nothing to talk about. You can download Minecraft Earth on iOS in the same way you download other apps. Open the App Store, search for Minecraft Earth, and install it from there. Launch the app afterward and set it up. If you cannot search it on the App Store, try to visit its official website. A link on its download webpage will direct you to the actual listing of Minecraft Earth on the App Store. After that, proceed normally. What if it still doesn’t work? That means the Minecraft Earth app on iOS is no longer available. Take note that the support for Minecraft Earth has already been discontinued since 2021. That can be the reason why the app is nowhere to be found on the App Store. Another possibility is that Minecraft Earth is unavailable in your region. If that’s the case, you may try to spoof your location by means of a reliable location changer tool.

build minecraft structure

Let’s say you have successfully downloaded Minecraft Earth on your iPhone. That’s great. Now, what’s next? Well, it’s totally up to you. You have the freedom to explore it on your own terms and at your preferred pace. But to help you get settled, read the tips below and try to apply them in your sandbox adventures.

  • Prepare your existing Microsoft account. If you don’t have any, register first on its official website. You can’t log in to Minecraft Earth on your iPhone if you don’t have a Microsoft account. Therefore, create one beforehand.
  • Familiarize yourself with the interface and controls of Minecraft Earth on iOS. Of course, you cannot move forward if you don’t know them. Learn the basics and explore the other stuff as you go along. Don’t sweat it. Minecraft Earth is not as complicated as some you might assume. For sure, you’ll know your way around in no time.
  • Accomplish some challenges daily. It’s the best way to get XP and advance in the game. Don’t worry. You don’t need to push yourself too hard at first. You may start one little step at a time. For instance, plant ten flowers or place five mobs on your build plates. After that, proceed with rare challenges such as winning against 40 skeletons or smelting twenty terracotta. Do it on a daily basis. Believe it or not, it will certainly bring you somewhere in the game.
  • Take advantage of the Make Stuff feature to craft various items. With regard to smelting, consider using Lava. Don’t spend your time collecting tappables alone. Try to allot time for crafting and smelting, too.
  • Minecraft Earth has a survival mode where you can fight and win against mobs and collect special rewards afterward. You should not miss out on this opportunity. Invite your friends and bring them with you on Minecraft Earth adventures.
  • Use your resources properly. Don’t waste on something that is not worth it. In your free time, go outside and collect as many tappables as you can. You have to fill your storage with items that can be used not only today but also in the future.

Collect Minecraft Earth Tappables With Wondershare Dr.Fone

It’s fair to say that Minecraft Earth iOS download is a piece of cake. You don’t have to worry a lot about that. Instead, you have to focus on your in-game progress. As mentioned in the previous section, you really have to stock up and fill your storage with various resources. Why so? The simplest explanation is that you cannot build anything and move forward without enough of them. Are you not in the mood to stroll outside and collect Tappables nearby? Don’t sweat it. Wondershare Dr.Fone can absolutely help you with that. It has a Virtual Location feature capable of simulating and modifying GPS signals on your mobile phone. That said, you can play Minecraft Earth on your iPhone from the comfort of your own home. Do you want to try it now? Here’s a short guide to get you started.

safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 1: Download Wondershare Dr.Fone from its official website. Right after, install it on your computer.
  • Step 2: Launch the newly installed software on your desktop afterward. Once it fully loads up, connect your smartphone using a data cable. Follow the instructions on your computer screen and perform the indicated steps accordingly to ensure the connection between the two devices is stable enough to facilitate the succeeding operations.
  • Step 3: Access the left-side panel and then click Toolbox. After that, head over to the main dashboard and then click Virtual Location. Is it your first time using this feature? If so, allow Wondershare Dr.Fone to download the additional support and necessary resources. Don’t worry. It will only take a few minutes to complete.
  • Step 4: Once the downloading process has concluded, Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location will open on a separate window. From there, navigate to the top-right menu bar and then click One-Stop Route. It is the third icon in the row. The starting point of the simulation will be determined based on your previous records or current location. If you wish to change it, click Teleport Mode on the menu bar and then nominate your desired location. As for the destination, enter your preferred location into the search bar and choose one from the suggested results.

wondershare drfone one stop route

  • Step 5: Configure the necessary settings according to your liking. First, specify your preferred number and type of trip. Then, adjust the movement speed to your desired level by simply dragging the slider from left to right or vice versa. Once you’re done, it’s time to commence the simulation. Click Move Here to proceed. If you wish to reset your inputs, click Clear instead.

movement settings

  • Step 6: The simulation will then start immediately. Use the map on your computer screen to monitor its real-time progress and receive important updates from time to time. If you wish to hold off the movement for a little while, simply click Pause. On the one hand, click Clear if you wish to terminate your current progress and start all over again.

movement simulation ongoing


Doubtlessly, Minecraft Earth is among the greatest mobile games today. It gives us a new word to explore, wherein we can literally be part of. Although it’s available to numerous devices, we cannot deny that playing Minecraft Earth on iOS is a much better experience. iPhones and iPads are equipped with technology that makes them run augmented reality seamlessly. Do you want to try it on your iDevice now? Refer to the Minecraft Earth iOS download guide provided above. Take note of the tips and keep them in your mind once you start the procedure. Moreover, download Wondershare Dr. Fone — Virtual Location for free on your computer. Its Virtual Location feature can modify GPS signals on your iOS device, which can greatly help you during your game.

safe Downloadsafe & secure

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