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[Step by Step] How to Change Nickname in Pokémon Go


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Pokémon Go lacks the typical linked elements you have come to expect from a smartphone game, such as friends lists or leaderboards, even though it is a very social game at its foundation. However, there is a single way to reveal your Pokémon go changing your trainer name to others: by leaving your Pokémon at a Gym, which makes your Trainer's look and nickname visible to everyone.

change name in pokémon go

Although there are certain limitations, you can change name and look after being forced to select them at the start of the game. So while Niantic's response to one of the game's more frequently asked issues — whether or not you can change your Team — may not be what you were hoping for, their handling of the issue in Ingress offers some potential clues as to how they would treat it in Pokémon Go, should it ever arise.

Part 1: How Many Times Can You Change Your Name in Pokémon Go?

Let's first discuss the number of times it is feasible before looking at how to update your Pokémon name. In Pokémon Go, you should only be able to alter your name once. However, you may attempt by sending a Pokémon ticket to its support if you wish to modify it once more and see if you are successful. However, we advise you to change your name carefully to minimize risks.

Part 2: Changing Your Trainer Nickname (Step by step guide)

How to change your name on Pokémon go? Within the Settings menu, you can modify your Trainer's moniker. Choose carefully because you can only alter your nickname several times. Remember that other Trainers will see your nickname displayed.

For a new nickname:

  1. Tap the Main Menu from the Map View.
  2. Tap Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Change Nickname from the options.

changing your trainer nickname

Note: You have used up all your nickname changes if you cannot view the Change Nickname menu option.

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Part 3: Bonus Tips: Naming Tips For Pokémon In Pokémon GO

1. What is a Pokémon nickname?

If it has been over three years since you last played, logging back in will reveal significant improvements. First and foremost, several new Pokémon species have been introduced from four different game generations, with Pokémon from the U nova region gradually becoming available. You'll need to put in a lot of effort to add the new Pokémon to your Pokedex because there are well over 500 different sorts of unique Pokémon that you may catch in the game.

But having an ever-expanding collection of more than 500 catchable Pokémon isn't enough; you also need to give them names. Everybody names their Pokémon in Pokémon Go in a different way. Likewise, we all have different naming strategies for our Poke-friends, whether we choose trainer nicknames for Pokémon Go them after real-life pals, well-known memes, or actual pets.

2. Should I give my Pokémon a nickname?

Should you give your Pokémon a nickname? Players have had that option from the beginning of the series, but it continues to be a source of debate among fans. Pokémon nicknames are only a personalization option that players are free to use or ignore. They seldom have any impact on gameplay. However, in certain instances, nicknames have a little impact on the game since they give the character's personality, and having Pokémon without nicknames is boring.

3. What is a good nickname?

However, sometimes you struggle with the correct name for your latest capture or hatch. Nothing seems to suit your brand-new Pinsir, Clefairy, or Pichu, no matter how hard you try. We step in at this point to bring cool names for Pokémon trainers.

  • Abra — Criss Angel or Teller
  • Alakazam — Harry Houdini or Shaq-Fu
  • Charmander – Charring Inferno
  • Chikorita — Cucumber or Pickle
  • Clefairy – Clip Art
  • Cyndaquil — Mike
  • Diglett — Mole Man
  • Dugtrio — Mole Men
  • Ekans – Ekanescence
  • Exeggcute — Scrambled Eggs or OmeletteDuFromage
  • Exeggutor – Tree Stooges
  • Fearow – Guy Fearowi
  • Gastly – Rick Gastly
  • Jynx – Nicki Minaj
  • Hoothoot — HowManyLicks?
  • Houndoom— K9
  • Kadabra — David Blaine or Penn

4. How to Rename a Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

  1. Go to Pokémon and tap the red and white Pokeball.
  2. Pick Pokémon from the menu.
  3. The Pokémon you wish to rename should be selected. Be aware that you may modify the order in which your Pokémon are shown by tapping the blue-green circle in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  4. Touch the pencil icon to the right of the present Pokémon name.
  5. After erasing the current name and entering the one you want to use, press the OK button.

rename a pokémon in pokémon go

5. Can you rename other people's Pokémon?

After choosing a Pokémon, you must tap on the pen icon or the Pokémon's current name. You can alter the name using this, and a keyboard prompt should appear to let you know what to do.

6. Can you rename the Pokémon you traded?

Ask to have a traded Pokémon's nickname changed by speaking with the Name Rater. You will be able to do this, but after you've changed the nickname once, it will no longer be able to be changed. Remember that once a Pokémon has been given a nickname by its previous Trainer, you cannot alter it.

7. How do you label Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

By touching the Poké Ball in the bottom-center of the screen, choosing Pokémon, and then selecting Tags in the top-left corner of the screen, you may access the tagging function (or swiping right). To add a new tag, tap the + sign button in the lower-left corner. There, you may choose a color and give your tag a name.

8. What is Sylveon's nickname Pokémon go?

The Fairy-type Pokémon Sylveon was first seen in Generation VI. It is one of Eevee's eight potential evolutions. You can turn your Eevee into a Sylveon using one of two techniques. The first is employing a straightforward renaming method. Your Eevee will develop into a Sylveon if you nickname it "Kira," and no more conditions need to be met. To evolve it, you need 25 Eevee Candy. Once you name your Sylveon Kira, you cannot use this Eevee naming method again since it can only be used once.

Setting Eevee as your buddy Pokémon requires the second method, which takes a little more time. First, earn 70 hearts with the Eevee you wish to develop into Sylveon by making it your friend. Once you have earned these hearts, evolving it will cost the standard 25 Eevee Candy.


Can you change your name on Pokémon go? Your hunt is over if you've wondered how to modify your nickname in Pokémon Go. You may play Pokémon Go and alter your nickname using our simple way. In addition, gamers of Pokémon pride themselves on having a diverse collection of Pokémon. And the only way we can gather Pokémon is by moving about and looking for them along the roadways. You can, fortunately, do it from home! The best Pokémon may be stolen from other players via Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, which allows you to travel and enter multiple locales.


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