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A Working Guide For Pachirisu Pokemon Go Map [2024]


Apr 16, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“I have been trying to catch Pachirisu for a while now, but I can’t seem to locate it anywhere. Can someone tell me about a working Pachirisu Pokemon Go map?”

If you are also planning to catch this electric-type Pokemon, then you can have a similar query as well. Since Pachirisu is a region-specific Pokemon, chances are that you might not see it spawning everywhere. Though, if you use the right Pokemon Go Pachirisu map, then you can easily locate it. In this post, I’m going to suggest some working Pachirisu regional maps so that you can catch this Pokemon like a pro.

Part 1: Things You Should Know About Pachirisu

What are Pokemon GO Pachirisu Features?

Due to the many tinkles around Pachirisu, this part will delve into every detail of this Pokemon. It’s a squirrel-like creature that can glide after spreading its arms. This electric-type Pokemon is region-exclusive and only available in the Sinnoh region. The best moves of Pachirisu are Thunderbolt and Volt Switch, which are perfect for defense and offense.

It's an EleSquirrel Pokemon that can win battles in rainy weather. Pachirisu is good against flying, steel, and electric-type Pokemon GO moves, whereas it is vulnerable to ground-type moves. This cute little guy would be an excellent pick in battles that can attack with fur balls.

You can evolve it into Mega Pachirisu with mega gems, but more evolution isn’t possible. Now, let's look at some stats in the table below to understand it better:

Pokemon No 417
Maximum CP 1372
Attack 94
Stamina 155
Defense 172
Height 0.4m
Weight 3.9kg

Where to catch Pachirisu?

As you know, some Pokemons like Pachirisu can be region-specific. Mostly, it is observed that Pachirisu is spawned in the northern regions of Canada, Alaska, and Russia. You can find it in the wildering, electric hubs, parks, and even some colder regions. Since it can hide pretty well, you would have to keep a keen eye to look for it. A Pokemon Go regional map for Pachirisu can further help you.

Are there Pachirisu locations with coordinates?

As introduced before, Pachirisu is primarily found in areas of Alaska, Canada, and certain parts of Russia. If you are in one of these regions, you have a chance to encounter and catch Pachirisu in the wild.

As for providing specific coordinates for Pachirisu locations, it is important to note that Pokémon spawns can change frequently and depend on various factors. Therefore, it is not possible to provide fixed coordinates for Pachirisu encounters as they can vary over time.

To increase your chances of finding Pachirisu, it is recommended to visit areas with a higher likelihood of spawning regional exclusives, such as parks, tourist attractions, or areas with a diverse range of Pokémon spawns. Additionally, participating in Pokémon Go events or connecting with local Pokémon Go communities can provide valuable information on Pachirisu sightings in your region.

Part 2: Pachirisu Pokemon Go Regional Maps to Help You

Since Pachirisu is mostly spawned in Alaska, Canada, and Russia, you might need to take some extra measures to locate it. I would recommend these Pachirisu Pokemon Go spawn maps to assist you.

1. The Silph Road

The Silph Road is the biggest crowd-sourced Pokemon Go map that will let you know about the recently spawning of Pachirisu. Since the directory has data about tons of Pokemons, you can go to its filters and select Pachirisu to save time. This will let you know the recent spawning of the Pokemon with its exact coordinates.

Website: https://thesilphroad.com/

2. Poke Map

If you are looking for an active Pachirisu Pokemon Go map, then you can head to this freely available website. You can know the active regions where the Pokemon has been found recently. Not just that, it will also let you know about other details of the game like raids, Pokestops, gyms, etc.

Website: https://www.pokemap.net/

3. PoGo Map

Earlier, PoGo Map was available as an app, but now you can only use its website to know the spawning of Pokemons. Since it is a global directory, you can easily use it as a Pachirisu map for Pokemon Go. You can zoom in to know the spawn location of Pachirisu with its coordinates or the exact address. Besides Pachirisu, it can also help you catch several other regional Pokemons as well.

Website: https://www.pogomap.info/location/

4. PokeHunter

PokeHunter is a well-known Pokemon GO tracker that provides exact information on PokeStops and gyms. It will inform you about the Pachirisu, ex-Raid battles, and locations of other Pokémon characters. With real-time tracking, it is accessible to all devices, such as PCs and mobile phones. Besides, this map can show the energy level of Pokemon and let you decide which to catch.

Website: https://pokehunter.co/

pokehunter pokemon go map

Part 3: How to Catch Pachirisu on Pokemon Go from Home?

If you don’t live in Canada, Alaska, or Russia, where Pachirisu is naturally spawned, then catching it can be tough. To make things easier, you can just use a location spoofer application. While there are plenty of mock GPS apps for Android devices, iPhone users often find it hard to spoof their device location. Well, in this case, I would suggest Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) that can spoof your iPhone location without jailbreaking it.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location
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With just a few clicks, you can directly teleport to anywhere in the world by entering the location’s address or its coordinates. Furthermore, you can use the application to simulate your movement and even use its GPS joystick to move smoothly. Once you have noted the coordinates or address from the Pokemon Go Pachirisu map, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone and launch the tool

To start with, just launch the Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) application on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. Grant the application the needed permissions, agree to the terms, and click on the “Get Started” button.

virtual location 01

Step 2: Teleport to any other location

After when your device is detected, Dr.Fone will automatically display its exact location on the screen. You can now go to the Teleport Mode from the top-right to spoof your location.

virtual location 03

Now, go to the search bar and just enter the address of the target location or its coordinates that you can get from a Pachirisu Pokemon Go map.

virtual location 04

Simply adjust the pin on the map so that you can drop it to the desired spot. Click on the “Move Here” button in the end to spoof your iPhone location.

virtual location 05

Step 3: Simulate your movement

Furthermore, you can even simulate your device movement to ensure that you visit the correct Pachirisu Pokemon Go spawn map location. You can go to the one-stop or multi-stop mode on the screen and drop the pins on the map. This will form a route on which you can simulate your movement at the speed of your choice.

virtual location 12

If you want to move naturally, then you can use the GPS joystick that would be enabled at the bottom of the screen. You can use your keyboard shortcuts or the mouse pointer to move in any route realistically.

virtual location 15
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FAQs about Pachirisu Pokémon GO Maps and Locations

1. Can I catch Pachirisu outside of its regional range?

Pachirisu is a regional-exclusive Pokemon that only spawns in Alaska, Canada, and Russia. It is a rare Pokemon that only inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere can catch. To get this Pokemon, you can use Wondershare Dr.Fone - Virtual Location and spoof your location to the Pachirisu region.

2. Are there any events or special occasions when Pachirisu becomes more accessible?

Yes, Pachirisu is an event-exclusive Pokemon that appears in the Pokémon GO Fest Global event. This event is restricted to a few days and limited hours, and you also need tickets to participate.


There you go! After getting to know about these Pokemon Go regional maps for Pachirisu, you can easily catch this electric-type Pokemon. Since it is not possible to go to Canada or Russia to catch it, you can use a Pachirisu Pokemon Go map to get its spawn coordinates. Later, you can use an application like Dr.Fone - Virtual Location (iOS) to spoof your iPhone location and catch a new Pachirisu without going out. For that, you don’t have to go through any technical hassle or even jailbreak your device!

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