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Geo Treasure Hunt 101: How to Locate Caches Without Moving


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Geocaching is the real deal — and a fun activity for all ages. Geo Treasure Hunt (aka Scavenger Hunt) is a location based game that involves finding hidden containers (or caches). It's the world's largest treasure hunt that combines outdoor adventure with GPS tracking. There are more than millions of geocaches hidden all around the globe in trails, urban areas, and parks.

ultimate guide to play geo treasure hunt

While playing geocache treasure hunt, you'll come across many types of caches with each one being a different variation. Often, geocachers can find a number of items in the cache, including geocoins, trinkets, souvenirs, etc. In this guide, we will focus on what a geo treasure hunt is, how to start geocaching, and how to fake GPS location during scavenger hunt geocaching without moving.

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How to Start Geo Treasure Hunt?

If you love puzzles, hide and seek, or scavenger geocache hunts, then geocaching treasure hunt is the game for you! It's a fun treasure hunt for caches and involves moving to a lot of places and finding caches. It's a low entry and budget friendly outdoor activity that's great for both kids and adults.

While there's no doubt that geocaches are everywhere, here's a question you need to tackle beforehand: how do you start the game? If you want to start a geo treasure hunt, all you need is a smartphone, a free geocaching account, and a sense of adventure. Once you've all these things ready at your disposal, here are the steps you'll need to follow:

#1 Create a Geocaching Account

Go to www.geocaching.com to create a free geocaching account and download the app on your phone. This will give you complete access to all geocaches with a difficulty rating between 1 to 1.5.

You can even upgrade to a paid plan later if you'd like to find rare and premium caches. It's a great choice if you want to make the geocache treasure hunt difficult and more rewarding.

#2 Choose a Cache to Find

Open the application on the phone and then use the map to find a nearby cache. You'll now see all the hidden caches that are near your area. On the app, you can filter the geocache search by current location, country, zip code, or state.

Simply pick the cache of your choice and then drive to the location. If you want to know more information about the cache, point your phone in the cache direction and click on the dot to view other details, like terrain, difficulty, and size.

choose a cache on the map that you want to find

#3 Find a Geocache

Next, simply select the little green circle that's available on the screen. Here, you'll see the name of the geocache and some other general information. Just tap on the green start arrow at the bottom of the screen, and the compass will guide you to the treasure while playing scavenger hunt geocaching.

There's a navigate button that will display a map on the screen and an orange line will directly link to the cache. While walking, make sure to follow the red line of the compass and adjust the bearings as the compass moves. Once you get closer to the cache, consider zooming in or expanding the map to stay on the track.

choose compass to find the hidden cache

#4 Check Out The Contents

All the geocaches have some form of a logbook — and once you find the cache, sign the logbook with your geocaching username. This will help the cache owner know that you've found the cache and won the geo treasure hunt. If there is any trackable item in the hidden container, you can take it out and replace the item with something with a higher value.

Bonus: If you have difficulty navigating the cache, you may click the hint button on the cache page. This will help you locate the cache faster and complete the treasure hunt.

How to Play Geo Treasure Hunt Without Moving/Walking?

A geo treasure hunt is a GPS game that involves finding items (or caches), cracking clues, and solving challenges. But did you know you can virtually travel to different locations to find geocaches? Well, that's true! There are many location spoofing tools that can change your current location and teleport your device to an entirely new location.

how to play geocache treasure hunt

Dr. Fone — Virtual Location tool is a GPS spoofing application for iOS17 devices. It fakes location by tricking apps that require GPS location — to avoid the risks of jailbreaking. If you are playing location-based games like Geo Treasure Hunt or Pokémon Go, the virtual location app can simulate GPS movements with customized speeds from 3.6 km/h to 108 km/h. Here's how to virtually spoof location with Dr. Fone — Virtual Location:

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  • Step 1: To start using the virtual location app, just download the Dr. Fone — Virtual Location application from its official website and install the package. Once done, launch the program on your PC and select the Get Started option.
  • Step 2: Now is the time to connect your iPhone/iPad to the PC with a reliable WiFi connection or a USB cable. Follow the on-screen instructions until the connection becomes firm and stable. Click on the Teleport Mode from the upper right corner of the PC screen.

select the teleport mode located at the upper right corner

  • Step 3: In the top left corner, you'll find the search bar to type the location where you want to teleport the device. Tap on the Enter option to proceed.

type the fake location in the search bar to teleport and click enter

  • Step 4: Once you've selected the fake location, the map on the screen will display the new location. Confirm by clicking on the Move Here button.

select move here to change gps for geo treasure hunt

  • Step 5: The location will be successfully modified on smartphone and PC. All the apps on the device that use GPS will now switch to the fake location of your choice.

the current location will be changed on the phone and pc

As you can see, Dr. Fone — Virtual Location is a helpful tool that allows you to pretend to be somewhere else — without even leaving your home.


Geocaching is a popular pastime for everyone — and the game is only two decades old. The first geocache (called GPS Stash) was hidden in 2000, and today, the number has crossed over three million active geocaches on the website. The best thing about the geo treasure hunt game is that it's basically free (as long as you have a GPS device or at least a smartphone).

If you want to make your cache treasure hunt more fun, you may choose spoofing your current location with a virtual location changer. Dr. Fone — Virtual Location is a tool that's designed for iOS17 devices and allows you to travel anywhere in the world. It's a safe location spoofer that makes virtually traveling easier and locating caches without any effort. So, why wait; just download the app and get ready to virtually visit all the places!

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