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Why Is Mega Rayquaza Banned?


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Rayquaza is a dual-type Dragon/Flying Legendary Pokémon that’s introduced in Gen III. Though it is not known for evolving into or from any other Pokémon, Pokémon Rayquaza can get its Mega Form known as Mega Pokémon if it knows Dragon Ascent. However, it is possible only if it isn’t holding a Z-Crystal. In Pokémon Omega Ruby & Sapphire, the Rayquaza much be caught before you can Mega Evolve any Rayquaza. Being Mega Rayquaza, it gains more traits and its body becomes longer. If you’re curious why Mega Rayquaza gets banned from the Uber Tier, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading to find out today!!

Part 1: Why Is Mega Rayquaza Banned?

Mega Rayquaza, the outstanding legendary Pokémon from the latest released Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, has been validated by Smogon to be extremely too obscenely overpowered for any sort of competitive play, as it’s now the first-ever Pokémon to get ban from the Uber Tier of Pokémon matches.

The reason why Pokémon Mega Rayquaza is banded from the Uber tier is that this Pokémon is viewed as extremely potent for this tier. It is tied with Mega Mewtwo Pokémon for the highest base stats of any Pokémon ever – 780 or about the firepower of 2.5 Pikachus.

Therefore, the banning of Mega Rayquaza is related to its own abilities:

  • It is the only creature in the game that doesn’t need a Mega Stone to perform Mega Evolution
  • Its capability known as “Delta Stream” impedes nearly any attack from being very effective against it
  • Its move known as “Dragon Ascent” can conquest nearly any Pokémon in the battle in one hit.

It’s essentially more potent than Uber and that’s why it gets banned from the Uber Tier.

Part 2: How To Get Mega Rayquaza?

The unique thing about Rayquaza is that it does not require Mega Stone to evolve into its Mega Form known as Mega Rayquaza. Yes, if your Rayquaza knows Dragon Ascent and is not holding Z-Crystal, then the Mega Evolution option will appear on its own. But there is one more condition and it is that you have finished the Delta episode.

It’s worth mentioning here that Mega Rayquaza Evolution in Pokémon Go isn’t here yet and it’s coming soon. But, of course, you’ll like to have at least one of this potent Pokémon when it arrives. Continue reading to learn how to evolve Rayquaza Mega in other Pokémon series.

Part 3: How To Evolve Rayquaza Mega In Detail?

Let’s now learn in-detail about evolving Rayquaza into its Mega Form.

As Rayquaza does not require Mega Stone to perform Mega Evolution, therefore it has a bit different approach to get into its Mega Form.

Step 1: You must have a Rayquaza Pokémon on hand to perform Mega Evolution. Therefore, if you have one, then the next step is taking it to Seafolk Village on Poni Island.

Step 2: Talk to the old man in the PokeCenter in the Village.

Step 3: That man will teach your Rayquaza Pokémon the Dragon Ascent move that’s required to perform Mega Evolution without needing a Mega Stone.

That’s it. Isn’t, it simple? Yes, it is.

If you’re wondering whether you should evolve Rayquaza Mega or not, then Mega Rayquaza is superior to Arceus on a mathematical basis, with a base stat total of 780 as compared to Arceus’s 720 BST. Considering the base stat total of Mega Rayquaza, you probably now got your answer.

As mentioned before also, you need to have Rayquaza on hand in order to perform Mega Evolution. If you don’t yet, then below are some handy tips to catch the Rayquaza:

1: Train numerous Pokémon to at least lv70

Rayquaza is the most potent natural Pokémon you’re going to find in the game, and it is already at level 70 when you come across it. To weaker it sufficient to catch it, you’ll require some Pokémon that are capable of holding their own against a high-level creature.

2: Acquire at least thirty ultra balls or one master ball

Use the Master ball to catch Rayquaza. However, if you don’t possess a mater ball, then you’ll require at least thirty ultra balls to catch this monster.

3: Use Dr. Fone – Virtual Location

Determine the precise location of the Pokémon to capture it in the game. On top of all, the location of the game is virtual, meaning that you can spoof the location with the assistance of Dr. Fone – Virtual Location tool on your iPhone/iPad. This will assist you in playing the game from virtual locations.

Let’s now learn how to use this tool to spoof your location.

  • Get the Dr. Fone – Virtual Location on your system.
  • Connect your iDevice to your system and tap on “Get Started”.
  • From the search bar, look for the target location.
  • Drag the pin to the target location and click the “Move Here” button.
  • The interface will show your spoof or fake location.

You can enter any location of your preference and you’ll notice that your virtual location is your current location on GPS. The reason behind it is simple – Dr.Fone has changed the location setting of your iDevice, not merely the game.

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The Bottom Line:

That’s it. We hope that this post has helped you have clean insight into why Mega Rayquaza gets banned from the Uber Tier. It’s merely because of its great abilities. As Rayquaza doesn’t require Mega Stone to perform Mega Evolution, so things become a bit easy. Go through the above post if you want some handy tips to catch Rayquaza without much hassle. Also, learn what is required for Rayquaza Mega Evolution.

And if you have any further concerns or would like to share something, feel free to let us know in the below comment section.

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