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Top 10 Pokemon Go Hacks 2023 to Help you Level Up


Sep 06, 2023 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

“I am trying my hard to level up Pokemon Go. Are there any hacks for iOS users that are proven to work and help me quickly level up?”

Many players post similar questions online in search of free Pokemon Go hacks for iOS. This post answers all their questions!

Let’s take a look at some tested hacks and cheats that will improve your Pokemon Go experience.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 1

Part 1:10 hacks to cheat on Pokemon Go iOS

While most of these are Pokemon Go hack iOS free, you may sometimes have to pay a little to level up.

Hack 1: Use Your Bike or Skyboard

This oldest trick is believed to work because biking and skyboarding are close to walking speed to work. That’s why you can use it hatch eggs while biking or skyboarding. But make sure you test these modes to find out the speed to travel at.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 2

For this cheat, all you need is to tie your phone carefully on the skyboard or your bike. Cover the required distance to catchy more Pokemons and hatch more eggs.

While you will have to walk, the efforts are far less as compared to walking. Be safe, and don’t focus solely on catching new Pokemons. Ride the skyboard or bike slowly to ensure that the gaming app does not detect fast movements. Try out this Pokemon Go hack free iOS.

Hack 2: Catch Pokemons Using Pokédrone from Your Backyard

Pokemon Go players are increasingly approaching the help of drones to play the game with ease and more fun. A group of engineers in the UK found an enjoyable way to play Pokemon Go using a quadcopter from their rooftop without moving even an inch.

They used the GPS of their iOS device and camera to catch hard-to-access Pokemons in real-world locations. His Pokemon Go hack free iOS will let you catch Pokemons with ease.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 3

The player added that this hack would allow the players to collect items and level up without grinding or using in-app purchases. In addition, the drone hack would provide plenty of time to enjoy the game instead of having it played with a lot of challenges.

Hack 3: Botting

Botting can also be termed as automated spoofing. Players travel the PokéScape with fake plenty of fake characters and scripts, while collecting high-level Pokemons.

Botting is financed by players who buy accounts and online maps that feature donation buttons and ads. It is important to note that recent updates in Pokemon Go can make the cheat harder than it was earlier.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 4

One such update is shadowbans that allows bot accounts to see only common Pokemons. The update can even slash out Pokémons you might have obtained illegitimately. So you have to be very careful while using this cheat.

Hack 4: Use an iOS Location Spoofer

Since Pokemon Go is a location-based game, it is possible that some Pokemons may or may not be available in and around your location. To combat this limitation, many players opt for GPS spoofing. Spoofing tricks the device and the game to believe that you are somewhere else, not in your actual location. It is one of the most commonly used Pokemon Go free hack iOS.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 5

Fortunately, there are many iOS GPS spoofing apps available to choose from. Dr.Fone- Virtual Location (iOS) is one of the best iOS location spoofing apps. Note that with increasing updates in Pokemon Go, the game is getting smarter at detecting cheats, including location spoofing. So, make sure you use this hack carefully and tactfully.

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For this illustration, we are using Dr.fone to see how to use GPS spoofing for Pokemon Go:

Step 1: To load the app on your iOS device, go to Dr.fone official website. Download and install the app on your device. Next, connect your iOS device with your PC.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 6

Step 2: Next, to change the location of your device, tap the ‘Virtual Location’ option at Dr.Fone home screen. It will open up another window.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 7

Step 3: Tap Get Started and choose the desired fake location on the map of Dr.Fone app. At the top-right corner of the window, you will see three icons. Click on the third one that is Teleport. Tap on any location or you can enter the location name at the search box on the left side.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 8

Step 4: Now, you have set your virtual location in the Dr.Fone map view. If you notice any controversy in that location, go back and change it again to be safe.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 9

Step 5: For GPS location spoofing on your iPhone map, open your current location. You will see that your virtual address is your current location now. It’s because Dr.Fone has successfully modified the location setting of your device, not just the game.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 10

You are done! Start catching more Pokemons to level up your game.

Hack 5: Hatch More Pokemon Eggs

Another Pokemon Go free hack iOS is to hatch more eggs and keep leveling up. And, to hatch more eggs, you need more incubators. However, when the game begins, you get only one incubator with unlimited use.

Now, the good news! You can buy more incubators by using your Pokecoins. So you can hatch more eggs at the same time.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 11

It is important to note that incubators you get with Pokecoins will break after three uses. So, it is surely going to cost you actual money.

Luckily, there are some hacks to get more Pokecoins for free. Such hack successfully defends Pokemon Gyms that you may find anywhere from park benches to local statues.

For every day, throughout the duration you keep the gym in your possession, you will earn 10 Gold PokeCoins. Collect them from the shop that you will find in the app and buy more incubators.

Hack 6: Skip Annoying & Time-Consuming Animations

With this nifty trick, you can move quickly from the lobby to a Boss battle without wasting your time with pointless animation. Skipping the catch animation can save you up to 20 seconds that, in the long-term, will save you a tremendous amount of time.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 12

Check out these steps to skip the catch animation entirely:

Step 1: Tap on the desired Pokémon. With your off-hand, swipe from left to right while leaving your finger down on the screen’s left.

Step 2: Use the good hand to throw the Poké Ball.

Step 3: Lift your finger once the Poké Ball hits the Pokémon you want to catch.

Step 4: Exit the Poké Ball selector, and tap the Run icon to leave the encounter.

Check out these steps to skip the Raid start animation:

free pokemon go hacks for ios 13

You can skip from the lobby to the raid, using these steps:

Step 1: Create an empty team and join a Raid.

Step 2: Pick your empty team and wait for Raid to start.

Step 3: Finally, pick your real team.

As a result, you will be kicked back to the rejoin screen and rebounded back into the Raid with no animation screen.

Hack 7: Get A Portable Charger

Honestly, Pokemon Go quickly saps your battery. So if you are unfortunate, your device will go dead due to low battery when you are about to catch a Pokemon, far from your location.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 14

So, invest in a portable battery! It’s a must-have collectible for those who are addicted to the game and don’t want to worry about the drained battery. This little investment can be a great contributor in leveling you up in the game.

Hack 8: Don’t Underestimate Common Pokemon

Many players think that common Pokemons are not worth it. That’s a mistake! Regular Pokemons can gradually help you level up.

When you transfer a Pokemon to a professor, you get candy. You can use this candy to power up your current team. In fact, it is a good Pokemon Go hack free download iOS.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 15

So, never think that common Pokemons are worthless. Trading them can get you winning perks in the long-term.

Hack 9: Tap X At Pokéstops

With Pokestops, you have to spend a lot of time grabbing goodies. Hit each bubble that takes only a second but feels dragging and annoying.

Fortunately, you can bypass this act by clicking on the X at the bottom of your screen. It will automatically transfer everything to your account. Did you know that? Frankly, many players don’t!

free pokemon go hacks for ios 16

Hack 10: Add More Friends Quickly

At some moments, Pokemon Go asks you to add new friends to the game. The main purpose of this act is to motivate other people to play together. It is truly daunting to add new people quickly. This is a good Pokemon Go hack free download iOS.

Fortunately, you can make it easy! Simply go to your Friend List. Remove your friend and re-add them. It is not going to affect your friendship and will count as adding new friends. Win-win, no?

Part 2: Distinguish between the free and paid

You need to be extra careful with Pokemon Go hack free iOS. Make sure you read what other players say about free cheats before using them. Using some illegitimate and poor hacks can get you banned from the game. The same goes for paid hacks.

free pokemon go hacks for ios 17

It is not that paid cheats are entirely safe. You should use the proven ones only. One of the best ways to differentiate between good and bad hacks is reaching out to the Pokemon Go Reddit community. On this platform, you can get ideas from fellow players who will guide you On Pokemon Go hack iOS free download and paid ones as well.

Bottom Line

Now, you have it all! These hacks and cheats will make you a master of Pokemon Go. Use these free Pokemon Go hacks for iOS to level up and boost your gaming experience.


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