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Top 10 Pokemon Go Hacks 2024 to Help you Level Up


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

use free pokemon go hacks for ios

Isn’t Pokemon Go a historic event? Just hear us out: this smartphone game was downloaded over 1 billion times and has over 82 million players! When it first came out in 2016, it broke all records. Eight years later, it’s still as fun and awesome as on the first day.

For those of you who are only now joining the craze, we should warn you – the world of Pokemon Go is virtually endless. It isn’t the kind of game you complete. The best you can do is level up, which can be very difficult without free Pokemon Go hacks for iOS and Android.

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Part 1. The Legality and Morality of Using Free Pokemon Go Hacks for Ios

level up by catching more pokemon

So, let’s not beat around the bush. We know why you’re here. Yes, you. You’ve been playing fair and square for a while, and now you want to know – are Pokemon Go hacks allowed? Everyone’s talking about different cheats and exploits, but are they even legal to use?

The answer is yes; it is perfectly legal to level up in Pokemon Go using free hacks. However, certain cheats are explicitly forbidden by Niantic, Inc., and you can get banned for taking advantage of them. We suggest reading the Player Guidelines and Terms of Service for clarity.

Another question is – Is cheating in Pokemon Go moral? Well, that’s almost a philosophical quandary. If you’re itching for a boost but don’t want to anger the community, you should seek advice on community channels like Reddit or Quora. Other players will tell you like it is.

Part 2. Best Free Pokemon Go IOS Hacks for Levelling Up

level up by catching rare pokemon

Without further ado, here are the best free Pokemon Go hacks for iOS:

Use a Free Location Spoofer to Level Up

If you’ve been researching this topic before, you’ve undoubtedly heard about location spoofing. That’s arguably the most widely used but also the most controversial Pokemon Go cheat. GPS spoofing refers to hiding your device’s true location and assuming a different one.

One of Pokemon Go’s biggest draws is that players must go out and explore the real world. Even though Niantic, Inc. has relaxed this rule a bit during Covid, so players could join the Pokemon hunt while in lockdown, moving around is still a massive part of leveling up.

How do you cover enough miles without actually covering them? That’s right – by faking your location. The only problem is that location spoofing on an iPhone is tricky.

One of the easiest ways to spoof your location on an iPhone is using Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS, an app for phone management, but it has a feature called Virtual Location that simulates movement. In other words, you can move around without moving at all.

Here’s how to do it:

safe Downloadsafe & secure
  1. Download the app from the official website and install it on your computer.
  2. Now, connect your iPhone to the computer and let Fonerecognize it.
  3. Select the Virtual Location option from the home screen.

select virtual location in dr fone

  1. Hit the Get Started button to begin spoofing your location.

get started with location spoofing in dr fone

  1. Turn on the Teleport mode by clicking the third icon on the right.
  2. Now, choose any location on the map or type in the address in the search box.

add virtual location to dr fone

  1. The location indicator should point to your new virtual location on the map.

check location indicator in dr fone

  1. Go to your iPhone map to check if it has synced with your new Dr.Fone location.

check iphone location

  1. Go back to Foneto create a virtual route from your current location. You can add one or more addresses, choose speed, and even make it a round trip if you want to. Click Start Moving to begin simulating movement and leveling up in Pokemon Go.

create a virtual route in dr fone

Move Around Quickly (Electric Scooter, Bike)

move around quickly to level up in pokemon go

Movement is crucial for success in Pokemon Go, but one thing the game doesn’t specify is what kind of movement. In fact, Pokemon Go doesn’t care if you walk, run, or cycle. If you want to cross longer distances without using the location spoofing hack, this is how you do it.

Be warned! Don’t forget that using a phone while steering a wheel (be that a car, scooter, or bike) is incredibly dangerous. Please be responsible while participating in traffic.

The Pokemon Go community has grown increasingly more creative since the game arrived in 2016, and there are plenty of ideas you can borrow. For example, many players on Reddit swear by moving around quickly on rollerblades or skateboards. Free hands, good speed!

Make the Most of Lucky Eggs

use lucky eggs to level up in pokemon go

As you probably know, the Lucky Egg doubles your experience gains for 30 minutes (or longer during special events). The more you level up, the more Lucky Eggs you receive. The more Lucky Eggs you’ve got, the easier it is to level up. We know. It’s a Pokemon version of Catch-22.

Nevertheless, a Lucky Egg is a key boost item in Pokemon Go, and you should make the most of your Lucky Eggs. That includes using Lucky Eggs when they are the most powerful.

These are the best times to utilize Lucky Eggs in Pokemon Go:

  • During special events (more on that later).
  • For catching the first Pokemon in the 7-day Research streak.
  • For evolving multiple Pokemon.
  • When opening a friend’s gift that will increase your friendship level.

If you can’t collect enough Lucky Eggs organically in time for a big event, you can buy one from the in-game shop for 80 PokeCoins or get a bundle of 8 Lucky Eggs for 500 PokeCoins.

Don’t Miss Pokemon Go Events

Pokemon Go events are the greatest time to level up in the game. It’s an opportunity to skyrocket your XP and catch Pokemon that are usually difficult to spot in the wild. Niantic, Inc. hosts regional Pokemon Go events all the time – the next one will take place in LA in February.

To advance faster, you should become a regular on the official Pokemon Go Events page and prepare for every upcoming event. Once again, visit Reddit for tips and tricks.

Skip Time-Consuming Animations

Does it sometimes feel like playing Pokemon Go is just waiting for long animations to be over? If your answer is yes, you still haven’t figured out how to skip animations.

For example, veteran Pokemon Go players use a little trick called Fast Catch. As suggested by name, Fast Catch allows you to catch a Pokemon quickly by skipping a Pokeball animation.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. With your non-throwing hand, quickly swipe the Pokeball switcher icon from right to left.
  2. You can achieve the same effect by swiftly swiping the Berry switcher icon from left to right.
  3. Keep your finger firmly on the icon. The Pokeball drawer won’t open, but that’s OK.
  4. Throw the Pokeball at the Pokemon using your throwing hand. Don’t move your left finger yet, but wait until after the Pokemon gets hit.
  5. Now, lift your finger. The Pokemon drawer will open now, so be ready to hit Escape as quickly apossiblean.

skip animations to level up faster in pokemon go

Add New Friends

Becoming in-game friends with other Trainers is fun, alright, but there are other reasons to make new pals in Pokemon Go, too. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but having many friends can boost your Trainer XP and open up new opportunities for advancing in this game.

There are challenges that you just can’t tackle alone in Pokemon Go. For example, you need help to take down some of the tougher Pokemon in 5-star and Legendary raids.

The app allows you to add 400 friends to your list, after which you must delete some of them to make space for new entries. You can add players you know or complete strangers as long as you have their unique Trainer Code (and they accept your request).

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Trainer Profile.
  2. Tap the Friends tab at the top of the screen, which will open your Friend List.

access friends list in pokemon go

  1. Tap the Add Friend
  2. Enter the Trainer Code or tap the QR Code tab on the top corner to scan their QR Code.
  3. You can also tap Add Facebook Friends to import your friends list. You will see a list of suggested Facebook friends that are also Pokemon Go players.

add new friends in pokemon go

  1. Tap on Send Friend Request.

One of the best free Pokemon Go hacks for iOS is to add Pokemon Go friends from Reddit. If you visit a subreddit like r/PokemonGoFriends, you will find many Trainer Codes that you can add to your Friend List. You can also leave your Trainer Code for other players to add you.

Use Lure Modules When You’re in Pokestops

If only there were a way to lure Pokemon into a stationary location… Wait, there is! It’s called the Lure Module, and you can use it to attract 5-10 Pokemon (sometimes even more) to the Pokestop. The Lure Module stays active for 30 minutes. Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Tap on the Pokestop where you want to lure Pokemon.

tap on the pokestop to use lure module

  1. Tap on the little pill-shaped button above the photo disc.
  2. The Module menu will pop up. Tap on the Lure Module.

tap on the pokestop to use lure module

Use Incense to Lure Pokemon to You

Similar to the Lure Module, Incense enables you to lure Pokemon. The difference is that Incense is used for wild Pokemon, which you lure to your location and remains active for 60 minutes. There are different types of Incense, each attracting a particular type of Pokemon.

Here’s how to use Incense:

  1. Tap the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Go into Items and select the Incense you want to use.

use incense to attract pokemon

You will receive more Incense as you level up and complete Special Research tasks. If you’ve used up all your supplies but need Incense super fast, you can buy a green one at the in-game shop for 40 PokeCoins (or a bundle of 8 Incense for 250 PokeCoins).

Catch the Right Pokemon

catch valuable pokemon to level up faster

Of course, the most sure-fire and fun way to level up in Pokemon Go is by catching more Pokemon. That’s what this game is all about, after all. There are 1,025 Pokemon in the game right now, some more valuable than others. So the question is, what is the best Pokemon to catch?

If you’re in a rush to level up, you should aim for the easiest prey. Collect entry-level Pokemon such as Pidgey and Eevee. These species carry a lot of XP points, but they are not difficult to catch. When you catch enough of them, you can start hunting for legendary and rare Pokemon.

Defeat Other Pokemon in the Gym

Finally, you will level up fast if you defeat many other Trainers in the Gym. You will need a good team for this, so keep catching and evolving Pokemon to create the best type matchups.

Gym battling is not easy to master, and you’ll need some time to develop a winning strategy.


If you have a reason to believe that your Pokemon Go account was hacked, please contact Niantic Inc. for help. They will refer you to their Compromised Account Recovery assistant, provided that your account was compromised no more than 72 hours prior, that you have no previous violations of their Terms of Services, and that you can provide evidence of ownership.
You can use hacks to level up in Pokemon Go as long as they are not strictly forbidden by Niantic’s Player Guide and Terms of Services. Otherwise, your account might get banned.
Some of the best free iOS hacks for Pokemon Go include location spoofing, using boost items like Lucky Eggs and Incense, moving around quickly on rollerblades or skateboards, and skipping time-consuming animations.


Although patience is a virtue in the world of Pokemon Go, you’re allowed to cut a few corners to level up. If you can’t wait to move past the beginner levels, you should improve your chances by spoofing your location with a reliable app and moving around as fast as you can.

In addition to that, you should make the most of your Lucky Eggs, Incenses, and Lure Modules. Also, take advantage of opportunities that can boost your XP, such as Pokemon Go events, adding new friends, catching valuable species, and developing a good team for Gym battles.

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