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Tinder Location Wrong? Here is the Solution!


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

Tinder, one of the most well-known Dating applications accessible on iOS and Android permits clients to discover their matches based on their preferences. The free version of Tinder permits individuals to find matches close by to their location. That implies you'll have the option to see matches from the individuals living close to your area. Now, several users may have questions like: What will happen if Tinder won’t load location? Is it possible to change my location on Tinder? Journey with me as I try to answer these and other questions that borders Tinder Users!

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Tinder has developed into such a vast application that it looks like every lonely person in the single world (and a handful who are not single) utilizes it from college students searching for love outside the campus to hot-to-run grandparents prepared to step back out of the town and everyone in between. Individuals are discovering companions, dates, companions with-advantages and life accomplices by swiping right. In any case, Tinder has one significant flaw, particularly for individuals who live in littler urban areas. It is altogether conceivable to out-swipe the nearby dating pool, leaving you stranded once more.

There are a lot of motivations to look outside your general area. When the nearby scene begins to feel dull, you may choose to do your shopping somewhat more distant away from home. Or on the other hand, you intend to go to do some traveling around, and it is lovely to meet some new people while you're on the way. Possibly you will be moving soon, and you'd prefer to become more acquainted with the new scene before you land. If there’s any reason to change your location or fix location issues, we have got you covered. All you have to do is to read on.

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What is Tinder location?

Like some other application that monitors your location, Tinder comprehends your location by utilizing the GPS signal from your smartphone. This implies that your position will update to reflect where you are right now at whatever point you launch the app. If you don't open Tinder, the application can't get to your location (reliant upon your permissions).

Each time your GPS location changes (say, when you're on tour), you'll get a more significant number of matches than you regularly do because Tinder boosts "new users" in a region. This makes it simpler for sightseers or new occupants to discover potential dates in new places.

Tinder shouldn't require an introduction. It's the application that has changed web-based dating forever for anybody under 40 and has generated many contenders, all competing for similar clients. Taking everything into account, it's a beautiful application that does a great job of discovering your dates.

One question is prevalent when we talk about the application. The question is always about whether you can cover up or change your area on Tinder. Since Tinder utilizes your area to assist you with discovering dates. The option to alter or hide where the application thinks you are can affect your possible capacity matches.

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If you've at any point posed this question yourself, we have got your back. Let’s see whether you can change or hide your location in Tinder.

Tinder likewise utilizes your Wi-Fi to decide your location, so it's especially hard to manipulate your GPS when utilizing this application.

You can't conceal your location on Tinder. It is a location-based application that utilizes geography and distance to sort your likely matches. If you turn GPS on, it uses your telephone's location to track where you are. If you turn your GPS off, it utilizes what cell data it can accumulate. Also, if you're using Wi-Fi, it will utilize that.

Regardless of whether you had the option to conceal the location area from Tinder, it would make the application pretty much trivial. You would not, at this point, have the ability to view individuals in your general vicinity, nor would anybody be able to view your profile. On the other hand, you can change your location by utilizing a GPS spoofing application. Some, despite everything, work, while others don't. As such, that can entirely be a hit or miss.

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So, if you need to conceal your Tinder activities from people, do a lot of traveling, or need to look for matches in a location other than where you are, how would you do it?

In the case where you can swipe in new places, Tinder offers you the possibility of accomplishing such a feat.

While there is a free form of Tinder, you can buy an advanced version called Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. This membership will cost you a few dollars every month. It will present you with Tinder Passport, among other mouth-watering features.

Tinder Passport permits you to change your area at whatever point you want. For instance, if you intend to move to another city and need to search for matches before you arrive. You can go into your settings and manually modify your area to your destined to-be new home.

To be a subscribed member on Tinder, open the application, select Settings, at that point, select Get Tinder Gold or plus. Next, only enter your payment details and enjoy the new highlights.

Changing your location with Tinder Passport is straightforward:

  1. Choose your profile from inside Tinder.
  2. Choose Settings and Swiping in or Location relying upon your telephone.
  3. Select “Add a New Location.”
  4. Change your area to the ideal spot.
  5. Choose “Don't Show My Distance if appropriate.”

While the location determination process is basic, it isn't precisely as direct as Tinder makes out. It can take as long as 24 hours to appear in a new area search. So in the case where you're going to be away for a day, you have to plan well if you desire to secure a date.

Choosing "Don't Show My Distance" may assist you with getting a match in certain conditions. In case you're at home and need to see where Tinder clients are, far and wide. Regardless of whether you change your search area, your residence location will not change. So, in case you're in New York and are searching in Texas, it will say you are a thousand miles away. Anybody you swipe is going to realize you're utilizing Passport and is probably not going to swipe back.

If you travel for pleasure or work and need to discover nearby dates in the urban communities you visit, you don't have to choose "Don't Show My Distance." If you have GPS operating on your device, Tinder will locate where you are and reveal the genuine separation between you and your match. I have just attempted this a few times, yet appeared to work fine.

That delay merits remembering, though. As I have mentioned earlier, you may need to hold up for at least 24 hours to show up in local searches before your profile starts showing up in your new area. However, you should see local matches right away and have the option to swipe as usual. If you swipe right, that match will have the opportunity to see your area. Whether your location has been updated or not yet, the distance might be misreported.

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What kinds of tinder location wrong do you meet?

There are quite many location-related issues that are likely to arise on Tinder. Below are some of the problems.

  1. Tinder Cannot access your location.
  2. Tinder location won't change, no matter where you go.
  3. The users I see are far from my location.
  4. Tinder location wrong
  5. Tinder won't load location
  6. Tinder not loading location

How to fix tinder location wrong?

To fix location-related issues on Tinder, there are some possible solutions you could try out.

  1. Restart your app/smartphone: The first thing to try out when you encounter problems with your location is to restart the app. If the problems persist, you can go ahead and restart your device.
  2. Use a spoof software: Another possible solution to resolving location-related issues on Tinder is using spoof software. Below are the steps to follow in using spoof software.

For Android Users

  • Ensure you've downloaded any of the spoof software (either free or paid) from the Google Play Store. 
  • When you go to the Developer Settings, search for Allow Mock Locations and tap it. 
  • Choose the application which controls mock areas from the settings. 
  • Finally, run the application, alter the area to your choice, and tap Save.

Once the procedure is complete, the area will remain the way you’ve set it, except if you deactivate on the off chance that you'd prefer to remove the application, deactivate mock location from Developer Settings before removing the application to keep the smartphone from being stuck in the earlier selected location.

For iOS Users

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to the application

Above all else, associate your iPhone/iPad to the PC and start the Dr.Fone toolbox on it. You can activate the "Virtual Location" feature from its home page. This will show the interface of the Virtual Location application on the screen. Agree to its terms and snap on the "Start" catch to start things off.

  • Teleport to a new area

A feature that looks like a map will show on the screen. To play out a Tinder counterfeit area, go to the "Transport Mode,"

When you enter the new area, a pin accompanies it.

You would now have the option to alter the pin and click "move Now" catch to adjust your area. Your area would now be altered on the device, and it will be visible on Dr.Fone's interface as well. To check it, you can similarly open the GPS application (Maps or Google Maps) on your iPhone and see whether your location has changed.

Facebook Method: Tinder is fused with your Facebook account and, therefore, requires Facebook for your essential data, for instance, age, name, and area. Since Tinder won't permit you to refresh straightforwardly using the application, you'll have to adjust your Facebook area to refresh your Tinder area.

    1. Click on the Facebook app to open. Quest for the Facebook application on your cell phone. It's the blue image with the little white letter "f" on it. Tap to open.
    2. Explore to About page. Tap on your name situated on the header toolbar. You will be brought to your Timeline or wall.

Tap the About tab straightforwardly underneath your profile picture, and you will be taken to your page.

    1. Check the spots you've lived in. One of your profile data is for your current city. Quest for "Live in" and click on it. You will be brought to the "Spots You've Lived" zone. Your present city, an old neighborhood, and the various spots you've lived will appear.
    2. Incorporate the city. On your current City data, tap the "Add city" interface. Another screen will display for this occasion or story to be inputted. This is the spot you select your new area and all the essential data accompanying it.

Input the location and region of your new area and snap the "make" button at the base. Your new area will be incorporated and recorded with your history and profile.

  1. Exit Facebook. You play out this activity by tapping your cell phone's Back or Home icon.

Run Tinder. Look for the application on your cell phone; it's the orange fire image. Tap on the symbol to launch Tinder.


I believe this article will go a long way to help you resolve the location-related issues you are facing on Tinder. Feel free to reach us if you have questions or suggestions.

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