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Ultimate Guide to Free PPTP VPN For Beginners


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

PPTP, which stands for Point to Point Tunneling Protocol is one of the oldest and most trusted ways of implementing a VPN. It was developed by Microsoft and uses a GRE tunnel with a TCP control channel to bypass various geo-based restrictions. Since free PPTP VPN has been around for years now and is pretty easy to setup, it is quite popular as well. Read on and learn the basics of PPTP VPN free with a free PPTP VPN list as well.

Part 1: What is PPTP VPN?

The free VPN PPTP was earlier introduced by Windows, but was later adopted by all the other platforms like Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, etc. Even though the layer of encryption in free PPTP VPN is not as secure as other protocols, it makes it pretty fast. Due to this, the PPTP VPN is widely used to bypass location-based restrictions.

  • The free VPN PPTP supplies data into packets and send them through a tunnel to attain a secure communication.
  • Data is encrypted and its authenticity is kept intact. Due to this, the free PPTP VPN is extensively used in public networks as well.
  • It supports the 128-bit Point to Point encryption.
  • It is quite easy to setup PPTP free VPN (only the server address, username, and password are needed).
  • Even though PPTP is secure and pretty fast, it is not as safe as other protocols (that support 256-bit encryption). It is believed that the government is now able to crack it.
  • The tunneling is of two types in PPTP – Voluntary and Compulsory. Voluntary tunneling is initiated from the client’s end while compulsory tunneling is initiated from the server’s end. Compulsory tunneling should be supported by the router.
free pptp vpn connection

By attaining a free VPN PPTP server, you can easily connect to it. For instance, if you wish to connect to Singapore, you would need free PPTP VPN Singapore host IP. We have provided a free PPTP VPN list in the next section.

Part 2: Free PPTP VPN Server List

To make things easier for you to connect to a free PPTP VPN server, we have come up with a working and free PPTP VPN list right here. This includes free PPTP VPN Singapore, Canada, UK, USA, and other countries.

Server Username Password Country
1. us1.vpnbook.com vpnbook 88wxtet USA
2. us2.vpnbook.com vpnbook 88wxtet USA
3. ca1.vpnbook.com vpnbook 88wxtet Canada
4. de233.vpnbook.com vpnbook 88wxtet Germany
5. fr1.vpnbook.com vpnbook 88wxtet France
6. it.vpnjantit.com vpnjantit.com i0ryj Italy
7. sg1.vpnjantit.com vpnjantit.com i0ryj Singapore
8. sg2.vpnjantit.com vpnjantit.com i0ryj Singapore
9. sg3.vpnjantit.com vpnjantit.com i0ryj Singapore
10. usa1.vpnjantit.com vpnjantit.com i0ryj USA
11. gr.vpnjantit.com vpnjantit.com i0ryj Germany
12. uk.realfreevpn.com realfreevpn 25570 UK
13. de.realfreevpn.com realfreevpn 93937 Germany
14. fr.realfreevpn.com realfreevpn 76216 France
15. us1.superfreevpn.com free 1596 USA (Miami)
16. us2.superfreevpn.com free 2737 USA (Chicago)
17. uk.superfreevpn.com free 7833 UK (London)
18. ca.superfreevpn.com free 1251 Canada (Montreal)
19. nl.superfreevpn.com free 2988 Netherlands (Brabant)
20. us.websitevpn.com websitevpn.com freevpn USA
21. uk.websitevpn.com websitevpn.com freevpn UK
22. ca.justfreevpn.com justfreevpn Canada Free VPN Account Canada
23. uspptp.hotfreevpn.com free 1234 USA
24. pptp ykDJYnCIirN France
25. contassh abcd1234 Singapore
26. contassh abcd1234 Singapore
27. contassh abcd1234 Netherlands
28. contassh abcd1234 Netherlands
29. contassh abcd1234 UK
30. contassh abcd1234 UK
31. contassh abcd1234 USA
32. sshagan abcd1234 Singapore
33. sshagan abcd1234 Singapore
34. sshagan abcd1234 Singapore
35. sshagan abcd1234 UK
36. sshagan abcd1234 UK
37. sshagan abcd1234 USA
38. sshagan abcd1234 USA
39. sshagan abcd1234 USA
40. sshagan abcd1234 USA

Part 3: How to Setup Free PPTP VPN on Your Computer?

After getting to know about so many free PPTP VPN Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, and other countries, you can easily learn how to set up a PPTP VPN free. The process is quite simple and can be implemented in all the leading versions of Windows (and other operating systems). Though, there could be a slight change in the overall interface of the OS you are using. To set up free VPN PPT, follow these steps:

1. To start with, launch Control Panel and go to the Network and Sharing Center.

2. From here, you need to select the “Set up a new connection or network” option to start the process.

free pptp vpn connection

3. This will launch a new wizard that can be used to setup a PPTP VPN free. Out of all the provided options, select the “Connect to a workplace” option.

connect to a workplace

4. On the next window, you would be given an option to either dial directly or use a VPN. Click on the “Use my Internet Connection (VPN)” option to continue.

Use my Internet Connection

5. Great! Now, you need to provide information related to the host and server. You can refer the free PPTP VPN list we have provided in the previous section and pick the server (and hostname) of your choice.

6. As you would proceed to the next window, you need to provide the username and password of the PPTP VPN free you are using. The same can be obtained from our free PPTP VPN list.

7. In the end, just click on the “Create” button to use your VPN. It will be listed under the available networks.

8. Sometimes, we have to change Network Settings to make it work. To do this, just select the VPN you have created and visit its Properties.

change nerwork settings

9. Go to the Security tab and make sure the type of VPN is listed as PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol). Also, the data encryption option should be “Optional Encryption (Connect even if no encryption)” and the option for “Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)” should be selected for “Allow these protocols”.

pptp vpn properties

10. Furthermore, you can go to the General tab to make sure the server is specified correctly.

11. Once it is done, you can save these changes and exit the interface. Now, go to the list of available networks and connect to the free PPTP VPN you have created.

connect to free pptp vpn

That’s it! By following these steps, you would be able to create a free PPTP VPN Singapore, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, or any other location. Simply give this tutorial a try and pick the preferred option from our free PPTP VPN list. If you also have a suggestion for a free VPN PPTP that you want to add to your list, then let us know about it in the comments below.

Part 4: An Easier Alternative to Setup VPN

You may find that there is a steep learning curve ahead to master PPTP VPN setup. In addition, the ways to set up PPTP VPN are quite different for various devices and PCs.

Is there an easier alternative to setup VPN?

Yes. There are quite a few easy-to-use VPN services available in the market, among which, NordVPN is one considered reliable by many users.

Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Supports VPN access on PCs and phones (even browser plugins available).
  • Intuitive interface and easy operations.
  • Offers 24/7 customer service.
  • As low as about 3 USD per month.
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