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How to Get Quickly Get Many Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive


May 29, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

a guide to efficiently catching dinos

2018 was a fantastic year for all Jurassic Park fans, as not only did the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sequel come out, but Ludia and Jam City also published Jurassic World: Alive. This augmented reality location-based mobile game quickly became incredibly popular, luring millions of dinosaur enthusiasts.

Although the game introduced excellent spawn mechanics, tons of free resources, and plenty to do, players still needed help catching all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs. Today, with an even longer Jurassic World Alive dino list, the struggle is even greater.

Worry not, though. Today’s guide will explore the current Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs and teach you how to catch them, obtain resources, and improve your battle skills. Let’s get into it.

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Part 1. Jurassic World Alive List of Dinosaurs

complete jurassic world alive dino list

From its initial release on Mar 14, 2018, Jurassic World Alive has been slowly adding new dinosaurs from all periods of Earth’s history. Today, the complete Jurassic World Alive dino list has almost 400 entries, and you can learn more about each creature on the game’s wiki page.

On another note, all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs differ in rarity, with the following types: common, rare, epic, legendary, unique, apex, cunning, cunning-fierce, cunning-resilient, fierce, fierce-resilient, resilient, and wild card.

Part 2. How to Get Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

Characterized by gameplay similar to one of the original mobile-based AR games – Pokemon GO, Jurassic World Alive is filled with dinosaurs of countless species. Your goal is to add them to your collection.

You can do that by roaming around your neighborhood or traveling and using drones and other tools to engage in dinosaur encounters and collect DNA samples. After all, you’re supposed to collect as many DNA samples as possible to preserve various dinosaur species.

Of course, you can also battle with other players in the arena, which will give you more XP, drones, and other items to boost your dinosaur-collecting abilities.

Part 3. Jurassic World Alive Dinosaur Collection and Evolution

jurassic world alive dinosaur evolution

Unlike Pokemon GO, which influenced Jurassic World Alive, there’s no chance when it comes to dinosaur engagement and collection. Here, it’s all about DNA samples; when you collect enough of these, your encounters can go incredibly smoothly.

Every dinosaur you add to your collection will grant around 50 points, and there’s even an option of paying a monthly subscription to get DNA samples for dinosaurs that don’t spawn near your area but more on the Jurassic World Alive dino list spawn points later.

On another note, evolution in Jurassic World Alive works differently than Pokemon GO.

Dinosaurs from your area are characterized by type, rarity, health, speed, armor, damage, and critical chance. From there, you can use coins and DNA samples to combine two similar-level dinos and create a new one that’ll be one level higher than the two you combined.

You can also create hybrids out of these creatures, making an entirely new species of dinosaurs.

Part 4. Getting the Resources for Catching Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

Like Pokemon GO’s PokeStops, Jurassic World Alive uses supply drops, which are map locations where players can collect resources. These supply stations fuel players with coins, darts, and cash, which are vital for your gameplay.

You can use coins with DNA samples to fuel your dinosaur evolution and increase your creatures’ levels, while darts help you gather these same DNA samples from around the neighborhood and spawn points. Conversely, cash can be used to buy special incubators, from which you can get DNA samples and other great prizes to fuel your gaming experience.

Special events are another great way to get resources. These regular occasions let players collect more DNA samples than they would for just walking around. They also give users access to rare dinos that might not have spawn points near these players.

Part 5. How to Improve Your Battle Skills to Get More Dinosaurs

improve battle skills in jwa

One of the many aspects of all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs is their use in the arena, where players can create teams of dinosaurs and battle against each other. Yet, many new players struggle with increasing their rank and placing better on the leaderboard, so we’re including some tips to help you improve.

  • Read About Version Changes– Dinosaurs are constantly updated with every Jurassic World Alive version, and knowing about these changes can help you create a better team.
  • Research Top Players– Studying the dino teams of the arena’s best players can give you an idea of which creatures work better in battle, allowing you to invest more time in those dinos.
  • Balance Your Team– Winning in the arena requires tactics, and you can’t just put in a few legendary dinos and call it a day. Instead, you’ll need to combine tanky creatures and those with vicious and powerful attacks, as well as combining fierce, resilient, and wild card dinosaurs.
  • Evolve Your Dinos– Although you can undoubtedly win without high-level dinosaurs when you employ great tactics, evolving your creatures helps you win some battles.

While you’re geared with tips to help you climb the ranks in the arena, you shouldn’t expect an overnight change. Improving your battle skills takes time and practice, but you’ll improve in a few weeks or months as long as you keep at it.

Part 6. Jurassic World Alive Dinosaur Spawn Mechanics

The dinosaur you encounter in Jurassic World Alive depends on your area, a game mechanic similar to Pokemon GO’s spawn zones. With that said, all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs also have their specific spawn mechanics, which can be categorized into the following groups:

  • Global Spawns– These dinosaurs spawn everywhere on Earth, but most only appear at a particular time of day.
  • Local Spawns– Unlike global spawns, local ones appear during specific times of the day, but only in some regions divided into groups, such as Local 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Park Spawns– Similar to local spawns, park spawns are dinosaurs that appear in map areas usually covered in nature.
  • Daily Dinosaurs– Patch 1.7 has added additional global spawn creatures that are only available on certain days of the week.
  • Continental Exclusives– These creatures aren’t as challenging to obtain as Pokemon GO critters, as Jurassic World Alive only has a few continental-exclusive dinosaurs.
  • Event Exclusives– You can only find these dinosaurs during Lydia’s special events.
  • Battle Exclusive Dinos– These creatures can’t be found in the wild. You can only obtain them with Arena-won Incubators.
  • Nests– This part of the game’s map has a chance to spawn a nest dino, but it can also spawn a daily, local, or global creature.
  • Hybrid Pursuits– Ludia’s Twitter account has weekly announcements for new hybrid dino components, allowing players to scent them even if they’re exclusive spawns.

On top of unique spawn mechanics for all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs, the game has rotating biomes and local zones, which go in the 1,2,3,4,1 pattern and change each month.

Part 7. General Tips for Quickly Getting Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

Despite the relatively new feature of rotating biomes and new dinosaurs, getting XP in JWA can be incredibly challenging. However, a few strategies can help you improve and obtain new dinos more quickly, so let’s explore these immediately.

Gather All Types of Dinosaurs

While legendary, cunning, and apex dinosaurs can significantly improve your collection, it’s not the best idea to head straight to these creatures. Instead, you should slowly work your way up, incorporating all Jurassic World Alive dinosaur types into your collection.

Create Hybrids

A colorful collection of many different types of dinosaurs from the entire Jurassic World Alive dino list will help you create hybrids. You’ll have a giant and diverse DNA pool of various kinds of creatures, allowing you to make unique hybrid dinosaurs that’ll differ significantly from anything you can encounter in the game.

Use the Map to Your Advantage

Due to the game’s different spawn zones and mechanics and a dynamic world of dinos, constantly keeping your eye on the map is vital to catching all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs. By adopting this practice, you’re ensuring any dino that appears nearby gets quickly added to your growing collection.

Collect Free Resources

Despite no longer being a new game, Jurassic World Alive continues with its free resources strategies to attract new players and entertain existing ones. Here, supply drops are pivotal in helping you level up and expand your Jurassic World Alive dino list, so you should keep an eye on these items.

Use a Location Spoofer

Let’s be honest here. Although it’s admirable for a game to encourage players to move around and travel, that’s not always an option. Even worse, some creatures on the Jurassic World Alive dino list are specific to continents, making them more challenging to capture. However, that’s far from impossible.

A location-spoofing app can vastly benefit any location-based game, whether playing Jurassic World Alive, Pokemon GO, or Monster Hunter Now. Here, Wondershare Dr.Fone provides tremendous advantages, allowing players to move without moving, which they can use to catch more creatures.

Using Dr.Fone is also effortless, and you can follow these steps to add all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs to your collection:

safe Downloadsafe & secure
    1. Download the app from the official website, install it on your computer, and launch it.
    2. Click the Toolboxon the left and choose the Virtual Location

location-spoofing app’s home page

              3. Connect your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or USB and wait for recognition from the app.

              4. Once the device is recognized, you can use Dr.Fone’s Teleport Modeby clicking the first button of the five total ones in the top right.

select the teleport mode

                 5. Type in a new location and hit Enter.

add a location

                6. Tap Move Here to change your virtual location.

move to the added location

                 7. The computer app’s virtual location will change, showing your device in the place you’ve added.r

change your location on the computer

                  8. Check your smartphone or tablet’s location by opening the maps app and verifying the change.

check your mobile device’s location

Once you’re in a new place, open the game and collect all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs you can. If you’re unsatisfied with the new spawn point, you can also try the app’s Jump Teleport Mode to move around multiple virtual locations quickly. Here’s how:

    1. Use Dr.Fone’s Jump Teleport Mode by clicking the second out of five buttons in the top right.

try the jump teleport mode

                 2. Add multiple locations and, when ready, hit the Start Moving

create movement along a route

                 3. You can move between these multiple virtual locations using the app’s Next Pointand Last Point

move between added locations

Whether you’re after Jurassic World Alive’s Carcharodontosaurus or any other rare type of dino, hunting these creatures and expanding your Jurassic World Alive dino list will be a breeze with Dr.Fone’s features.


There’s no point in going around it. Jurassic World Alive is undoubtedly one of the many copies of Pokemon GO, an original location-based mobile AR game. However, all Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs also differ from their Pokemon counterparts, as JWA has also introduced new game mechanics into its AR title for Android and iOS.

For starters, almost 400 Jurassic World Alive dinosaurs are available in the game, each with a different class, rarity, health, attack, etc. Their capturing and evolution also work differently than Pokemon GO, requiring DNA samples and coins and leaving out chance.

Conversely, getting better in the arena requires resources, skill, tactics, and practice, unlike Pokemon GO’s luck-based mechanic. We’ve even added a few tips to help you get started with improvements, which involve reading about version updates, inspecting top players, balancing your team, and evolving your creatures.

Finally, to get good at the game quickly, you can also focus on different dino types, regular logins to collect freebies, and frequent map checks to find out about nearby spawn points. A location-spoofing app like Wondershare Dr.Fone can also go a long way in helping you get those rare dinos that you can’t collect in your area.

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