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[iOS 14/13.7 update] How to Resolve iTunes Backup Not Restoring

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Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Data Recovery Solutions • Proven solutions

Whenever a new thing or operating system is rolled out, we wish to get on with it. We have this urge of experiencing it. That’s where the Apple users got enticed with the latest iOS 14/13.7 update. Although, it did unleash some powerful features and specs, what impacted was iTunes, its backup, restore which is perhaps not duly compatible with the iOS 14/13.7. Many of the users are fretted out with the problem of restoring the iPhone without iTunes on iOS 14/13.7. However, there are solutions to get pull you out easily!

Part 1: Top reasons why iTunes backup won’t restore

Not enough disk

We can’t just blandly blame on the iOS 14/13.7 when you get “iTunes could not restore the iPhone because an error has occurred” notification. It can be due to insufficient disk space on your iPhone. Whether you are trying to backup or restore from Mac or Windows PC, running out of space might pose to be a problem. So, it is advisable to brush away the unnecessary file(s) or app(s) off from your device and it is one of the reasons why this issue occurs.

iTunes backup corrupted

Again, standing iOS 14/13.7 blameworthy while restoring the iPhone with iTunes is not enough. There are times when iTunes backup gets corrupted for some reason. The case of iTunes backup getting corrupted is hard to ascertain but can surely be a root cause for the failure of iTunes backup restore.

iTunes or iOS errors occurred

Off lately, many users have faced several issues after getting on to iOS 14/13.7. These problems have caused many doubts among users. One of them may be that iTunes backup restore is not compatible with iOS 14/13.7. Hence, the next reason for iTunes could not restore the iPhone could be iTunes errors.

iTunes no longer supported by Apple for updates after WWDC 2019

As per the WWDC 2019, it has recently observed that iTunes might be replaced with the music app. This can be the reason why the iTunes backup cannot restore and does not work properly on iOS 14/13.7. Primarily, iTunes has been a classic music player with a multitude of features it offered. This year, Apple might be gearing up to launch the trio of new apps for Mac-Music, TV, and podcasts by replacing iTunes. That can be the prime reason why iTunes backup restores not available on your iOS 14/13.7.

Part 2: Read iTunes backup with a 3rd party tool to restore

While you find your iTunes backup restore is not available in iOS 14/13.7, there is a serious need for help. You need a professional tool that can read your iTunes backup hassle-free. And thankfully, Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) can do the trick. It is a perfect solution for gaining previewing and restoring any type of content from your iOS device. Here is the complete guide to get into the contents of your iTunes backup.

Step 1: Download program on PC

To start with the process, download and install Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) on your PC. Carefully load the software and click on the “Phone Backup” tab.

load tool

Step 2: Connect iPhone with PC

Draw connection of iPhone/iPad with a computer via a genuine lightning cable. Now, tap on the “Restore” button on the program.

connect to pc

Step 3: Analyze iTunes backup file

From the left column, do make it a point of selecting “Restore from iTunes Backup”. The program will enlist the entire iTunes backup file from the default iTunes backup location. Just, opt for the iTunes backup file that you need and tap on the ‘View’ or ‘Next’ button.

iTunes backup file

Step 4: Gain insights from the Preview

All the contents available in the iTunes backup file will be fetched and showcased over several data types.

preview iTunes backup file

Step 5: Restore to device

Now, preview the data types and opt for the desired files. Then, tap on “Restore to Device” for restoring the backup file easily.

restore to ios

Part 3: Fix iTunes errors and retry

Many times, some errors are enough to ruin the operations in iTunes. So, if iTunes backup and restore does not work in iOS 14/13.7 and the culprit is an error code, placing trust on Dr.Fone - iTunes Repair can only come to your rescue. It ensures to completely resolve any kind of iTunes errors or issues in just a single click. Curious to know how? Here is the step by step guide to fix iTunes backup issue.

How to Fix iTunes backup restore not working in iOS 14/13.7

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone on PC

Begin with downloading the software package on your respected PC/system. Run it and then tap on “System Repair” amongst several available options.

start the software package

Step 2: Opt for the ‘Repair iTunes Errors’ option

In the popup window, you would notice three repair options, just tap on the “Repair iTunes Errors” option. After this, iTunes will commence in checking out your iTunes components.

Repair iTunes

Then the tool starts to check iTunes components.

check iTunes components

Step 3: Try out advanced repair

Once the iTunes components get loaded, click on “OK”. In case your iTunes continues to showcase error messages, click on “Advanced Repair”. Wait for the process to get completed.

advanced repair

Part 4: Backup iPhone with an alternative and restore

Backing up iPhone with iTunes might be one staple way of getting all your device. But you must know the alternative means of backing up your iTunes backup especially when your heart wishes to restore iPhone without iTunes. And for that, Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS) will help you. You can glance onto the contents with the preview feature and restore it at your convenience. Just follow the below steps to know how you can create a backup with it when iTunes backup restore does not work.

Step 1: Install the software package on your system

The first step is to download Dr.Fone - Phone Backup (iOS). Launch the program and opt for “Phone Backup” amongst the given options.

choose backup

Step 2: Connect Device

Use a genuine cable to connect iPhone/iPad to PC and then click on “Phone Backup”. Most of the data types including contacts, photos can be backed up using this program.

data types

Step 3: Choose File Types

Your file types will be displayed on the screen. All you need is to choose the ones that you wish to save. After selecting and de-selecting the items, click on “Backup”.

select data

Step 4: View the Backup if you Desire

When you see your backup getting completed, you can hit on “View Backup History” to get a glimpse of the backup history. Now, click “View” to check the items that are in your backup file.

Now, you can easily restore your iPhone without iTunes using the program. If you want to learn the steps, here are those.

Step 1: Launch Tool

As usual, the first step is to run the tool over the PC.  Choose “Backup & Restore” tab followed by “Restore” from the next screen.

run the tool to restore backup

Step 2: View the Backup File

You will be able to notice the backup files. Click on the needed one and hit on “View” beside the file. Click “Next” right after that.

view backup

Step 3: Restore the Backup

The backup file will be examined by the program. Within no minutes, you will see the data getting displayed on the screen in a categorized way. Simply select the wanted files and choose between “Export to PC” and “Restore to Device” as per your preferences.

restore the backup to ios

James Davis

staff Editor

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