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Travel Bug Geocaching: Ultimate Guide to Catch a Travel Bug [2024 Updated]


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

We all know geocaching is one of the best outdoor adventures that involves finding hidden containers called caches with the help of GPS devices. But what if you want to make the game more exciting? Try finding Travel Bugs! These tracking tags are simply attached to other items with goals that players need to try and complete.

how to find travel bugs in geocaching

Each of them has its own page on www.geocaching.com Travel Bug — where anyone can track its movements from cache to cache. In this guide, we will reveal what a Travel Bug in geocaching is and how to use it. We will also help you with how to spoof GPS location to locate hidden caches anywhere in the world.

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What is a Travel Bug in Geocaching?

A Travel Bug is a unique trackable item that looks similar to a dog tag in the geocaching world. It has a stamped tracking number and is typically attached to another item via a chain. Some examples of these items include toy cars, teddy bears, and golf balls. The trackable tag involves hiding and seeking a container (or cache) with the help of GPS.

what is a travel bug in geocaching

Groundspeak Travel Bugs typically come in pairs where the original owner keeps the one tag and another tag is transported or hitchhiked. You can find the details of these travel bugs on the official website (www.geocaching.com). While the typical Travel Bug is a dog tag, there are other types available that can be handy and fit well in the travel bags.

How to Use Travel Bug Geocaching?

Geocaching.com Travel Bug has a unique tracking number that's used to track the movements of the bug on the geocaching website. They have many benefits, and because of that, Travel Bugs are used in education. If you've found Travel Bug and want to log it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the Tracking Number

If you want to grab the Travel Bug, the first step is to locate its tracking number. It can typically be found on the dog tag attached to the item. Before you drop the item into another hidden cache, make sure to write the tracking number and keep it safe with you.

Step 2: Visit the Trackable's Page

Remember, each Travel Bug comes with its own web page. Once you've noted the tracking number, go to the cache's page where you've found the Travel Bug. Next, locate the trackable in the inventory list or simply visit the home page and then use the search tool. Just go to the search bar, type the tracking number in the box, and tap the search button.

Step 3: Found It? Log It!

In the Travel Bug listing, write the log to let the cache owner know that you've found the bug. When you log the find, you grab the Travel Bug and put it in the online inventory of your geocaching account. This means you can drop the Travel Bug in any other cache.

If the Travel Bug is listed, you'll have two options: retrieving and grabbing. When you take the cache from where it is listed, just choose to retrieve the bug. On the other hand, if you took the bug from somewhere else, click to grab it. Remember, both the logs need the tracking number, so keep it handy.

steps to use travel bug in geocaching

Once you've grabbed or retrieved a Travel Bug, drop it in the cache. The geocache listing is the virtual container that typically indicates you've placed the Travel Bug in the physical cache.

How to Spoof Location to Catch Travel Bugs in Geocaching?

Geocaching is a game that involves traveling to many places to find hidden caches or geocache bugs. But is there any way to locate caches without leaving your home? Well, yes! With a location spoofing app, you can travel anywhere in the world without wasting much time. Wondershare Dr. Fone — Virtual Location is one of the best location spoofers for iOS17 devices.

Dr. Fone — Virtual Location can teleport GPS location to anywhere with 1 click or simulate GPS movement along the predefined route. The GPS spoofer works amazingly with many popular location-based apps like Geo Treasure Hunt, Pokémon Go, Snapchat, etc. It supports mocking GPS location on up to 5 iOS devices on 1 PC. Here are some steps to fake GPS location while geocaching:

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  • Step 1: To begin with, download the Dr. Fone — Virtual Location tool and then install the application on your device. Launch the program on PC and simply connect the iPhone/iPad to the PC with a USB cable or a WiFi connection.
  • Step 2: Once you've successfully connected the smartphone and PC, click on the Teleport Mode located in the upper-right corner. It's generally represented by the first icon from the left.

select the teleport mode located at the upper right corner

  • Step 3: In the top-left corner, click the search bar and then type in the location where you would like to shift. Tap on the Enter button to proceed.

type the fake location in the search bar to teleport and click enter

  • Step 4: You'll then be directed to the new location, and the map on the screen will display it for confirmation. Verify the new location and then click on the Move Here button.

select move here to change gps for travel bug geocaching

  • Step 5: Dr. Fone — Virtual Location will instantly change to the selected location on both smartphone and PC. All the GPS-based apps will now switch to the new location.

the current location will be changed on the phone and pc

That's it! You've successfully teleported or moved to a virtual place. If you want to restore the actual location, simply click 'Restart Device' and then close the program.


Well, now that you know everything about Travel Bugs, it's time to locate them. You can find trackable items in the Travel Bug hotel or TB hotels. Geocachers drop the Travel Bugs in these spacious places before another player picks it up.

If you don't want to travel to different places to locate Travel Bugs in geocaching, try the location spoofing tool! It's a virtual location changer that can teleport the device's GPS to anywhere in the globe — with 1 click. Just download the location spoofer today and start traveling virtually wherever you want!

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