How to Safely Install macOS Beta Profile

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Apple users are always excited about upcoming releases, whether they are devices or their operating systems. When it comes to Mac systems, Apple released macOS 13 Ventura last year. It has received several updates ever since, with macOS 13.3 in the beta version being the latest. Want to know what is expected in this new release? You can find out yourself by installing its macOS beta profile.

If you have never used the Mac beta version, there is no need to worry. In this article, you will find the process of using a Mac beta profile, from pre-settings to installation.

beta versions for apple software

Part 1: What Should You Do Before Installing a Mac Beta Profile?

Before learning to install macOS developer beta, you need to prepare your Mac for it. There are many things you need to ensure before installing the macOS beta profile. These range from ensuring your MacBook is charged to backing up your data. Some of the essential things you need to check are explained below:

1. Check System Requirements

Apple has strict compatibility rules regarding releasing the latest versions of its operating systems. That's why you should check carefully if the latest available macOS beta profile is compatible with your Mac. If you want to install the latest macOS Ventura 13.3 Beta 2, your device needs to be running on macOS Monterey at the minimum. Here is how you can check your system information:

Step: On your Mac, navigate to the top left corner and click the Apple icon. In the ensuing dropdown menu, tap “About This Mac” to view the details of your Mac.

tap on about this mac

2. Check Battery & Wi-Fi

Downloading the macOS developer beta profile and later updating requires fast and stable internet. The macOS beta versions, on average, have sizes of around 10GB. Thus, you need to ensure that your Wi-Fi is working properly. Similarly, your MacBook should be adequately charged for the installation process without a hitch. You can check the details regarding Wi-Fi and battery on the top bar near the right corner.

check battery and wifi connection

3. Backup Your Mac Data

In general, beta versions are unstable and have a lot of bugs and glitches. If you treat it like an official Apple update and don't take any precautions, your Mac can be at risk. The greatest risk the macOS beta profile poses is that you might have to erase the device if the beta version is highly unstable. Thus, you should always create a backup before installing the macOS developer beta version.

You can back up your Mac data in two ways: on an external storage drive and iCloud. The iCloud backup usually automatically happens if enabled, while you can create a backup on an external storage drive through these steps:

Step 1: Connect the external storage drive to your Mac and tap the "Apple" icon from the top left corner. Here, choose "System Settings," and in the settings, press "General" from the left sidebar.

access the system settings

Step 2: Click “Time Machine” and hit "Add Backup Disk." Now, select your external storage drive and tap "Use Disk" to start the backup process.

press the add backup disk button

4. Join Apple Beta Software Program

To get the latest macOS beta profile, you need to join either Apple Developers Program or Apple Beta Software Program. These are the only two ways to get the latest beta version from an official Apple source. You can join either of these programs through Apple’s official website. The Apple Developers Program is paid program where you need to pay $99 annually.

apple developer program

If you want to get access to the macOS developer profile at the earliest, you need to join this program. You can also join Apple Beta Software Program if you don’t want to pay. It is a free platform where you can register your Apple devices to get the publicly available Apple beta versions.

apple beta software program

Part 2: How to Install and Set a Mac Beta Profile?

With all the preparation complete, you are ready to install the macOS beta profile. While this process is simple but you should be careful during installation. Along with risks associated with a beta version, the wrong installation can corrupt the existing system too. Follow these steps to install and set up a Mac beta profile safely:

Step 1: Use Safari on your Mac to visit the Apple Beta Software Program or Apple Developer Program website to download the macOS beta file. Currently, the latest Mac beta macOS is macOS Ventura 13.3 Beta 2.

install macos 13 beta profile

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded, go to the “Downloads” folder and double-click the downloaded file to open it. Now, double-click the .pkg file inside to run the beta installer and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

install the macos beta profile package

Step 3: When the installation is complete, the “Software Update” window from “General” in “System Settings” will launch automatically. It will display the new macOS 13.3 beta update as available. Click “Upgrade Now” to download the update.

tap on upgrade now button

Step 4: You can start the installation once the update is downloaded. Press “Continue” in the prompt and “Agree” to Apple’s Terms and Conditions. Now, use the “Install” and “Restart” to complete the installation process.

hit the continue button


It is a configuration profile that allows Mac users to install beta versions of macOS on their MacBooks. A macOS beta version is the early access version of upcoming macOS. It is usually released and used to get feedback about the new version. Users mostly install it to learn more about the new OS and find and report bugs and glitches in the latest build. You need to be a part of Apple’s Developers Program or Apple Beta Software Program to officially download the beta version. If you aren’t part of any of these programs, you can download the macOS beta from these sites.
Installing a Mac beta profile has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of its pros and cons are given below:


  • Mac beta allows you to access new and upcoming macOS features before they are released.
  • You get to provide feedback about new features, interfaces, and areas of improvement in the upcoming version.
  • After discovering the new features and functionalities, you can pre-plan improvements for your system.


  • Beta versions are usually unstable and can negatively affect the performance of your Mac.
  • If the Mac beta version is incompatible with your MacBook, it can cause serious issues, even affecting stable versions' performance.


To conclude this article, it can be said that using the macOS beta profile has its advantages. You can get familiar with new interfaces and features, which allows you to plan accordingly. On the other hand, beta versions are also unstable and full of bugs that can negatively impact your MacBook. Thus, ensure you have backed up your data before trying out the macOS developer beta.

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