How to Download and Install the iOS 15 Beta

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Newer and more upgraded versions of the pre-existing technology keep coming with newer upgrades. There's absolutely no end to the advancements in the world of technology. With September being around the corner, it's very obvious that Apple might be releasing new models of their old devices.

The newer models will obviously have upgraded features and an enhanced operating system, I.e. iOS 15 beta. With this advancing and changing technology in the market, would you like to be left behind? Updating the iOS version is necessary to be at par with the newest technologies in the market and necessary for the smooth functioning of your device. An upgrade in the iOS version acts as a refresh button for your device. Hence, you must know how to install iOS 15. Before moving on that, let's learn about the new and exciting features that iOS 15 brings

iOS 15 new functions:

  • A remodeled version for app notifications.
  • A focus feature to reduce distractions and concentrate on increasing productivity.
  • A feature to recognize text from images.
  • Id cards section in the inbuilt wallet app.
  • Enhanced privacy feature.
  • A remodeled version of Safari, Maps, Weather.

Now that we know what new features you get by download the iOS 15 beta. Let us understand how to download iOS 15 to stay up to date with the latest technology in the market.

Part 1: Make sure your devices support iOS 15

Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS, it is made available only on a few devices whose hardware can run the features of the particular iOS. This is because not all hardware can support the software in the newer iOS versions. Hence, before upgrading your iOS version to iOS 15 beta, it is important to make sure that your device is compatible with the new version of iOS. Fortunately, iOS 15 is compatible with all the devices that could run iOS 14 and iOS 13. This also includes the older versions of the iPhone like the iPhone SE and iPhone 6. Given below is the list of devices iOS 15 beta is compatible with

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE (2016)
  • iPod touch (7th generation)

If you possess any of the services mentioned above, you needn't worry about upgrading to iOS 15 beta. You can do it within a few minutes!

Part 2: Preparations for upgrading to iOS 15

Before upgrading your old iOS version to the iOS 15 beta version, you need to prepare your iPhone. This is how you can do it!

1. Make sure your iPhone is fully charged

iPhone version upgrades often take a while to upgrade. This is because, when the iPhone upgrades, several new software needs to be downloaded. This is a battery-intensive process and consumes a lot of power. In fact, even before installing a new update, the iPhone needs to have at least 30 percent of battery. However, it is recommended to ensure that your iPhone has at least 50 percent of battery.

iphone fully charged

2. Keep enough free space

Well, none of the iPhone users would be unknown to the iPhone space problems. When the iPhone version upgrades, several new features need to be downloaded. This obviously needs enough space available on your device. Hence, before upgrading your iOS version to iOS 15 beta, you need to ensure that enough storage is available on your device.

enough space iphone

3. Back up your data

Software installations can often have complications and mishaps. Many a time, the pre-existing data on your device may get lost due to uncommon complications. There's always a chance of your device running into Problems. It is always wise to backup your device data before updating your iOS version. This can prevent any potential loss of data and safeguard important files and folders from your device. Here's how you can backup your device data!

back up data

Method 1: Use iCloud to back up your data

iCloud is one of the most trusted cloud services to backup data from your iPhone. The medium of storage is apple's in-house facility that provides limited storage space for all apple users. It is highly straightforward to use and also ensures data security. Uploading device data to the cloud and restoring it from the cloud service is pretty easy as well. However, the only drawback of iCloud is that it only offers a limited amount of storage. Upon reaching the limit of the designated storage, a user needs to pay to avail more space.

icloud backup

Method 2: Use computers to back up your data

Using computers is another optimal solution for backing up device data. More importantly, it is also free to use. The use of computers is a traditional method to backup your data and was primitively used before the introduction of iCloud. Using computers is, however more Complicated and process-oriented. To save your data onto the computer, you need to connect your device to a computer via a USB cable. Then you'll be given an option to back up data onto the computer. Select this option, and then your data will be backed up onto your computer within a few minutes. To restore the data, you can reconnect your phone to the computer device and then choose to back it up onto your iPhone.

use pc to back up

Method 3: Use Dr.Fone - Phone Backup to back up your data

Dr.Fone - Phone backup is another excellent option to back up your device data. It is not highly sophisticated, and even a neophyte can easily use the software to back up data from their iPhone. Using Dr. Fone to back up and restore data can be done in no time and without spending a penny! The exporting of data from your phone to a computer device becomes very straightforward by using Dr.Fone.

dr.fone backup

Part 3: How to download iOS 15 beta?

1. How to download the public beta?

The developers from around the world have been downloading the developer version of the iOS 15 beta to test and fix the bugs in the update. However, if you're willing to risk it and try out the new iOS version immediately, you can choose to download the public version of the iOS 15 beta. In order to download the public beta version of iOS 15, do the following steps direct.

    1. Head to the Apple Beta Software Program on the official website and click on Sign up. In case you've previously made an account, click on sign in.
    2. Then, Accept the terms and conditions by clicking the 'Accept' button.
    3. Further, head to Safari on your iPhone and open, then sign in to the same Apple account you used earlier and download and install the profile.
    4. Now head to “Settings” -- “General” -- “Profile,” and then click on iOS 15 & iPadOS 15 Beta Software Program and hit the install button. You'll now be requested to restart your device.

install profile

  1. After your device restarts, head to Settings -- General -- Software Update, and the Public Beta would have appeared, click on download and install.

2. How to download the developer beta?

Since the last few updates, Apple has made the bugs solving process and open source one. This means that anyone can contribute to the bug fixing process of the new updates released by Apple.

    1. On your device, open in Safari and then log in to the website with your Apple ID.
    2. On the website, open the Downloads section on the menu on the left-hand side.
    3. Further, scroll down and you'll find the iOS 15 beta, click on the Install Profile button.
    4. A reconfirmation pop-up message will then appear asking whether or not you want to download a profile to your iPhone. Click on the Accept button.
    5. Next, open the Settings app on your phone and click on Profile Downloaded at the top of the list. If this doesn't appear, open General -- Profile and click on the iOS 14 beta profile.
    6. Further, click on the Install button in the top-right to finally install the iOS 15 beta profile onto your device. You'll be asked to fill a developer consent form, click on accept.
    7. Then restart your device to complete the installation process.
    8. Once your device restarts, open the Settings app and head to General -- Software Update.
    9. You will now be able to spot the iOS 15 beta appear - click on the Download and Install button and then wait until your software updates.

ios 15 developer beta

Part 4: Regret upgrading to iOS 15? Here is the fix

Many a time, users don't really enjoy the upgraded version of the interface. They prefer switching back to the primitive version of the software. In such cases, the users might struggle with switching back to the older version. Well, the Dr.Fone - System Repair has got you covered! Here's how you can repair the system and fix the software version. You can downgrade the iOS if you are regretting it right now by upgrading. Here is how to do it.

Note: Please check on to make sure the compatible firmware is available before downgrading.

style arrow up

Dr.Fone - System Repair

Undo an iOS update Without data loss.

  • Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
  • Fix various iOS system issues stuck in recovery mode, white Apple logo, black screen, looping on start, etc.
  • Downgrade iOS without iTunes at all.
  • Works for all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS 15.New icon
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Launch the Dr.Fone software on your PC. Now, when you enter the first screen, simply click the “System Repair” module.

dr.fone home page

Step 2: Then, connect your iOS device with the PC. The software then detects your device and gives you a choice to either use the “Standard Mode” or the “Advanced Mode.” Select “Standard Mode.”

select standard mode

Step 3: By now, the software auto-detects the model of the device which has been connected. Now click on "Start."

start downloading firmware

Step 4: Now comes the most important part. Since the tool automatically detects the matching firmware for your device, you can select the firmware package you wish to downgrade your device to. Click the "Select" button and choose one. Make sure the internet is working properly during the process. The firmware will begin to download.

download process

Step 5: Once the iOS firmware is installed and verified, the following screen will appear. Click on "Fix Now" and the software will now start fixing the problem in your iOS device if there is any. Once this process is done, your iPhone will be repaired.

click fix now

The Bottom Line

iOS 15 beta is the newest version of the Apple software and has several more unique upgrades. These new upgrades are, of course, pretty advantageous to the users. However, installing more recent untested software updates also has its risks. For those who enjoy trying out newer software, it's the perfect time to install the iOS 15 beta version. On a conclusive note, we'd recommend you to try out Wondershare Dr.Fone for your software needs. It has an amazing data backup facility, helps you manage your current iOS version, and helps you repair your software version.

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