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5 Solutions to Fix Photos Disappeared from iPhone after iOS 15/16 Update

James Davis

Apr 07, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

“I have just updated my iPhone X to iOS 16, and surprisingly, all my photos are gone! Has iOS 16 deleted my photos? Is there any solution to get back the photos that disappeared from the iPhone after the update?”

Every iOS update comes with a few glitches. However, many users are complaining about the photos that disappeared after the iOS 15/16 update issue. As I did extensive research, I realized that the problem is more common than you might think. After the iOS 15/16 update, there could be a problem with the iCloud sync, or the photos could be deleted from your device. I have listed some expert solutions to help you fix the iPhone photos that disappeared from the camera roll after the iOS 15/16 update issue. Let’s discuss them in detail right away.

Q: Is there any tool to recover photos directly from iPhone on iOS 15/16?

You might have seen a few data recovery tools on the web claiming to perform direct data recovery on iOS 15/16. The truth is that as of now, no data recovery tool can recover data from any device running on iOS 15/16 directly. Just like Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS), they can only retrieve your data from a previous backup. I would recommend you not fall for their false claims and only go with a reputed tool (like Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)) that provides 100% transparent results.

That’s it, folks! Now when you know all the common ways to recover photos that disappeared from the iPhone after the update, you can easily overcome this issue. I followed the same drill after iOS 15/16 deleted my photos and got my lost content back. Go ahead and give these suggestions a try. To recover your data from an existing iCloud or iTunes backup, take Dr.Fone's assistance - Data Recovery (iOS). It is a highly reliable tool that will come in handy to you on numerous occasions.

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Troubleshoot 1: Restart your iPhone

Sometimes the simplest solution can fix the most complicated of issues in an iPhone. If you have found your photos missing after the iOS 15/16 update, then consider restarting your device. If there is a minor issue with your iPhone, it will most likely be fixed with a simple restart.

For iPhone 8 and previous generation devices

    1. Press the Power (wake/sleep) button on your phone. For newer devices, it is located on the right side while it is on the top of the phone for previous models.
    2. Drag the power slider to confirm.
    3. Wait for a while as the device would be turned off. After a few seconds, hold the Power button again to restart your device. Release it once you see the Apple logo.

photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Restart your iPhone

For iPhone 11 and later

  1. At the same time, press and hold the Side button and either of the Volume up/down buttons.
  2. Release them once the Power slider appears on the screen. Drag it to confirm your choice.
  3. Once the phone is turned off, long-press the Side button for a while, let it go once you see the Apple logo on the screen.

In this way, you can restart your iPhone and check if the missing photos will appear or not. Alternatively, if your device runs on iOS 14 or iOS 15/16, then you can go to its Settings > General> Shut Down to turn off your phone as well.

Troubleshoot 2: Check iCloud Photo Sync Issues.

If there is an issue with the iCloud sync on your device, it can also make you feel your photos disappeared after the iOS 15/16 update. To check this, go to your phone’s photos app and view the available content. If you can find the local photos but not the ones synced with your iCloud account, then there could be a problem with its syncing process.

A while back, when I thought iOS 15/16 deleted my photos, I suffered from the same confusion. Thankfully, after resetting my iCloud account, I could access my photos back. You can do the same by following these suggestions:

1. Reset iCloud Photo Library

As you know, the iCloud Photo Library feature makes the iCloud sync happen across different devices. Go to your phone’s Settings > iCloud > Photos and turn off “iCloud Photo Library”. If you want to retain the photos that disappeared from the iPhone after the update, just reset this option. After that, please wait for a while, and turn it back again.

photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Reset iCloud Photo Library

2. Enable cellular data

If you are trying to access the synced iCloud photos via cellular data, you should check these settings. Go to iCloud Photo settings and tap on “Cellular Data”. From here, you need to make sure the cellular data option is enabled. Otherwise, the syncing will only take place when your phone is connected to a Wifi network.

photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Enable cellular data

3. Manage your iCloud storage

The chances are that there could be a lack of free space on your iCloud account as well. To check this, go to your phone’s iCloud Store and tap on “Manage Storage”. From here, you can check how much free space is left. If you want, you can buy extra storage from here as well.

photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Manage your iCloud storage

4. Reset your Apple ID

If nothing else would seem to work, then consider resetting your Apple account. Go to your phone’s settings, tap on your Apple account, and sign out from it. Afterward, sign in to it again with your account credentials.

photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Reset your Apple ID

Besides that, there are several other solutions to fix the iCloud photos not syncing problems that you can further explore.

Troubleshoot 3: Get back iPhone photos from the Recently Deleted Folder

The “Recently Deleted” folder was first introduced in the iOS 8 update way back in 2014 and later upgraded with iOS 11. It is a dedicated folder in iPhone that temporarily keeps the photos you have deleted in the last 30 days. Therefore, if you have accidentally deleted your photos, you can recover them by visiting the “Recently Deleted” folder. The same approach can be implemented to retrieve iPhone photos from Camera Roll after the iOS 15/16 update.

  1. Unlock your device and go to its Albums. From here, you can view a “Recently Deleted” folder. Just tap on it.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Recently Deleted folder

  2. Here, you can view all the photos that were deleted in the last 30 days. Tap on the Select button to pick the photos you wish to recover.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Tap on the Select button

  3. Once you have made the selections, you will get an option to either delete these photos permanently or recover them back to your phone. Tap on the “Recover” option.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Tap on the recover option

  4. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Tap on the Recover button, which will also list the number of photos that would be restored.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-confirm your choice

That’s it! After that, all the selected photos will be recovered back to their source. Though, you should be a bit cautious and follow this approach early as the Recently Deleted folder can only store photos that have been deleted in the last 30 days. Once that duration is crossed, the photos will be deleted permanently from your device.

Solution 1: Recover photos selectively from iTunes backup

If you have already taken a backup of your photos with iTunes, then you can use it to restore the deleted or lost content as well. The only problem is that when we use iTunes to restore a backup, it deletes all the existing data on our phone. To resolve this problem and restore your deleted photos, you can use a third-party tool like Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS).

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Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS)

Provides You with Three Ways to Recover Lost Photos After iOS 15/16 Upgrade

  • Retrieve data directly from iPhone, iTunes backup, and iCloud backup.
  • Download and extract the iCloud backup and iTunes backup to retrieve data from it.
  • Supports the newest iPhone and iOS
  • Preview and selectively recover data in original quality.
  • Read-only and risk-free.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Wondershare developed a complete data recovery tool that can help you retrieve your data under different scenarios. In this case, we will use Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) to restore photos from a previous iTunes backup without deleting the existing content on our device. If your photos are missing after the iOS 15/16 update and you have a previous iTunes backup available, then this would be a perfect solution for you.

  1. Launch the Dr.Fone toolkit on your Mac or Windows PC and go to the “Data Recovery” module from its home.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-go to recover module

  2. Connect your device to the system and let it be detected by the application automatically. Now, choose to recover iOS data from proceeding.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-choose to recover iOS data

  3. From the left panel, click on the “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. The tool will automatically detect all the existing iTunes backup files and provide their basic details.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Recover from iTunes Backup File

  4. Select a file and start scanning it. Wait for a while as the application would automatically retrieve the data from the file.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-select a file and start scanning

  5. Select the photos you wish to get back and restore them to your computer or directly to your iPhone. Just go to the Photos tab and preview the pictures. All the retrieved data will be segregated into different categories.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-restore them to your computer

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Solution 2: Recover photos selectively from iCloud backup

Just like iTunes, Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) can also be used to recover photos from an iCloud backup as well. If you don’t use Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS), you first need to reset your device entirely. This is because the option to restore an iCloud backup is given while setting up a new device. The good thing is that Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) can help you selectively restore photos from an iCloud backup without the need to reset your device.

In this way, you won’t have to get rid of your existing data while restoring the iCloud backup. This makes it a perfect solution to restore the photos that disappeared after the iOS 15/16 update.

  1. Launch Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) on your system and connect your phone to it. To start with, choose to recover data from an iOS device.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-recover data from an iOS device

  2. Great! Now from the left panel, click on the “Recover from iCloud Backup file” option. You would have to log in to your iCloud account on the native interface by providing the right credentials.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-Recover from iCloud Backup file

  3. Once you have logged in to your iCloud account, the application will automatically display all the previous iCloud backup files associated with your account. Select the file of your choice and click on the “Download” button.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-select the file of your choice

  4. The following pop-up would appear and ask you to select the type of data you wish to download. Ensure the “Photos & Videos” options are enabled before clicking the “Next” button.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-select the type of data

  5. Please sit back and wait for a while as the application will download the data and display it under different categories.
  6. From the left panel, go to the Photos option and preview the pictures you wish to retrieve. Select them and click on the Recover button to get them back.

    photos disappeared after ios 12 update-preview the pictures

Besides photos, you can also recover videos, contacts, messages, music, and tons of other data types using Dr.Fone - Data Recovery (iOS) as well. It is an extremely user-friendly and sophisticated tool, which will let you selectively recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup.

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James Davis

staff Editor

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